2010 Nigerian Blog Awards + randomly thankful

Wow, 13 days must be a new record. You guys know what I’ve been up to so I don’t need to explain. Organizing the 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards has been a blast; I’ve learned a bit about working in groups and I really have to give people running collaborative or group blogs on an ongoing basis a huge round of applause. It’s true that we can do more when we join together but it’s not easy dealing with different working styles. I’m a procrastinator generally speaking and if you recall it took a while to get the awards running. Now that things are running, I want everyone I’m working with to run with it when truth be told, were I not responsible, I’d be very laidback about things. And when you add the Murphy’s Law factor in; see stress! Serves me right, huh? But I’m having a lot of fun.

Do visit the awards site and vote for your favourite blogs. You have a week to do so and it’s one vote per category per person, please! Duplicate entries will be ignored (and will be given a slow hiss before being deleted, if they make it through the safeguards I’ve set up).

This blog is nominated in two categories. To vote for this blog as Best Personal Blog, Best Personal Development Blog or both, feel free to click the links, which will take you to the polls.

Before I head to bed, I’ve got to give thanks:

  • that I was finally able to meet up with my friend this past Friday night. We met at 8pm and talked and talked and talked. She asked what time it was and I was sure it was no later than 11pm…turned out it was 12:50am! Time spent gisting with a friend to the point that you lose track of time is something great, and girlfriends are a necessity.
  • that I have a regular date with my longtime pals every weekend. It’s a time to relax, watch movies or tv and hang out. I even bring my laptop and start a blog entry if I’m so inspired, and it’s not unusual for one of us to doze off (like I did this past Saturday).
  • for my new phone. If my old cell phone (which I also use as my home phone) hadn’t started being unreliable, turning off mid-conversation, I would still be rocking the scuffed 3 years + old phone but I’m thankful for my new phone which is far more fun than my old phone. I have a better phone plan too which means I can send my Naija-based boo text messages for free…once I find him. In the meantime Seye, Writefreak, Funke and anyone else who wants to get hassled by me via text message should sign up in the comments!
  • that the weather is finally summery here! It’s been so hot that I’ve used the air conditioner (thank God for the AC too!). I hate mosquitos though so I don’t spend too much time outside.
  • for plants. My mom is a huge plant lover and I’ve inherited that from her. I’m trying to grow some fresh and it’s fun to see them growing. I also got a gorgeous hibiscus plant from my mommy and I love seeing the new blooms every morning. It’s a shame they fall off the plant within 24 hours of blooming though! But look how beautiful the plant is:
    iphone 130

I’m also really thankful that I will be asleep within 5 minutes of crawling in bed…I never take the ability to sleep like a champion for granted!

12 thoughts on “2010 Nigerian Blog Awards + randomly thankful

  1. Yayyy!!!

    U got me wit dis one – I can send my Naija-based boo text messages for free…once I find him. Me thinks 'idi ere la tin mo ooto oro' ;)

    The plant is that habiscus??? It takes me back to secondary school … memories :D

  2. lol @ sleeping like a champion but tbh it is a priviledge denied many!!!

    Like I've always said…welldone on the blogville award…you are doing a great job!

    And I want my call too!!! how come only naija pple get harrassed with texts???:( not fair I tell you!

    Okay enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. GNG you r doing a great work on your blog. Hope you voted for my blog too. :)

    Congrats on your phone

  4. I know about working in collaborative groups, it trains one to learn to be disciplined and cordial. Good job on running the awards and finishing the race well, lol.

    You can send free texts to Naija? What plan is that? I'm guessing it's a Canada thing. Lol @ "sleep like a campion."

  5. Thanks for organizing the Nigerian Blog Awards…some of my non-blogger friends are pretty excited too… I cannot wait to see the results

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