3 ways to find an audience for your blog

When you first start blogging, if you don’t share your blog address with your friends, it can feel like you’re writing into a void. With thousands of other Nigerians blogging, you may wonder how your blog will ever get seen, even though you work so hard on your content. I believe there’s an audience for every blog, but finding your audience isn’t always easy: you can write amazing posts and not ever get readers because there are so many other distractions for people online and on their phones. It may be tempting to change what you write about, maybe become the next gossip blog (because among Nigerians gossip blogs reign supreme). If you can bring something unique to it, I’d say go for it, but if you’ll just be copying posts from the reigning gossip blogs (many of which copy their content from other sources), it won’t be easy to make it, so I urge you to aim higher than that and seek out an audience for the type of blog posts you want to write. You’ll be more motivated to blog if you write about what you actually want to write about, and find people who resonate with it, than if you try to write to get traffic.

Here are three ways to find your audience

  1. Comment authentically on blogs that you love
    If you’re drawn to a blog, you may have something in common with its writer and by commenting you give the blogger a chance to trace your comment back to your blog and get to know you a bit—you just might gain a new fan. It’s not only the blogger who’ll read your comment—many who read a blog post also read the comments and they’re potential new fans of your blog.

    The caveat is leave a meaningful comment, one that shows you actually read the post and connected with it, something more than “Love your blog” ideally. I’d encourage you to avoid “Please visit my blog” at all costs—it makes you look desperate and with your awesome content, you don’t have to ask for readers!

  2. Go where people who’d like your blog hang out
    If you blog about natural hair, there are online forums where natural hair folks hang out—join them and contribute! If you’re a mom blogger, there are many online hubs for moms such as Super Working Mum. Twitter is an excellent place to find people who are talking about the kinds of things you like—join the conversation and make sure your Twitter profile has a link to your blog so that people who love your tweets can get more of you! Instagram is another excellent place to connect with people because in addition to words, you get to see glimpses into their lives via photos. And once again if you have a link to your blog in your Instagram profile, there’s a good chance your blog will be discovered by people who connect with what you’re sharing.
  3. Blog consistently
    This is my biggest blogging challenge, but when you blog consistently (and you get to decide on the schedule), magic happens and this attracts readers. I don’t know how it works exactly, all I know is there’s nothing worse than falling in love with a blog then having to wait weeks or months for the next update, and not knowing when the next update after that will come. Many of us like to know when we can expect to read something new from the blogger. Maybe you’re more likely to share a blog that you read on a regular basis with a friend, because it becomes part of your schedule so you’re more likely to talk about it.

If you’re a blogger, how did you find your audience?
If you’re a blog reader, how did you find your favourite blogs?

21 thoughts on “3 ways to find an audience for your blog

  1. Hmmmm… I’m not sure how I found my audience but I made sure I was everywhere on social media, especially twitter! I find my favourite blogs though other bloggers…I always read comment s and click to see if each “commenter” has a blog. I hunt blogs! LOL Love this topic

    • Thanks for the comment, Sisi Yemmie! Your point about being all over social media is important because if you aren’t “out there”, it makes it hard for you to be discovered!

      Like you I find blogs through comments they leave on other blogs.

    • You’re right: daily blogging is a challenge. I would say try to blog consistently a few times each week and you can save the “extra” entries for upcoming posts.

      All the best!

  2. thank you so much for this practical information, pls i do hope we can better get to know and share content. i’m also hoping if you can be my mentor in blogging cos i do want a big difference and success in my blogging this year hence.

    • You’re welcome!

      I’m flattered that you think I could help you on the mentorship front. I’ll reply to your email.

  3. I got my audience mostly from facebook initially then I joined twitter and found a host of writers I follow. Readership increased tremendously. I also try to leave comments on blogs regularly. And then I share on my BBM. It always helps to make maximum use of social networks.

  4. Social media definitely works, as do “promoted posts” on Facebook. And giveaways. Definitely GIVEAWAYS! People love them. I once had a giveaway in conjunction with a local cupcake place and that was probably the best giveaway I hosted (as in number of entries). However, I think I’m still having a tough time finding the “right” audience (despite having had a site for six years (including the Prospere Magazine days) – or at least “commenting” audience, since I don’t post a lot of personal pics (Refinery 29 doesn’t do as well as personal blogs in terms of comments either, so I’m not super-concerned).

  5. Got into blogville the same way! but the sad thing is most of my favourite bloggers have either closed shop or they hardly blog any more! I think I need to go to the NBA website to “acquire” new favs!

  6. Blogging consistently is the huge one. My schedule is up in the air and blogging suffers usually. But I’m working on that. Social networks contribute a lot too I agree. Thanks GNG

    • Thank for reading and sharing your challenges with blogging, Missy Tee! Hopefully we can encourage each other to be consistent.

      You’re absolutely right that social media pays off. I find if you have a blog that’s heavy on images, your payoff in social media is even larger!

  7. This is a perfect post of me o! I’m working on getting the right audience for my blog. I seriously thought it would be easy. Since I personally get lots of people with questions about moving to Canada and life in Canada.. but.. SO far to good.. but I had expected more.. lol.. maybe I was too optimistic.. lol..

    I’ll keep at it tho.. I guess it is a matter of time.

    Thanks for the post.. I just discovered your blog from “Worship and Swag”. Love it so far.. lol and I mean it.. lol

    • You know what’s funny? I should totally email this to you and maybe I will as well: I bought the domain nigeriatocanada.com in 2009 to develop a resource for Nigerians coming to Canada. At first I just didn’t have the time to work on it but when I was finally ready, I read something about the fact that only certified immigration consultants could give certain information so I let that distract me. I still own the domain so maybe one day I’ll figure out the perfect information it should cover.

      I checked out your site over the weekend and I love what you’re doing there! The niche is fab and the sharing of the personal experiences of yourself and others is great so yes, keep at it—I predict your site will take off as you continue to prioritize it.

      Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  8. As a blogger, I do all three. I like to leave my footprint on blogs. so I leave comments. Thoughtful comments. I hate one worded comments. They’re so annoying. I recently joined twitter, after a reader suggested it to me 1.5years ago! Facebook and IG aren’t working for me as I’d like to. I discover new blogs to read from other comments. particularly when they leave their link like I often do. Also, from blog list from other bloggers. Finding time to blog and blogging long term can be hard when you have readers who aren’t active. Meaning they don’t leave comments. So I make sure I leave comments to encourage the person. I also ask questions at the end of a post to encourage comments and participation.:)

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