20 random facts about Jummy


Thank you, Vera, for tagging me to share 20 random facts about myself. Let me know if you knew any of these beforehand!

  1. I’m an iPhone devotee as you may guessed from what I wrote in the last thankful post. I would never have guessed that after getting my first one I’d find it impossible to switch brands but here we are. I’m certain Apple has done juju on me. To switch things up I’m contemplating getting a white phone next time—scary!
  2. None of the windows in my house have curtains, including my bedroom windows. A few days ago I came out of the bathroom after showering and I think the people whose backyard faces mine could see me! I dropped to the floor behind my bed and hastily grabbed some clothing before crawling back into the bathroom to dress up—with the door closed!
  3. I prefer to drive barefoot or in socks.
  4. Starbucks is my coffee shop of choice—my signature hot drink is a Peppermint White Mocha, no whip and no foam; my cold drink of choice is a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino, no whip.
  5. I hate killing bugs and flies so I chase them around with the vacuum and suck them up. I wasn’t smart initially, so the flies would just escape from the vacuum, but now I block the possible exits with kleenex and turn on the vacuum until the centripetal force kills them. It takes longer this way but at least I don’t have to endure the feeling of a dead bug on my hand or in a tissue or napkin that I’m holding. (OMG: that is the first time I’ve ever used “centripetal force” in a sentence—I guess high school education is good for something!)
  6. I wear a lot of black. My car is black. My mom is not a fan.
  7. I know the alphabet in sign language.
  8. I’m a champion worrier—I worry for the first five seconds after I get a call from my mom and I worry when I don’t hear from her! It’s gotten so bad that when my mom calls she’ll say “Hi THERE’S NO PROBLEM…” before telling me why she’s calling. I’m working on this!
  9. I’m severely myopic (near sighted): when I got my last pair of glasses the optician said he’d never seen such a strong prescription before.
  10. I’ve gotten a few parking tickets for violating bylaws that people only learn about when they violate them, and one speeding ticket. The parking tickets infuriated me but the speeding ticket scared me because I had never been stopped by a cop before—I was shaking like a leaf!
  11. My favourite cereal is Mini Wheats (the brown sugar flavour)—I could eat it every morning.
  12. I’ve been a maid of honour once and a bridesmaid twice—in all cases they were for non-Nigerian weddings.
  13. I love tea, preferably herbal. Flavour-wise, it’s a tie between peppermint and lemon.
  14. I rarely sit at my dining room table for meals—I eat on my couch! The only exception is pancakes: any meal requiring a knife and fork needs a table!
  15. I want(ed) a nose ring for a long time but I think I’m over that…I think.
  16. I keep all my receipts of credit card purchases and then check them against the monthly statement that’s mailed to me—this makes me feel like an old lady but I love doing it!
  17. I will waste a few hours to save a few dollars—I haven’t fully learned the “time is money” thing yet!
  18. Lip balm, hand cream, and my phone are daily essentials.
  19. My favourite plants are succulents—plants with thick leaves that store water. I have at least 10 varieties but I don’t know all their names.
  20. I’m addicted to buying domains (e.g. www.website.com): I currently own 17 domains; this does not include the 11 domains that I’ve gotten rid of over the years. When I think of something that sounds clever, I check if the domain has been purchased and if not, I buy it. Usually within a few weeks I realize it isn’t that clever and I let it go.

Random, right? If you just read this list, I tag you to share ONE random fact about you—make it something good!

28 thoughts on “20 random facts about Jummy

  1. Those are awesome facts. It was hard to think of one so here’s two.

    1. If a plant sprouts a new groth, I can’t kill it. I have to repot it or give it away but I can’t throw it out.

    2. I really want to shave the right side of my head. I love that look of one side shave and one not. Just not sure yet!

    • Thanks Rachel!

      Aww, plant lovers unite—you’re such a nurturing person so I’m not surprised that you want to protect even teeny baby plants!

      Re: shaving one side of your head, it’s a decision that takes a lot of thought so I don’t blame you (thankfully your hair grows fast!). In a lot of the styles I’ve seen, the woman has thick hair, but I think it could look good with fine hair too. And then you have to decide how low you want to go with the “shaved” side. I’ll be sure to ask for an update on your decision-making when I see you next!

  2. Looks like you love peppermint (judging from your drinks of choice). I like Starbucks too (though I prefer indie coffee places). Drinks? Ummm, tall, non-fat latte or decaf Americano Misto (or its equivalent at an indie). Boring, huh?

    • I’m definitely a fan of peppermint!

      Since I’m not really a big fan of coffee on its own, a Misto might be a great alternative for the times I want something hot but don’t feel like a latté! I’ll let you know if I ever try one. :)

      • Misto is more or less Starbucks-speak for a café au lait – part milk, part coffee. The “true” misto is brewed coffee, but I usually go for Americanos since they don’t brew decaf. Or you can try the flat white at Second Cup.

