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Many of us try to read as many of blogville’s blogs as we can, but there really just aren’t enough hours in the day to do so. So, we pick and choose the blogs that we won’t skip no matter what, the blogs of our personal people on blogville that loyalty and/or genuine interest in the blogger’s life makes us read. But apart from these, how do you decide what other blogs to read? Well here are my confessions regarding blog reading:

  • If the blog is fiction, and consists of stories that are many parts long (greater than two parts), I don’t read those entries. There are two reasons for this: first, I don’t like to start reading a story that I can’t commit to finishing (I feel the same way about books), and I would forget details of an instalment before the next one came out which would result in me having to reread the previous entry before moving on. I guess really it’s the time involved in reading those blogs that stops me. I do read the non-story entries and (usually) comment on those though.
  • I don’t read purely poetry blogs as regularly as other blogs because sometimes I don’t know how to comment on poems, especially if the writer has a common theme, meaning that most of my comments would be quite similar.
  • If the blogger types lyk dis all d tym, it just makes me feel old, so of course I have to avoid such blogs to maintain my illusion of youth.
  • There are 79 entries by Nigerian bloggers on my google reader that I have yet to read, and I try to comment on every entry I read. My comments are usually longer than a few lines, so it takes me a long time to get through all the blogs.
  • Although I have mentioned being single once or twice (or three times), blogs that focus on all the men the blogger is trying to decide between are fun to read but I often don’t feel I have much to comment on, because to me the obvious choice is well, obvious. I enjoy the stories though.
  • Fashion blogs inspire me, and I read some, but often don’t have much to contribute so I don’t usually comment.
  • I rarely read political blogs. I respect their writers and their analysis of what is going on in Nigeria, but I still haven’t developed a real interest in politics.

How many individual blogs do you keep track of? Do you have any blog-related confessions?

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  1. lol i have a confession too, but its tooo long jor..

    i like this post, its so honest. I love stories especially funny ones, but i like reading any type of blog. You know they say variety is the spice of life…

  2. Now this makes some sense. Thanks for the comments.

    For me, I'm addicted to blogger, read all sorts, try to leave comments. Almost everyone has a good story to tell and I'm good with all.

  3. Story blogs — i usually leave for when i have a lot of time which is why i haven't been too visible on Myne Whitman's and the In My Dreams it was easier ones…..

    I read a lot of poetry blogs — as many as i can find…

    LOL @ bloggers who use text speak, discusss their men options. I skip those — for different reasons —

    I don't get fashion blogs though – OK you've got a great sense of fashion — I'm a bloke – not sure how that helps me.. Maybe in the distant future when she needs to do her shopping i guess….

    Political blogs — tend to depress me — and aside of the occasional foray into Solomonsydelle's and Chxta – i give them a wide berth!

    I do have my personal favorite bloggers that i would read even if i only had a few minutes – those urls are stuck in my head… lol

    P.S. What plug in do you use in generating the 'related posts' under each new post

    I seem to have lost the option for commenters to select 'notify me of followup comments by email – any thots?

  4. I share ur confessions girl, esp. "lik dys all d tym" I think its annoying

    How have you been? I know I probably asked you that before. Apologies for being so absent and I don't really know how to make it better in the nearest future. I'm trying though. I miss your blog as always and your blog is one of the ones I always make sure to read whenever I am back in the blogosphere.

  5. exactly how i feel. was gonna make a post regarding this. i havent been visiting all my blogs on roll recently. But blogs i'll always visit no matter what are shona, dante, funms, kookie, bsnc, parakeet, afrobabe etc……

    Blog i immediately close the browser- when they start of by saying i'm 19…..or are talking about secondary school- hehhehehe. I dont need to read blogs that make me feel old.

  6. Very true for me, especially with the fashion blogs and political ones.

    Very honest post and somewhat funny too.

  7. Well, I guess my confession will be that due to the scarcity of internet access (sometimes) I tend to skip some lines when I am reading a blog…

  8. I dunno, i just read if it catches my fancy; i only come back if i like what i read; and i only comment if i have something to say (which regrettably isn't often, and sometimes, err, if there's been a long list of comments, i simply defer my comment till another time). Umm.

  9. i love fashion blogs especially that african wardrobe one…maybe i havent gotten bored with that one cos thats the only one i read….i love reading blogs of people older than me thats why im stuck on tigeress' blog cos it makes me laugh at how they see the world which is different from how i see the world…i usually skip sex blogs as in the blogs where they talk of having sex with so and so cos i cant relate to it and sometimes i feel like im reading a romance novel.

    i try to read fiction blogs but i usually skip lines and try to just grasp what exactly the blog is talking about…i read poetry blogs once in a while cos im not always in the mood for poetry.

    apart from that,i pretty much read every other blog i can gives me a view into the lives of many people that i have never met.

