Birthday camping trip

I will be celebrating my 31st birthday in two days with a camping trip. Confession #1: I didn’t want to go camping on my birthday but when I booked the campsite three months ago, that was the only weekend that was available. Confession #2: I am Nigerian and I love camping! I don’t know a lot of Africans, talk less Nigerians, who would list camping as one of their favourite summer activities but maybe I’m wrong. Do you camp?

I remember two camping trips with my family, soon after we arrived in Canada. The first time was about 23 years ago (gosh! some of you weren’t even born yet!). Friends at the church we were attending at the time loaned my parents their RV (recreational vehicle) which is basically a mini-house on wheels. It was lovely, and my sister and I were impressed with how the various compartments of the RV were convertible: the dining room doubled as a bed, for example. During the second camping trip one or two years later, we camped in tents. My parents shared a tent with my brothers while my sister and I had our own tent (if I recall correctly).

So it’s my parents’ fault that I love camping. In the last ten years, I’ve gone camping five or six times (aka “not often enough”). This will be my fourth year camping with this particular group that includes my sister and we always have a good time. But those of you who haven’t gone camping are probably wondering why I would voluntarily subject myself to mosquitos, sleeping on hard, uneven ground and cooking over the fire.

For one, because it’s a great break from “regular life” and is very relaxing. When the weather cooperates the weekend away feels a lot longer. You stay up late gisting around a campfire, you wake up early yet feel rested (until you get home and realize that you’re actually sleep-deprived), you lie on the beach, toes submerged in the softest sand ever, reading a magazine and you’re free to fall asleep. You shower if you want to (yes, there are shower facilities where we go, thank God! I’m not really into “roughing it” without flushing toilets and running water) and being lazy is a major rule of the time away.

And secondly, since I didn’t grow up cooking over a fire, there’s an aspect of novelty for me. If I had to do this every day, I’d resent it but once or twice a year, it’s fun. (Oh, and we have a propane stove that we also use so cooking over the fire is a real novelty).

Please join me in praying for good weather for this weekend. The meteorologists always get it wrong and I’m hoping the rain they have predicted for Saturday (rainstorm with thunder and lightning) is an error.

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21 thoughts on “Birthday camping trip

  1. Camping? Euphemism for hanging out in the wild with wild creatures? Well, make sure you look left and right thoroughly before doing the doo doo lest an opportunistic snake lashes out and….

  2. You see GNG, I'm not sure oh! I have enough years of real village life under belt, I don't need camping to bring flashbacks for me LMAO!! I have slept in the dark, on the floor, cooked over open fire, parrafin stove and walked to a different area to bathe with just a towel and a bucket. I like my holidays in hotels :)

    Have a lovely time with your peeps and a happy birthday !!

    PS I will tell the weather to behave for you.

  3. Happy birthday in advance dear!

    Enjoy your camping, I pray for your sake the weather would be very friendly.

    @ Caramel delight……LOL

  4. Went camping when I was a kiddo and I must admit, those were some gooooood times. It took bonding to the next level. I would love to do it again someday though. Camping doesn't fall in the category of my favorite things to do, but FISHING definitely does. There's something about hooking the pole and just waiting for the fishes to bite that gets me every time! Not to mention getting a good catch, love it!

    Happy 31st!

  5. Hmmm… I guess I'm one of those that grew up in the city and have nodesire to camp. A day on the beach is as far as I go bonding with nature…lol.

    Happy birthday in advance though.

  6. Lol… Rainstorm ke? That one doesn't sound like an error o! But well, with God all things are possible yeah? Happy birthday in advance. This is so strange… I'm definitely one of those Nigerians who has never heard of another Nigerian who likes to go camping. Lol. Funny

  7. By God's grace you Will have lovely weather on your b-day weekend!

    Incase I don't talk to yo on Friday, Have a Wondeful b-day in advance!

  8. LOL. If you like camping, you like camping. There is no reason not to like outdoor stuff. Yes, Africans typically don't do outdoorsy stuff but a lot of diasporans are beginning to get into it. Life abroad can be sedentary and any form or exercise helps!

  9. Happy birthday & have fun….don't worry..i would put a word for you, so that there would be a wonderful weather through out…*grinning*…

    P.S… Apart from the security factor, 9jas dare not try camping in Nigeria because OMO-ELA [sons of the land] go collect money for ground them use o! hehehehe….have fun o!

  10. Happy early birthday! Make sure you take some marshmellows, graham crackers and chocolate bars so you can make some yummy smores over your campfire for dessert!

  11. Awwwwwww….happy birthday in advance. I pray for god weather for you. But about camping, I'm officially jealous. :)

  12. I like camping too, especially around bodies of water. it is relaxing and offers a distraction from the norm.

    Happy Birthday babes, hope U dont get attacked by shorties circa 'Jose'. LOL.

  13. Happy birthday to you in advance, am happy for you, have all the fun in the world…thirty is the new ya

  14. Happy birthday GNG, and I hope the weather holds for you guys. I actually love camping and did more of it back in Nigeria. There were no RVs or mobile toilets or showers of course, basic back to nature. Haven't gone on one for a while, the weather here is so unpredictable…

  15. Happy Birthday GNG! May you get all you heart desires this year! Have fun Camping! I have not done that in a while!!!

  16. happy birthday to you GNG…I hope u had a fun time with your family and friends…I hope the weather was favourable as well…

    I don't do camping…infact, I don't like to hear of it…it sounds to me like too much punishment…but if u enjoy it, then great!

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