Are you sure you’re Nigerian?

I can’t wait to write more about hair (and you guys have a lot to say on the matter too it seems!). Anybody who wants to find out what Solomon Sydelle’s secrets of nice healthy hair are, please email her directly at solomonsydelleATgmailDOTcom.

Guess where I’m going? Camping! When I tell my Nigerian friends that I’m (voluntarily) going to sleep in a sleeping bag that’s in a tent that I will set up on the hard ground, most think I’m crazy. I love camping though, and love “roughing it”, so to speak. I’m sure my cousins back home would think I’m crazy to actually enjoy getting wood and making a fire the old fashioned way, and cooking over a fire too. (We do have a propane fuelled cookstove too so maybe we’re not roughing it that much!)

I hope you have a great weekend! What do you do that people think isn’t very Nigerian or African?

21 thoughts on “Are you sure you’re Nigerian?

  1. I think being Vegetarian is so not Nigerian just like when someone told me she doesn't like seafood but yet she is from an island.

  2. I speak english most times.

    Even when people speak to me in my native language.

    I like that you are going camping, its something i'll love to do sometime.

  3. Camping….. i would love to try that. Sounds like fun. I think hiking is not for Nigerians or black pple period. There are a lot of things i would love to try, like skydiving but i know i probably won't. Have fun.

  4. Ive been camping…though it was in Nigeria..never been camping here though.

    One thing I think is soooooooooooo un Nigerian…call me bush is lunch/Brunch…no as in what is that? Please abeg. I have no explanation for it as you can see but mehn…I dont feel it.

  5. Lets see, the fact that I am studying and ..wait also doing a masters in Interior Design in America…people always wonder why I am not a Doctor or an Engineer .

    But i think Nigerians are just of various spices cos i've met different Nigerians with differrent levels of past times they have.

    The only thing i think and know is sooo Un-nigerian is Tanning/Sunscreen etc…I mean maybe im not well learned but i dont think we have any business with either…at least most people

    Enjoy your camping girl…. just dont get eaten buy a thats

  6. O girl I me and you go fight ohh…How u no inform me of when you update enhh??? Anyways…

    Things peeps think isn't "Nigerian":

    1. Hiking

    2. Skiing (Water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, whitewater rafting)

    That's all I can think of for now…but I'd like to do all in #2 except surf though.

  7. lol @Naijababe – Brunch and lunch are pretty cool.

    @Shona vixen – I'd like to bungee jump someday.

    @FemiB – I feel the tanning, but for sunscreen, girl…if you don't wear it in this type of sun…your skin will practically burn off. I know this personally, and I have the burn marks to prove how I have to wear sunscreen everyday – (cos I've been working outside on a construction site)

  8. Hmmm GNG, What isn't Nigerian? I shall tell you…………..acceptance. What means thee? You may ask.

    Too often, many don't accept there works (always prefer, the other one) and that (i think) is why Nigeria is still the way it is, 'cos eventually they (who accept not their work) never do their work contentiously.

    This (acceptance, not only of work though, but, generally) i think is not Nigerian.

  9. Eating veggies, salad isn't so Nigerian. Been a vegetatian like iwalewa says. Nigerians believe in their red meat :)

    Not having a first degree isn't so Nigerian. Nigerian Parents expect u to get a first degree in a GOOD course..such as medicine, law, comptuer science, pharmacy, architecture…etc not Fine art, Yoruba or even English or Classics!

  10. Hmmm I think I will second Afrobabe in saying you're CRAZEEE! lol ok…that felt good…hee hee hee…tori Oloun camping bawo?….you left the comfort of your bed to go to the woods/forest to sleep on mats?…omo gal that's just not "nigerian" period!

    okay back to unnigerian things…my peops have already put it down for you…bungee jumping,sky diving,snorkelling,water skiing,surfing amongst many others is what nigerians don't consider fun(but i think it is sha! apart from "camping…ha!!! while will i leave the comfort of my bed for mat!)…

    The listed things above are considered too dangerous…as some of my naija peops will say:"na jeje trouble siddon wey yanga wan wake am" which literally means "trouble is sitting down peacefully and yanga(posing,feeling cool!) wants to disturb it!

    Okay another thing…in Nigeria, there is no DIGNITY OF LABOUR…there are some jobs you do that may make your parents disown you…as in totally…but over the years, this is changing…

  11. For the record. I voted to have cash for making comments on your blog.

    I'm not quite sure what I do that is not considered very Nigerian/African. There's probably something, but I can't think of it now.

  12. u just show small interest in the history and architecture of any place and dare go sight seeing instead of shopping and u will be labelled "too oyinbo"

    how are u dear?

  13. I know I do so many things that folks consider abnormal (I assume they mean unAfrican, or unNigerian) I can't remember them now.

    Enjoy your camp.

  14. so how did camping go?? lol

    that for one is not very "nigerian" but i abeg who cares! hope you had a blast! update please :)

    i replied your email and also responded to your question in my blog comments section.

  15. I love the idea of camping mainly because Im the adventurous type and Im always looking for new things to try out.

    I hate Aso ebi. And they think i'm nuts and unnigerian because of that.

  16. Sweetie, I have been called an Oreo cookie so many times that I am sure I would be Bill Gates if I had a penny for all occurences.

    * I run competitively… and actually enjoy it.

    * I enjoy camping, white-water rafting, kayaking, etc…

    * My music tastes are so wide in range that I even shock myself sometimes… Lol!

    I love the outdoors and as such, I am often regarded as a lil' bit cuckoo… But hey! You got to do you, or else you die.

    Enjoy your trip!

  17. Well in keeping with the theme of hair: apparently getting Brazilians is not very African: my bf's sisters thought it was totally weird when i was raving about the place that i go to… (hmm maybe because it was over-sharing? never thought of that… oh well.)

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