Almost time to celebrate!

In one short week, this blog (Good Naija Girl or GNG) will celebrate its one year anniversary! The blog orginally started here. I already had another blog, so I wasn’t sure if I would be motivated to maintain two blogs. After about six months I moved it to its current location because I decided that I was fully committed to the (still vague) purpose of the blog and had lots of ideas for it. I had no idea the year would go by so quickly, or that I would meet so many people (through their blogs) — the community of Nigerian and African bloggers is huge! I hope that one day I can meet some bloggers in person. It has been a really great experience so far, and I look forward to continuing the blogging journey through this year and into the future.

There are two things that I would like to do, and if I was better organized I would have planned and announced them sooner. The first is that I’d like to have a giveaway for something (don’t get excited o, as you know GNG is a low budget operation, so there will be no Bentleys being given away, or Rolex watches). I need to figure out what to give away and what sort of contest we could have to go with it. I should announce it by the weekend (I hope).

Secondly, I’d like to give you an opportunity to ask me a question that I will try to answer as honestly as possible in one of a couple of anniversary posts. I have always been scared of doing such a thing so we’ll find out if my fear was justified or not. Please leave your non-threatening and unembarrassing questions in the comments.

Finally, I’ve got a question that has been bugging me since I started this blog: Do you care if I respond to your comments or not? Usually what I try to do (and I’ve been really awful at it lately so I apologize) is when someone comments for the first time on the blog, I reply to their comment by email and thank them for stopping by. Other comments usually get answered by me in the comments like many bloggers do. I want to know if you ever go back to check the comments to see if I’ve responded or if you forget about the blog entry the minute you drop your comment:

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And now I’m off to bed to dream of a suitable contest and prize.

20 thoughts on “Almost time to celebrate!

  1. So what are u giving away? Secondly, how can u ask us to ask u a question then tell u not to ask u embarrassing questions? It doesn't work that way at all. I'm about to think about the most embarrassing question i can ask u and u better answer.

    I liked that u used to reply my comments in a personal email, but now i don't care so much cos i know it takes time for u to do that and i feel like u are my personal person anyway (i bet u don't know what that means and i'm not about to help u. lol). i'm so mean.

    I find it hard to reply people's comments even though i want to and i find myself sometimes rechecking blogs i left a comment to see if there was a reply. It all depends on the comment i left though.

    So what did u say u were giving away again? I know u didn't say yet, but u were about to right? Can i suggest some prizes?

  2. hmm…i want a gift o!

    but um, i only expect you to read the comments and only reply if you want to, or if u read something interesting.

    as per d question…

    does ur blog name a truthful definitionof who you are? a good girl?

    and wats ur definition of a good girl?

  3. btw, i sometimes come back to read the comments and see what other people had to say. or if they made a comment abt my comment..

    but not regularly sha!

  4. I generally coment cos i have some thoughts on the matter at hand- it may be in the form of a suggestion or just a random thought. Obviously not all comments need to be replied to, but some do.. So for me, my expectations for a reply are treated on a case-by-case basis…

    My question:

    What singular thing have you done in the past that you would most like to have a second chance to change?

  5. almost congratulations! :P

    when i leave funny comments, or ask questions, or expect more gist from a blogger concerning a post, i subscribe to follow-up comments on that post so that i dont have to keep going back to the blog.

    i dont expect people to comment on every comment i drop especialy cuz i dont do it meself!

    question: what do you see yourself as PRIMARILY, an American or a Nigerian? when it comes to culture, values, societal interaction etc, do you react first as an American? honestly.

  6. Hmmm what could you give away??…I wonder!!

    If you were a boy just for a day what would you do???…LOL…Don't blame me that song's been on rotation on this radio station that they play @ work…lol…

  7. Just came across your blog and i had to drop a line. your entries are interesting, kudos!!!

    i just started my own blog, pls check it out at the link above

  8. @sting

    Congrats on your first status ma'am.

    I have no idea what I'm giving away (yes, still!). Please feel free to suggest prizes.

    Thanks for the feedback on the commenting thing too.


    Thanks for the question and the feedback! I'll add it to the questions I'll be answering.

    @Danny Bagucci

    Great question — Thanks! I've been thinking about my response all day.


    hehe, thanks. You've sent me another great question that's got me thinking.


    lol at your question.


    I dey wait for your question o!


    Welcome to blogville!


    lol where's your question, greedy girl?

  9. Hi!

    I'm really excited for you! Congrats!

    I personally like responses to comments but this is like only the second comment I've left (I've just come back to Blogsville and I'm doing some rounds before bed). But then if no response is made I feel that it's probably because there are too many comments or you dont have time, you didn't see it – kind of like Facebook – Lol. I wouldn't worry too much about it to be honest.

    Loving your blog though – Will keep in touch I will be back for the prize!

  10. Yayy congrats, mine was actually a few days ago but I didnt even remember,

    So erm whats this you are giving away?

    I'm crap at questions, so I'll leave it to others

  11. i subscribe to follow up comments to see what others have written and if i got a response….

    when can we start asking questions now? ok i am coming, let me go and think.

  12. Happy New Year, Good Naija Girl!

    Can't wait to see what the giveaway would be about.

    My question has already been taken (what do you consider to be a "good girl") so I'll ask another one.

    Why do you think you are so afraid of taking risks?


  13. Congrats.

    I can't believe its been a year since i have been following your blog.

    1 Do you date non Nigerians? e.g would you settle with someone that you are compatible with, that is from a different background.

  14. I'm always glad to see a reply to a comment i left but im not so much bothered if one doesn't reply, its not by force. Sometimes a post can have 30+ comments and replying to all may become tedious so i say its at your discretion if you feel like it sure if not I'll still be back to read your blog and post more comments!


    1) Do you have a favorite book? what about a favorite movie?

    2) You just visited naija, do you think one day you might want to live and work there permanently?

    3)Do you have any vices, if so can you tell us at least one?

  15. Yay giveaway!!!

    Uhm, do I (the future winner of this mysterious contest) get to pick my gift??? I woulda asked for a Range Rover, but since you're on low budget, I'll settle for the Nikon D90 camera (about $1200 ONLY). Or you could get me the Blackberry Bold phone (unlocked ooo).

    If my requests are too cheap, just lemme know. I'll pick something more expensive. :)

  16. hmm my question- If you had a chance to come back to planet earth would u want to come back as a man or still as a woman..why?


  17. leave a comment, dont leave a comment, it's all good. we write to bleed it out, no? (at least that's why i write)

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