        • Should also add: I don’t typically add sugar/sweetener to coffee (maybe once a week if I want to use my chocolate/cinnamon/sugar grinder). Stopped first with latte around 2002. I ordered a one, forgot to put sugar in it and was too lazy to go back to get some. I decided it was really good and sugar wasn’t even necessary! A year later, I stopped for regular coffee. More recently, I’ve tried espresso black. Not bad! Added sweeter isn’t good for you anyway…

  3. Jummy, you are such an interesting person!
    Ok, one random fact about me :-) I have been driving from over ten years and I still break out in a sweat when I have to reverse park into a slot between two cars. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I get it wrong but every time I have these feeling that EVERYBODY is watching me and wondering who the slow woman driver is that keeps driving back and forth just to execute a simple parking task.

    • Thanks for sharing a random fact about yourself, Tamkara! Your special quirk is one that I bet you share with a lot of people, including me at times. Actually this morning, I saw the guy who parks the cars near my office building reverse twicee before parking the car “perfectly”—and he parks cars for a living! You’re in good company! :)

  4. lol at buying domains i never knew people did that it freaken hilarious and the bug thing my lil sister is so like that. she freaks out when there are bug and cant seem to kill one i dont get it. i dont like chewing a whole gum i have to split it in half and chew the other one later on i dont even know why i do that

    • Hi mscookie! Lol…people who like to waste money do that!

      Ok, so you are like my sister when it comes to bugs…it’s good to have people like you around!

      About the gum, I have the opposite problem: when I cut it in half it’s such a small piece of gum and it seems like a waste of time to bother chewing it. When you were younger did your mom cut the gum in half for you to share with a sibling? Maybe that’s why you got used to it!

      • you know what i think you just solved it lol my mother used to share everything and anything that could be split in half btw my sis and I. and yup she always gave us half a gum lol i dont know why i never thought of that the funny thing is now when i try a whole piece it just seems like so much to chew lol

        • Yay! Lol I’m glad that was an easy one to solve…now we just have to solve world hunger! Thanks for coming back, mscookie.

  5. You mean you bought a total of 28 domains over the years GNG? #jaw drop# …ahahahhaa.

    Like you, I prefer driving barefooted. Interesting knowing more about you Jummy.#handshake#

    Hmmm, one random thing about me; I don’t like visiting or attending events. #weird huh?#

    Have a fun-filled weekend.

    • Please pray for me, New Dawn! Lol but I’ve reduced the number of domains so that has to count for something, right?

      I wouldn’t have guessed that you don’t like socializing, though it makes sense because you seem to be a good observer of people!

      It’s great to know you better too! :)

  6. lol @ I hate killing bugs and flies……girl I love killing mosquitoes…… in fact I intentionally told my mum not to fleet my room……..killing mosquitoes with my hands is fun…….the running around and BAM!…….you smashed one……and ya ama sttttuuuutteeerrreeerrr….. heheheheheheh…. *cover face and shine teeth*

    • Lol at loving to kill mosquitoes! But what about the blood filled ones? I don’t know how you do it!

      Awww, no problem about the stuttering, sweetie! I recently found this video that talks about how God uses us despite perceived imperfections (the guy stutters)—it’s only a minute long; do watch it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrqiHov0MdY.

  7. Looool at buying domains. Never done that before. Barely keeping up with the one domain I have. Do you pay for them monthly to keep up?

    Keep dressing with no curtains. I’ll be seeing your naked picture on TMZ soon. Lol.

  8. lol… I loved reading this Jummy!
    And happily, I can relate with some..
    But first, you buy domains? hahaha.. Interestingly, I was thinking about starting that but I don’t think I have ‘energy’ for it lol
    That worrying thing! I had to pray it out of my life! All I needed to see was the number of a close relative on the phone and I start to panic (thinking of all the things that could have gone wrong!!) Too much stress for my heart. Thank God I am much better now lol..

    • Oh Ayo! I thank God with you that you no longer worry as much and give it to God instead…I’m working on that because the grey hairs have started to appear!

  9. This was a cool read. One random fact about me is that I used to bartend and wait tables at an Indian restaurant. If I wasn’t nigerian I’d be Indian. I also grew up watching Bollywood movies :)

    • Thanks, neuyogi (I noticed the name change but haven’t asked about it yet!)!

      That’s a fun random fact that you shared—did any diners think you were Indian (or half) and was it hard to get hired there in the first place? Or were you a shoo-in once you showed them you knew plenty about their food and culture?

      The reason I ask is some ethnic restaurants find it hard to hire someone of a different ethnicity, perhaps because they think the diners want to see Indian people serving Indian food, for example.

  10. That’s an interesting question. The restaurant hired a couple of us (filipino, africans) that they could pay under the table. The patrons never mentioned anything that I am aware of. I think how good the food tastes supersedes the wait staff. I think the ethnicity of the chefs gets more attention in my circle of friends. As for my name change, I am not anonymous on instagram and twitter and didn’t want random people or even coworkers to necessarily connect me to my blog.

    • Oh, that makes sense re: ethnicity of servers vs chefs—thanks for explaining.

      And the name change on IG makes lots of sense. What I’d love to know is how my Facebook friends are finding my IG account when it’s not linked to my FB.

  11. OMG @I’m addicted to buying domains….
    How on earth did you come about this habit? Kind of a unique addiction though. It’s well…LOL

    • Well, first you buy one domain, then another, then another, and soon you own an embarrassing number! Just pray for me, please! :)

      Thank you for commenting, Ayodele.

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