To be worthy of a love like this

I know I’m taking forever to start writing about the trip. It’s just that the entries will be so much sweeter with pictures, and there were so many pictures to sift through that I’m overwhelmed. We snapped just less than 2100 pictures (insanity!) and we’re working on whittling that down to a manageable number to print. It took me about three and a half hours to go through all the pictures, trim them down to 700-800 of our best shots and burn them onto CDs but at least it’s done and now I just have to get myself to a place to develop (some of ) them (because we still have too many).

Anyways, it’s a good thing I’m talking about pictures because I want to talk about a photographer that I just love (no, not Onada, though her work is pretty awesome!): Ross Oscar Knight. He’s a great photographer and I’ve been a fan of his for almost two years now, but the thing that tipped me over the edge was watching the slideshow of his own proposal to his (now) wife (link is now broken; I’ll have to ask him if it’s available!). I won’t gush too much but I am seriously considering asking any and all potential husbands (of mine) to read this blog entry and watch the entire slideshow before they propose to me. (Bonus points if you can guess which part totally gets me.)

And at the same time I’m praying that God will make me into the sort of woman that a man would want to a) marry and b) do something incredibly romantic and special to commemorate said marriage.

Enjoy (sadly the link no longer works so I’ve removed it)!

(Oh, and if the next entry isn’t about Nigeria and doesn’t have pictures, I will deliver myself over to blogville for a public flogging!)

11 thoughts on “To be worthy of a love like this

  1. FURSSTTTT!!!..ahh okay lemme go check the sites you mentioned…

    May not be able to do that at work sha!

    lol @ delivering urself for public flogging!!!

  2. Brandi is the love of my life! I appreciate you blog post and your support of my passion – photography. I praise God that I am able to wake up every morning and live my dream!

    – KNIGHT

  3. I want to be the kind of woman that a man would want to marry tooooo ^_^

    That aside…I think this is my first time visiting your blog…I heard your song on Geisha's though.. tres cute…

  4. I loved it!

    Very intimate and touching. The pictures are ridiculously gorgeous (so are the bride and groom to be)

    Is he based out of Canada? Didn't know about him. But I am happy to know now.

  5. WOW, that was so sweet. I awwed all through out.

    Amen o to your prayers…i claim it also :)

    I cant believe you guys snapped over 2000 pics, thats amazing!

  6. I don't doubt that you are the type of woman that a man would want to marry! You just have to breathe out…lay back on your couch..and watch things unfold!

    About PROPOSALS: I could give your man The Ultimate Guide and Ideas for Wedding Proposals by Seye Kuyinu.

    Price: Free (but with $300 shipping).lol

    Anyways, sit down and watch your dreams unfold

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