Belated thanks to Omosi

I sent Omosi a Christmas card, which she thanked me so prettily for.

But then she decided to send me a scarf (you know she’s a crochet queen, don’t you?).

The package took its sweet time making the journey from the snowy depths of the UK to the even snowier depths of Canada but it arrived a couple of weeks ago and I love it:

Thank you, Omosi. I admire your skill with the crochet hook.

37 thoughts on “Belated thanks to Omosi

  1. Oh! I'm jealous! You get the warm scarf to protect you from this deathly weather. Omosi..I want one too! haha!

    it looks beautiful!


  2. Happy New Year GNG!!!

    Now that was a lovely gift from Omosi…it speaks volumes.

    And the color is amazing…Enjoy your gift.

    • Happy New Year, Rita! I wish you and your family so many good things this year.

      And thank you…Omosi's generous gift is much appreciated, let me tell you!

  3. Can I borrow that scarf for the weekend? it is lovely. really lovely.

    And as for you….I am hearting what I see. Full pink lips :) and slim shoulders. don't let me ever hear you whine about weight again on these pages..

    • Oh boy…I'm happy to report that I'm getting more ok with my body but please don't let the pictures fool you (that certainly wasn't my intention): I'm a big girl…a solid size 20 and a 22 in some tops. Clothing that fits well definitely makes me look better but I do thank God overall that my main jiggly parts are my arms (oh how they flap!) and my stomach. I'm learning to love them in spite of it all and love my body into submission :)

      But I've heard you…I've been trying to complain less to be honest…did you notice?

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