And I’m thankful for all your comments, too!

I am thankful that one of my best friends reached another birthday in good health this week. I can’t wait to see her, even though I am struggling to decide on a birthday gift (what do you get a married, 29 year old mother of one who doesn’t need anything?). My friend does not believe in God but she is one of those people I mentioned before who lives a life that many Christians could learn from.

I am thankful for the support of two of my siblings, who spent a number of hours over two days with me, helping me make a decision. They came with me to different stores, watched me try on something and gave their opinion and made suggestions and in the end I am happy with my selection. We have such a good time together! We have to do more to include our other brother in the mix, but he’s always busy. We’ll keep trying though!

Oh, and speaking of this brother who is too busy, he and I have struggled over the years to get close; some (my parents, *ahem*) have said it’s because we’re both the same, and trust me they don’t mean because we’re both unselfish people…in fact they may mean the opposite! The horror!. Anyway, I have to admit that I share several of my negative traits with this younger brother of mine and as a result we may have clashed a lot in the past. In fact we did not speak for what seemed like an eternity (over three weeks) earlier this year. Anyway, we are continuing to get closer, partly because I’m an overly sentimental mushball and I send him text messages that tell him I’m proud of him for a really great decision he made recently, that I’m thinking of him and that he can do it. I know beneath his surly and negative exterior lies a sensitive person who is very protective of his family so of course he responds to my text messages with love. This of course makes me happy and reminds me of what a family should be like. In the past I’ve wondered if we (the children) would care for each other and love each other when we were all adults and living on our own and by God’s grace, the answer to that will continue to be YES.

I’ve decided to be thankful for rejection. It stings when it happens, and the mushball that is me finds it hard to deal with, but when the most emotional parts pass, I am reminded of my own mini-chant: I don’t want someone who doesn’t want me, and also that I have to have faith in my life (remember that entry where I use a swear word?). This time spent waiting is unbearable, but only if I spend it literally sitting around hoping for some sort of communication from a guy named The Love of GNG’s Life. Instead, I better spend that time working on being the best person that I can be, and also working on my professional goals. I’m excited at the thought of trying to live life to its fullest, even without what seems like the missing piece. (Don’t worry, I have many moments when I think it’ll never happen too; I guess this feeling disappears when it’s time to write the thankful post!).

And finally, I am thankful that this is a long weekend in Canada, Thanksgiving weekend! We have our Thanksgiving nearly two months before the Americans because we think it’s silly to have two major holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) a month or less apart! Poor Americans! And of course, how could I not be thankful for Thanksgiving, right? I may be hosting some people at my house; we’ll see how that goes.

18 thoughts on “And I’m thankful for all your comments, too!

  1. I love this hun, and I like what u said about your brother. It's good never to shy away from showing love. Because life is short.

  2. I'm really going to struggle hard to be thankful about rejection. But my mum always says that even in immense sorrow, there is a silver lining.!! I was I was in Canada. No such luck here…sigh…lol


  3. It's thanksgiving already in Canada, wow!!! I hope you have a fun one and send my turkey here.

    I love thankful post, I know God will reward you greatly, rejection means something better is coming, keep that in mind. I am thankful for you, love this post.

  4. its thanksgiving in america?am in a desperate need for a holiday or just a oneday break from school cos im tired.very tired.

  5. â–ºControversy

    Aww, thanks so much. It's not always easy finding things to be thankful for but like you said, life is short and it's best to focus on the good in life (of which there are many).


    Yup, that's the only reason I really am thankful for rejections. We may have dodged a bullet.


    I hope you had a good weekend too. Our long weekend was great!


    Have you had to deal with rejection, sweets? A cutie like you? :) Don't worry, I know that rejection comes in a lot of situations, not just relationships. Yup, sometimes that silver lining is so slim you have to look hard for it. Very annoying.


    Thank you…I hope you're well too.


    I am sitting here with my family in my house, enjoying the evening with them. Half of my family is watching hockey on tv, two of us are on our laptops and my dad is doing his bible study homework while watching tv. It's lovely to have them here!

    Thank you so much for the encouragement and the prayer. All I can say is AMEN.


    lol you are naughty!


    lol I'm thankful for your brother's good fortune then!


    I know the feeling. When I was in school I was always counting down to the next holiday. And yes, I'm so glad we have Thanksgiving that early…even though it means we swiftly begin the countdown to Christmas once the day is over.

    â–ºMyne Whitman

    Amen! Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. I really appreciate them (and you!).


    Thank you! Is there a Thanksgiving holiday where you are?


    :) Yes ma'am!

  6. doesnt it just feel good, when we abandon the negative and focus on the positive. And being in good terms with your family sounds great. loved that 'blog related confessions'post, like you took the words right out of my mouth

  7. â–ºHyaw

    It does feel good! I just with I could make that feeling last all day…I guess that wouldn't be realistic. One day maybe!

    Thanks for your ego-stroking comments; they are appreciated :)


    Thanks for checking up on me! I hope you are well too, and your family as well. Thanksgiving was very delicious.


    Awww, sorry about that!

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