  10. and yeah i avoid political blogs…they make me angry cos they continually focus on how bad nigeria is doing..or any other country for that matter.i dont even listen to news or read papres…ever!!why would i read a political blog?

  11. I just can not for the life of me understand poetry blogs. Like i do read them but it's hard for me to read them for a long time.

    And i avoid fashion blogs, like wth if i need fashion advice i go to the professionals.

    Honestly I hate rants, tomany bloggers always talkin about relationship this, relationship that. Stop with the RANTS! Well that's how i feel sha

  12. As long as it's on my blog roll and I see an update I'll check it out. I like the different stories everyone has to offer, sometimes I learn new things and get support knowing there are other people out there feeling the same way.

  13. LOL @ your blog confessions. I used to spend hours and hours reading blogs a long time ago, but now my time is short so I tend to limit my time on blogger to a few blogs on my side-bar, and returning a visit, if I get a comment from a new blogger.

    I tend to stick to intelligent blogs, inspirational blogs, fictional story blogs (cos I write one myself, lol) , praiseworthy or funny blogs, plus a few other random ones, I don't really like politics but I read Jeremy's blog once in a while cos he talks about some other things too. Bella Naija, is the only fashion/entertainment blog I read. And I try to leave comments when I visit fellow bloggers, but I don't always :)

  14. I try as much as I can to visit the blogs I list and most times, memorize the links. As you have said, there hardly is enough time.

    Here goes my confession….

    Though I may never leave a few words, I read political blogs because they tend to remind me of the though not so positive, but the changeable things in our country. I also like reading newspapers, so its interesting to gain more knowledge on what may not be adequately covered in the papers.

    I often read fiction blogs because I enjoy the way characters are created and woven together.

    I read poetry blogs though not consistently because I like appreciating peices and unraveling the feelings that accompany words.

    I often read blogs that detail an individual's evolution & struggles in life.

    I'm may not always be on fashion blogs but I certainly appreciate the tips on do's and don'ts. I may not be current on the happenings of a few maybe younger blogs because I guess most sound alike to me and some posts tend to revolve around the surface only. Good news blogs help me deepen my faith, though I may not always comment. All in all, I respect that we all possess the right to say what we deem fit on our respective blogs. And try as much as I can to express my views without fear of rude replies or inappropriate anonymous comments.

    I sure have taken up all your space!

  15. This was so real. Like we definitely can't read all of them. I don't read fictional a lot either. I love reading but it's really hard to read from an actual screen. Almost painful.


  16. The only blogs I find very boring are political blogs…I love all blogs as long as topics vary from personal life experiences, marriage, wedding , fashion and makeup…I love all blogs minus politics.

    I get bored reading political blogs, some are quite interesting but I tend to sleep off on

  17. I'm kind of a blogwhore, I read pretty much everything, sometimes I have a hard time with poetry blogs because I'd rather listen to poetry than read it. But other than that anything goes really.

  18. this is off the subject but do u need a visa to enter canada from u.s? pls clarify…my email addy is ariestoogoodATyahooDOTcom thanks

  19. â–ºBSNC

    lol at confessions. There are other more specific confessions I could make but I don't want any wahala.

    Thanks for the comment and you're right that variety is the spice of life. I've always been bad at trying new things myself…


    Oh, I stalk them too! You and your counterparts do amazing work…I am in awe!

    â–ºMyne Whitman

    Yes, I hope you'll forgive my laziness!

    I wish I had the time to read and comment on all the blogs out there…I mean commenting is great and so encouraging to the writer!


    Yes! I feel so bad that I haven't read FG and Co's story blog too. I didn't even read all the stories of that something and serenity blog.


    lol I can't see you reading fashion blogs to be honest, but I can totally see you happily reading political blogs!


    I know you must be sooooo swamped with life! I miss your presence but it'll be worth it. We all know blogging and commenting or responding to comments is very time consuming.


    lol we share a desire to not be reminded that we're the seniors of blogville ;)


    I'm glad you can relate; thanks for your comment and compliment!


    Awww, sorry. It's not easy with the spotty internet access. I don't blame you for having to maximize the time you have to read blogs. I appreciate your comment on this entry!


    Hmm, your comment is definitely food for thought and reminds me of something I wanted to discuss: the idea of commenting on blogs and if we need them. Hmmmm


    Ah, you make an important point: sometimes we read blogs of people who are doing things we haven't done or wouldn't do, but we are interested in. At the same time, sometimes if we can't connect to the blogger's life situation, we don't read them.

    I like your philosophy when reading blogs…but how do you find the time?

    lol I feel you on political blogs jare. I try to be a bit more informed of what's happening in my city but I tend to skip the politics part of the newspaper.


    "if i need fashion advice i go to the professionals" lol! And the rant hating…lol I feel you. I do a lot of complaining on my other blog. Not a rant, per se but still…


    Great attitude! I just can't seem to find the time to do that.

