5 things people who wear glasses think about

Last week’s Throwback Thursday picture on Facebook (check it out!) was of me in the very early days. You can tell it was the very early days because I’m not wearing glasses! I’ve been wearing glasses since 1987, before some of you were born. My glasses-wearing journey could be another blog post, so in the meantime here are five things that you probably don’t think about in the same way if you have good or perfect vision:


  1. The weather (especially rain and snow)

    Ok, many people care about the weather but when you wear glasses, going out in the rain without a jacket that has a nice hood or without an umbrella is annoying because you know you’ll have raindrops all over your glasses and if you’re like me, you won’t carry the right kind of cloth to wipe your glasses so then you end up having little water beads to view the world through, or smudged glasses.

  2. Moving from cold to warm environments, or opening an oven

    If you live in Canada and are not homeless, you’ll have the experience of going from the freezing weather outside into a nice warm home. If you wear glasses, this rapid change in temperature means your glasses fog up and you’ll either have to remove them, wipe them (see above), or wait for the fog to dissipate.

    Even if you’re indoors already, there’s nothing like opening a hot oven and having the heat from the oven hit you in the face, fogging up your glasses.

  3. Keeping the lenses pristine

    Points 1 and 2 above lead to lenses that need to be wiped clean, and since I rarely have the right cloth around, I use kleenex or paper towel, which end up scratching my lenses. Scratches affect the clarity of vision and after a few years even the most conscientious people end up with a few scratches on their lunettes.

And if you’re severely myopic (near sighted)

  1. Misplacing the glasses, especially when sleeping in an unfamiliar place

    I cannot accurately convey to you the panic I’ve felt upon waking up, feeling for my glasses, and not seeing them, all because I was sleeping away from home and my glasses weren’t in their usual spot. A couple of times my glasses have gotten tangled up in a blanket and for some reason the glasses blend right in with the blanket and are nearly impossible to see. Or they’ve dropped to the floor but I’m busy searching for them everywhere but. These situations remind me how dependent I am on them.

  2. Having 20/20 vision

    I wouldn’t sign up for laser eye surgery or any other sort of procedure to possibly improve my vision, but the thought of not having to wear glasses or contact lenses does comes to mind sometimes, and I remember when I used to really hate the fact that I had to wear glasses. For every longtime glasses wearer, waking up and being able to see clearly what time it is on the alarm clock is the dream!

    Nowadays I enjoy wearing glasses and see them as a part of me, and I’m thankful that glasses exist and allow me to live an independent life, without having to be a burden on anyone due to my sight.

Can you relate? If you wear glasses, how long have you been wearing them?

18 thoughts on “5 things people who wear glasses think about

  1. I can SOOOO relate to this post! Especially the foggy glasses due to a dramatic weather change! So annoying! I’ve been wearing glasses since 1999, just before leaving sec school, I remember I had to start sitting closer to the blackboard in class but I didn’t want to! (I was a middle bencher!). Did gra-gra and didn’t wear them until I left school though!

    I have actually consider laser eye surgery and wanted to get it done before I had kids so I won’t need to worry about my losing my glasses in the labour room and missing that first moment of meeting the baby (haha) but THAT never happened! It’s still on my list of things to do but honestly don’t know when! Glasses have sort of become my ‘protection’ from the rest of the world so if I did go ahead with an eye surgery I’d miss it but I still think the benefits of getting it done outweigh the cons! :)

    • Lol Tola! Your comment made me laugh! My dad was the one who noticed that I had to be very close to things to properly read them (and that I was squinting).

      You’re braver than I am re: laser eye surgery (I’m afraid of being the “exception” to the rule and not benefiting or worse, going blind—olurun ma je!) and your reason for wanting to get it done before having babies makes sense (but made me laugh again)! I had never thought of that before.

    • Oh, welcome to the world of the occasional eyeglass wearer, New Dawn! Have you found it hard to get used to?

      I hope your girls like wearing glasses?

  2. Terrible eyesight here – can totally relate to #4 – being unable to locate my glasses because I can’t see enough to find them.. Quite disconcerting that!!!

    Flip side though, is the right frames lend a certain geeky-coolness to one’s appearance :)

    • Hehe…I have very bad eyesight as well, TheRustGeek—and ‘disconcerting’ is the right word (heart palpitations and everything for me! ).

