10 Honest things about GNG

honestscrapawardThe lovely YNC has given me the Honest Scrap Award (thank you!) and according to the rules I have to share 10 honest things about myself. The rest of the rules say something about tagging some of you and letting you know in the comments but I’m not going to follow the rules so precisely.

Here are my 10 honest things:

  1. I wear a lot of black. Whenever I’m shopping for something I gravitate toward the black version first, before looking at the other colours. The next colour I look for is a rich purple.
  2. I wear a toe ring on the second toe of my right foot. I have worn a ring for at least six years by now. I remember it was a huge deal to my dad (typical Nigerian dad?), but no one else pays it any mind (though in Nigeria I got a few questions about it).
  3. I’ve been sunburned before (yes, in Canada!), but only on my nose, and it only happens when I go in the water on a very sunny day (due to the reflection of the sunbeams off the water, I guess). This means I try to remember to wear sunscreen if I’m going to be in the water outside.
  4. I always have a lipbalm with me, and if I don’t, I’ll go buy one if I can. I tend to leave my lipbalm at people’s houses too, or lose them there. I think I’m addicted to the feel of my lips with balm. The lipbalms I choose are clear and not shiny and I like them that way.
  5. I prefer tea to coffee.
  6. I have been a bridesmaid twice, and Maid of Honour once. My mom thinks these three experiences are plenty and has said I should say no to the next person who asks me. Since that will probably be my sister I think we’re safe!
  7. My bedroom is so messy that I would be MORTIFIED if any of you saw it. I’d rather we talk about sex or something else embarrassing than fling open the doors of my bedroom.
  8. I find left handedness very hot in a guy. I’m not sure why but I have always have. My sister is the same and when she was dating this Ghananian who was left handed, we both told him we thought it was so cool (they had just started dating; we couldn’t be calling it “hot” or “sexy” or he’d think we were freaks) and he didn’t see what the big deal was. I went on a date with a leftie long ago and told him that and he too was mystified about why it was so cool. I can’t explain it.
  9. I am very environmentally friendly and love recycling. I may even be obsessed with it. I separate the plastic part of kleenex boxes from the box before recycling the box. I bring home milk and juice cartons from work since the recycling program there does not recycle those items. That being said, I use (waste?) more toilet paper and paper towel than anyone should. I just can’t seem to avoid doing this. I could probably go through a roll of paper towel in one day if given the chance.
  10. I know the alphabet in sign language.

31 thoughts on “10 Honest things about GNG

  1. i'm seriously resisting the urge to shout "first" on ur blog right now.

    u wear a toe ring? you're becoming semi-cool. not that i think toe rings are cool, i just would never have guessed that u would be sporting one.

    i also love tea…cant stand coffee

    i give up…FIRSTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

    there, that felt good! :)

  2. I am also a black person………I feel I can get away with it.

    and I understand your mum about number 6

    Dont worry, nobody will talk about number 7…….sealed lips.

    number 9…very interesting………we might need to bring you to Nigeria, and be our minsiter for Environment…….


  3. Black is Beautiful. it looks good on anyone.. i think!!!

    RECYCLING is good. but dont recycle boyfriends.. its bad for your health!! hahahaha

  4. I find left handedness confusing…not sure which hand to shake…

    messy room? we just might be twins..

  5. i also stray towards the black section when shopping! im such a black freak..i hope that doesnt say anything bout my personality..lol..

    i always have lipgloss..

    haha ur mum shud watch 27 dresses..she'll know u r just warming up..lol..

    im a leftie! i really do think we r cool hehe!

    good that u love recyling..

  6. im a leftie too,lol

    how cool ur into recycling.,, Its important! Way too many people aren't aware or just don't care. Big ups :-)

  7. Black, why not colors, Oh i'm totally in love with colors…and love a man who is not afraid of colors..now thats sexy…LMAO

  8. â–ºbumight

    Awww, I'm touched that you tried to resist…if in fact you really tried! :D

    lol at the toe ring thing…and the "not that I think toe rings are cool". It's a good thing I don't wear one to be cool then because gosh, I'd have totally failed in that regard!

    â–ºfunms-the rebirth

    Well, just send me a video of your brother doing things with his left hand and then we'll talk. ;)


    lol then I better get ready to start a-swooning!


    I do, I do!


    Thanks so much for having my back on #7…I appreciate it!

    That would actually be a very cool job, Minister for the Environment! Look into it, ok?


