And the winners aaarrrrrrreee!

Without further ado, I told the random number generator to give me three numbers from 1 to 41.

It spat out: 19 30 39.

I went to the comments of this entry and counted and the lucky winners are:

  • toyosi, who wins the three greeting cards!
  • Miss Definitely Maybe, who wins the set of marble magnets!
  • don* Seye, who wins the thumb tacks!

*When I informed don of his win, he said the thrill of winning was enough, that he’d like to let somebody else have a chance to win the prize (I think this is guy speak for “I don’t want this gift o!”) so I got to draw another number. The lucky winner was number 37, Seye.

Congratulations to the winners! Please send your mailing address to so I can send you your prizes as soon as possible! If you live in Nigeria or elsewhere in Africa, we’re going to have to figure out the best way to send this so you receive it (without bankrupting me!).

As I mentioned in the original entry, the winners of the grand prizes will be announced in a week.

I want to thank you all for participating and I wish I could give everyone a prize as Oluwadee suggested. Maybe next year!

16 thoughts on “And the winners aaarrrrrrreee!

  1. WHAT???? i didnt win?? i thought i had it perfectly rigged out…oh well, i'll chill and wait for the other one…i think i rigged that one better, lol!

    furst….(placed it here, so hopefully u dont see it, :-))

  2. Kai, I have thrown all my fridge magnets out to make room for the one's I am supposed to be getting oh…

    We have to hold another draw!!!

  3. awwww… was so looking forward to those cards meself…. Should have improved my hacking skills nback in the day!! Would have helped me hijack the draw!!!! anyways.. congrats to the peeps who won!!!

  4. Ssssh!!! Don't let Vera know I am doing dis…but my Fine sister, Mz Opeke is just here to shamelessly stalk U for…???

    Read on:

    Miss Opeke wuz 'ere to drum up support to be Nominate for An Award in Naija Blogger's Award 2009's blog…Let's Go there!!!

    Juz 4get Verastic…LOL…Juz gife it all to Moi!!! LOL!!

  5. I WON?????????????????????????



    i have never really won anything

    im sooooo doing my happy dance

    cant wait to show off my prize

    cant believe i've won

    but i deserve it lol

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