      “…the right frames lend a certain geeky-coolness to one’s appearance :) ”
      You’re 100% right there—frames have come a long way since I was 7 years old…or maybe it’s best to say that styles change.

  3. Oh man oh man, I relate 200%. Been wearing glasses since 1991 I think, and contacts since 2005ish. It’s been rough, but with an underlying sense of gratitude for being able see lol. So once I got used to putting a foreign object in my eye (months to a year), my contacts have become one of my true loves. The biggest reason, is that I look at my glasses as a high maintenance diva that forever gets smudged every few seconds and requires cleaning that I can never get cleaned perfectly despite my “cloths”. The biggest thing is when I wake up and it’s in an unusual location and I literally can’t even see to find them, even my significant other sleeping next to me is a blur! Yeah severe myopia is so not cool. I steam my hair at home and yep, it gets foggy, as well as when cooking etc I love my contacts but they need to be removed and put in a case. But contact technology keeps getting better and better. There are dailies now which can be thrown out as you hit the sack, and there are air optix which you can wear night and day for 1 month at a time or if you are astigmatic like me, for up to 6 days night and day. Ultimately, i would like to have Lasik done but I feel my 20s to early 40s would have been the best time to enjoy the benefits. But maybe it can be enjoyed as long as there is life and sight lol! Amen.

    • You’re a treasure trove of info, neuyogi; thank you!

      And I love how you keep it real: without my glasses on I won’t be able to see anyone who’s right beside me clearly either.

      I need to go for my contact lens fitting—this is the first time I’ll be wearing contacts in at least five years and they’ll be my first lenses for astigmatism. I hope I like them; if not I’ll just stick with my glasses, annoyances and all!

  4. My eyesight isnt that bad so I wear my glasses to drive, watch tv and work out. I can’t wear it in front of my computer, too strong plus I can see.

    I only wear contacts to go out and its a pain. I have mild astigmatism and I can never find lenses that fit. they are always swimming around my eyes and blurring.

    I daydream about LASIK but I have heard many things about it so I dont feel completely comfortable going through with it.

    • Have you tried the (pricier) contact lenses for people with astigmatism, taynement? Those might fit better than the regular ones. My experience with contacts has been like yours—I see better with my glasses so five years ago I started wearing my glasses exclusively.

      It sounds like you’re just slightly nearsighted—if I don’t wear glasses in front of a computer I can’t see a thing.

      Eye surgery makes me nervous—period!

  5. I used to wear glasses! Well, technically, I still do – sort of. I have awful astigmatism and light to moderate nearsightedness. I wear ortho contacts – the type that you wear overnight (they’re designed so that your eyes can breathe) so you can see the next morning when you take them off. Before that, I wore normal contact lenses. I hated my glasses and was very happy when I switched over – it’s easier to do eye make-up when you’re in contacts or not wearing anything, after all. There are very few tips for those who wear glasses and before the Internet, was hard to find. I guess people who aren’t really into beauty don’t mind as much.

  6. Yes I can relate- especially to number 4. I feel like I’m always searching for my glasses because I never put them in their glasses case when I head to bed. I just put them on the bed, under the bed (don’t ask), the nearby dresser. I am not the ideal glasses wearer Hehe. Oh well. I have to say that my current pair has really been through it and back. Luckily, it is still in tact.

    • You and me both, sister! My glasses are put in their case for the first two or three days after I get them; after that it’s on my bedside table mostly.

      Lol under the bed. My guess is you did that for protection!

  7. Wear glasses to drive and walk outside, and occassionally I’ve experienced some of what you described. Strangely enough, never considered LASIK, lol…

    • I don’t blame you! I find laser eye surgery too risky, and no amount of studies to the contrary will convince me otherwise. #irrational #butthatsok

  8. I can’t relate to any of these. Probably because I never wore my glasses outside the confines of my room. Still feels awkward to admit I have a severe case of hypermetropia, 4 years after I was diagnosed. I kept speaking to myself, ‘God, people say my eyes are my best features. I refuse to go with whatever Mr Optician says. Guess what, my glasses broke off 1 year ago and I haven’t gotten a replacement because my eyes are doing just fine. I read the tiniest fonts, spend hours daily in front of my computer, watch TV everyday and no strain at all on my eyes. Hallelujah. I guess my faith is working for me.

    • That’s wonderful! With some eye conditions glasses are actually corrective rather than being a long-term commitment like they have been for me, so that people only have to wear them for a short time like you, but regardless, with God all things are possible!

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