    You're right that black flatters many people…it's also slimming!

    lol recycling boyfriends! Yes, that sounds like a terrible idea; too funny!


    lol I've never wondered about shaking hands with a leftie (but now I will!)…i think most of them shake with their right hand, don't they?

    You're the cool twin sha.


    You're a leftie? Too cool! No wonder you're one of blogville's hotties!

    lol I received 27 Dresses for Christmas and I'll make her watch it! Brilliant idea!


    Another leftie, back to back! Very cool. :)


    I learned it when I was 7 or 8 years old in school and every now and then I'll practice it to make sure I don't forget it!

    â–ºFemi B

    I do like colours but black is always my first stop! It's great to be colourful sha. Hmm, I've never thought of what I think of men wearing colours but I think men don't have to work hard to look devastating so bring on colours!


    Hurray for a fellow recycling freak! We'll conquer the world!

  9. A toe ring? I'm wondering, do you have it on all the time even when you wear covered shoes? I've only always flirted with the thought of wearing an anklet but I'm yet to break out of my 'mold' far enough to try! lol!

    Yup! I think lip balm should be every girl's companion. I always have one in my bag and I have never lost any! I wonder why? It's not that I'm THAT careful, I lose my hankies every time!

    Big ups to you for helping keep our environment safe!

  10. GNG wears a toe ring? I never would have thought! Lol..now you've joined the list of people my childhood self would call bad…lol

    Environmental friendly? Maybe in my next life..lol

  11. I love black too, but Ive learnt to experiment with colours and I think you should too…find something that brings out the glow in you…it helps

  12. Okay I'd list the numbers where we are alike

    1, i love black…but sometimes i wear brown…my two best cloth color

    3.I have been sunburned. Yes o! I am supposed to be much lighter…now I am blacker! No be sunburn be that?


    8. *wink *wink…GNG how about a leftee…who also uses his right>>>

    9. same here…..I mean, some people here in naija can't understand why a GUY would do some of the things i do

  13. I also prefer tea to coffee, don't know why people are crazy over coffee and am crazy with my lip balm. Iol

    Messy rooms no way for YNC!!! Quite interesting to know you love wearing black a lot. I am thinking your closet must be full of black pretty dresses.

  14. â–ºEnkay

    Yes, I wear it all the time. I don't even notice it, except if my footwear causes it to shift and it almost falls off.

    I think what you'll find with things like that is that when you do it just for you, it won't even be a big deal. It's when you do it for atttention that it seems like a big deal.

    lol I guess you just decided that lipbalms are something you cannot part with for any reason!


    Gosh, you make it sound scandalous! Bad ke? How can a bad girl have a blog called "Good Naija Girl? :)

    Just tell me you're not deliberately unfriendly to the earth!


    I will try to delve more into colour! It'll certainly cheer up this dreary winter.

    â–ºSeye Kuyinu

    My room trumps yours in messiness. I say this with CERTAINTY.

    You know my feelings about lefties who are also able to use their right hand — snore! I prefer a 100% leftie, thank you very much!

    Ok, that second comment of yours just cracked me up!


    If I ever learn how to record a video, I'll have to put up a short clip of me signing the alphabet.


    Yes! Looooove purples!


    Awesome! So we can communicate (very slowly in my case) via sign language!

    â–ºVera Ezimora

    Thanks! Congrats on your fun news!


    Bad girl ke? There is nothing inherently bad about wearing a toe ring. Nothing! You hear me? :)


    I can't imagine you with a messy room either. I do have a tonne of black clothing…not enough dresses in my opinion but all my dresses are black!

  15. I can do #10 as well. And why are you so uncomfortable talking about sex? Not to pry too much but I don't think it's that sensitive a topic. IMO

  16. i am a recycle freak too..

    i know the signl language from A-P

    i prefer tea by far to coffee

    i dont really wear black but i have 8 black sweaters

    My room is always a mess too!i have too many clothes

    i have been a bridesmaid 4 times,maid of honor once and damn i cant rem how many times i did d whole little bride thing..!some of my older relatives still call me little bride cos i probably did like 50 weddings!lol

  17. Ha! 30th!!! (hiss) am d first no. 30 on the blog, so there!!!

    how cld u possibly prefer tea to coffee???????????? i do not drink tea except of course there is no other edible liquid in the house!!

    scattered room, yeah yeah, its my decor style, not scattered. finish!

    did toe ring, anklet and belly chain once… thinking of a go-back + a tatoo on the small…

    like black too or liked, more like. lawschool made me hate it!

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