Another month

I was reading YNC‘s blog over the weekend, and got inspired to set some goals for February. They are not lofty by any means but it’s a start, right?


I sure hope I can report 100% success in 28 days!

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  1. Nice handwriting.. lol…. Guess nothing works better in goal settinng than to keep it short at simple at the first and then rachet up the "pressure" as the discipine gradually become part and parcel of our behavior…

  2. wait o are u saying u are not writing another post till 28 days??

    anyway u've got ur nice handwriting..and all the best with the goals!

  3. very clear handwriting….reminds me of my primary one teacher Mrs Osei…

    Good luck with your goals..maybe i should set goals for myself too…well

  4. â–ºbumight


    My tagline on my very first blog was "taking baby steps through life" or something like that so I am the queen of them wee steps.

    â–ºDanny Bagucci

    Thanks o! I've been working on attaining disclipline for more years than I care to admit. Let's hope writing them here makes me accountable.

    â–ºIn My Head and Around Me

    Don't laugh but I don't cook that often. If I manage to average cooking once a week, my nearest and dearest will be very pleasantly surprised!


    Thanks! Gosh, you're an awesome cheerleader! I feel pumped!


    I want to say I'm a lost cause too but I refuse to give up on being a goal achiever! You can do it too!


    Thanks very much for the encouragement and surely you remember George? :)


    Yes, please hold me accountable. And George is this fella.


    I'm writing o! Maybe I'll even write so much that you get sick of me.

    Thanks for the compliment and the good wishes for the goal accomplishing.

    â–ºFemi B

    hehehe…set the goals! Then I can bug you about accomplishing them!

  5. lovely handwriting, reminds me of mine wen i was much youngher, anyways good u put it on paper….makes it more real and u'll be more focused

  6. aww aww…you have the cutest handwriting I have ever come across online. I love your new inspiration. You can try it out. Trust me, you are on the right track. Seriously am feeling your paper and writing. Hope you have a great week.

  7. Hi, you have inspired me with this post and taking baby steps to achieve something. I too struggle with discipline and procrastination, so i though i would try it this way too

  8. So we all need to go to the gym huh? We should start a support group ^_^

    I'm totally teasing…I'm yet to set my goals for this month seeing as I have a crazy week ahead but it's a great idea…I'm going to get on that soon….

    Happy New Month! Hope you've been well :)

  9. Do your parents hassle you about the cooking thing? Mine do, and I ALREADY know how (well), and cook for family occasions (only time I have time to). I love the gym. Once you go, you'll be addicted to how good your insides feel after. Good luck on your goals!!

  10. â–ºmiz-cynic

    Thanks! I better be focused o…time is ticking!


    Thanks for inspiring me.

    Have a great week too!


    Good luck accomplishing your monthly goals.

    â–ºfunms-the rebirth

    Thanks for the cheering. And George is this friend of mine that I met in while in Nigeria. You can read about him here.


    Why thank you!


    I wish you all the best Amo. Maybe I can send you an email at the end of the month to see how you did with your goals! All the best.


    You're right: it's not enough but it's a start, especially for a couch potato like me!


    Thank you kindly. I like the idea of breaking down my goals by month…hopefully I'll get my act together!


    Amen! Thanks for the confidence.


    Thanks. I must become disciplined.

    â–ºMiss Definitely Maybe

    Shall I bug you about going to the gym then? ;)


    I bet you're good at accomplishing your goals! Teachme!

    I've been very well…have you?


    It does! So now when I don't do it all you will be able to laugh at me ;).


    Thanks o! It's baby steps all the way for this girl.


    Thank you and thank you again.


    My parents actually don't hassle me about cooking. I guess they figure I'll learn the hard way when I'm living on my own! I have gotten excited about the gym before but I've been on a very long break from the place now…just have to get back in the saddle.

  11. You'll be fine with your goals! Well you have to, now that you've mentioned it on blogville! We're cheering you on so you mustn't let us down :)

    Have a very happy and productive month!

  12. â–ºFavoured Girl

    hehe…thanks. I'll do my best!




    hehe…cool! And thank you for the good wishes!

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