A thankful August

Despite my lack of thankful posts this month, there have been so many family and friend milestones to give thanks for.

  1. My parents celebrated their 34 year wedding anniversary yesterday! They are such a remarkable couple, loved by so many people, and loved most of all by my siblings and I. I have praised them many times on this blog and I know I will always have reasons to be thankful for their loving example to us and for their love for each other. They have been through rough times, but their love and committment to each other is never shaken, and it’s such a great example to see. I wish I had my camera with me last night to snap a picture of the happy couple but I didn’t…my mom just lights up whatever space she occupies and my dad…well the best person on this earth to coax a smile on his face is my mom (followed closely by me, might I add!). They really complement each other.
  2. My sister celebrated her 29th birthday last week and my dad celebrated a milestone birthday (60 years!) two weeks ago. We held a last minute celebration that was well-attended despite the short notice…people know how good my mom’s cooking is (unlike mine!) and they really love my parents. We got RSVPs from people saying things like “we wouldn’t miss this for the world!”.
  3. My bestest friends also celebrate(d) wedding anniversaries in August, on the 20th and 31st respectively.
  4. Remember the Filipino couple I mentioned in a thankful post? They are in Canada now, but we still have not met. She has not been feeling well lately, and has asked for prayers. Well guess what? She’s pregnant! I was as excited as a big sister could be…so many positive changes have taken place in their life recently, and now a baby is on the way.

Another lovely thing that fills me with a lot of joy is how much my baby brother, Babatunde, loves asking me for advice and input on decisions he’s contemplating, from whether he should pursue a certain young lady to whether he should delay university for a great job offer. I once found a wonderful birthday or Father’s Day card for my dad. The front said something like I love all the good advice you give me, Dad, and on the inside it says Not because I follow it, but because you have a very pleasant speaking voice. It was the perfect card for my dad because he spends so much time talking to us, trying to help us make the best choices possible, and I know he feels like his words just float over our heads. I feel the same way with Babatunde, but I still love that he is showing me some kind of respect by asking for my two cents, even though he often disregards it.

My other brother (Babatunde’s older brother) and I have a rocky relationship. We are both very alike, frighteningly so, so of course we clash very often. Most people would be surprised at the kind of fights we have, and only my closest friends know how bad things have been. And of course since I’m the eldest, I’m not supposed to act like I do in these instances. But I do. There have been times when I’ve wondered if we will stop talking to one another entirely, and that makes me sad because family is important to me. I haven’t really prayed about getting closer to him, because for so long I’ve been too angry and hurt to do so, but that is changing and I’m very happy for that. Despite all the anger I’ve felt toward him over the years, despite the times when I’ve wished bad things on him, I’ve always made sure not to let the sun go down on that anger, and I’ve let God know that I didn’t really mean it. So, I am thankful that God continues to not only preserve his life and mine, but that He’s also helped us get closer to one another. It’s a case of one step forward and three steps back most of the time, but there is progress being made. I am very thankful…words cannot express it.

I hope you have something to be thankful for…think on it: you’ll find something!

10 thoughts on “A thankful August

  1. Your father sounds like a very very wonderful & sweet person.Happy belated birthday to your sister!I sincerely hope, you and you brother become best of friends in the near future.Pls pray about it!Congrats to your parents!May God continue to uplift their marriage.

    How have you been GNG?

  2. A thankful person is a happy person. Thanks again for reminding us to be thankful GNG. And congratulations to your Filipino friends. Tell her you are happy because she is "buntis". hehehe. That's Filipino for pregnant :)

    Love you!

  3. Nice post! Wishing your parents many more years of happiness together. Sibling squabbles are not unusual but I think you should work them out quickly, I hate the fact that siblings I know who were once closer than bread on jam can hardly speak to each other now. Little things add up!

    I thank God for all the blessings He has blessed you with. Cheers

  4. wow! you have such lovely parents. I join you in thanking God for all the wonderful things going on in your family.

    I am thanking for life. Without it, I cannot achieve my dreams.

  5. God will help your relationship with your brother.

    Not to sound cliche, I'm grateful for the friends that I have. Few, but faithful.

    About Babatunde asking for advice but often disregarding it, I could relate to that sometimes. Funny.

    Udechukwu Nonso Osita

    Taciturn Turned Talkative

  6. â–ºPink-Satin

    How lovely to hear from you! I've been well…hope you've been well too.

    Thanks for the encouraging comment…I'll keep trying with that brother of mine…and commit the whole situation prayer.


    Thank you for being one of the friends that I can count on to encourage me to give thanks.

    I told my friend that she's buntis and she was so happy to hear it! hehehe

    Love you too ♥


    Amen to the wishes for my parents…I appreciate it! You're absolutely right about how quickly/easily family bonds can be broken if people aren't vigilant. I must continually commit the situation to God in prayer…that's for sure. I am often not my best self when dealing with my brother.

    â–ºThe WASP

    Thank you for commenting and for joining me in thanking God.

    Life is really essential; thank God for your life!

    â–ºUdechukwu Nonso Osita

    Thanks for your comment!

    There's nothing cliché about being thankful for your friendships…friends are the family your choose yourself as I read somewhere…they provide something unique from what family provide and are certainly important.

    I've added your blog to the Nigerian Blog Awards site.

  7. Great things to be grateful for…and congratulations to your folks on their anniversary.

    Good thing you are trying to get closer to your brother…all the very best as you do just that.

  8. Awwwwwwwwww, I hope your relationship with your brother sweetens up. It will…eventually. But try, don't leave it up to him.

    I truly enjoyed this post, overall it is one big lovely testimony. iLike.

  9. I've been missing from here for a bit. How are you dearie? I thank God for your parents and your sis. I pray your friends's marriages last long and happy. Hopefully your relationship with your brother improves soon. take care and all the best.

  10. â–ºblogoratti

    Thank you for the congrats to my parents…much appreciated, and thank for the encouragement with my brother…I need it!


    If I left it up to him for sure, things would likely not change…so I know I have to work at it…with God's help. I appreciate the encouragement.


    It's lovely to hear from you, Myne…I hope you've been well. Amen to all your prayers!

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