    â–ºFavoured Girl

    It's hard to comment on all blogs, isn't it? It sounds like you read a nice range of blogs.


    "I respect that we all possess the right to say what we deem fit on our respective blogs." – beautifully said!

    "And try as much as I can to express my views without fear of rude replies or inappropriate anonymous comments." – that is a challenge at times, isn't it? No one wants to receive negative comments.

    I thank you for your comment; it's much appreciated! You made so many valid points that I may cover in another entry.


    Thanks! How nice are you?!


    You're like me: I hate reading on the computer screen but the alternative (printing out all the entries) just isn't logical.


    lol I feel you on getting bored on political blogs…I sha appreciate the work the writers put into analysis and stuff like that.

    â–ºOmosi T

    lol blogwhore. Ah, very interesting re: religion blogs!


    I've emailed you. Good luck!

  20. I enjoy anything that cracks me up! mostly personal blogs of ppl like GNG, Arewa, and few others.

    I've been MIA for a while but tryna change that real quick, hoping to change that real quick *sigh* lol.

    o and here is the link to mine if you want to chekirout! ;)

  21. It's hard to keep up on all the blogs out there and to be honest i can't keep up with them i read a number for different reasons, some of which you've mentioned….

    I like…it's a really honest post.

  22. Nice post. Like others, i don't have as much time to read around as i would like so in general i tend to start with the first few blogs i came across that got me interested in blogging. Some of them don't blog as frequently anymore though. Then i read whatever catches my fancy next. Some blogs i enjoy because the style of writing or humour appeals to me and i keep going back for more.

    I quite like political blogs because the issues they cover are important to me. Unless i've gotten hooked on the story i find it hard to break into serialised fiction blogs. With personal blogs, it really depends on what topics the blogger covers and how. I am probably not explaining this well but it just feels wrong having too much intimate knowledge of someone that is a stranger to me so i don't tend to read blogs i feel that way about.

  23. I read every blog on my blogroll or blogs I follow, as long as I am available…but the ones I cannot resist are the ones where I have a special feeling for the blogger *blush* which even the blogger may not know about…

  24. I mourn the fact that I can't follow blogs like I used to but as long as it's on my blog roll I will read. I try to read Carameliscious people who comment on my posts because I am grateful for their love.

    PS Can't do poetry all the time, cannot do politics, I like Journal blogs :)

  25. I love this first post.. And this is my first time here.

    Though me I read just about anything and I try to comment. But time is the key factor. If you start commenting on every blogs..Omo you no good another work for that day.. Well maybe if I start blogging full time though..I will start..LOL

    Nice blog you have got here.. Visit me too on and
    I will be back.



  26. interesting piece…I share some of ur preferences…but this doesn't explain y I haven't seen u on mine in such a loooong time,lol…I read all sorts of blogs, but I can't possibly comment on all…even my fav ones, sometimes i just read n learn/laff, n move on without leaving a comment, especially if I'm pressed for time…

  27. Variety is key

    Like to read blogs that bring different things to the table…humorous, insightful, fiction,fact, truth, life experiences…


    Time is of essence thou. So average, not some long ass post, or umma bounce!

  28. Men! this post is too on point…we are so alike wen it comes to unread blogs! I dont do fiction, poems or polictics.

    Like u said apart from reading blogs of people i have developed some form of relationship with, i like reading blogs that are spur of the moment…no general theme..just random thots or things that inspire people. U grab?

    So u have stated blogs u dont read…which type of blogs do u read (apart from ur personal people)?

  29. oh and the text blogs too..abi na short hand…too hard to read men…and i hardly understand the post (like u said for the young generation)…

    also posts that are not well edited e.g no paragraphs, are a turn off..bad for my eyes…lol

  30. i'm a certified blog crawler, i do read all the blogs on my roll when they update and then link from their blogs to several others and i read everything.

    most time i comment, even when i don't i stil enjoy just knowing the person's thoughts and state of mind at that particular time.

    whether they be 18 year olds or 50 yr olds, so long as they interest me. i also enjoy blogs of people who are on journeys of discovery or healing or grappling with difficult situations like a mother with an autistic child and a couple trying to walk their way thru a painful 'indiscretion '.

    just write whatu will and if i find it, i most likely will read it just don't lump everything together or use a funny colour that's hard to read..and yes, the shorthand thingy!!

  31. â–ºStr8Up

    lol I'll hold you up to it o with respect to being more present on blogville.

    Thanks for the link to your blog…I was looking for it in an earlier entry.


    Thanks dear. I'm glad you can relate.


    Thanks for sharing what motivates you read certain blogs…I like knowing what makes you tick.


    lol you're so adorable!

    â–ºCaramel Delight

    I feel you on wanting to return the blog love by reading (and commenting) on the blogs of people who read your own blog.

    I hope you've been busy doing fun things.

    â–ºMs. Spicytee

    Welcome! Thanks for leaving a comment on your first visit to this blog.

    Blogging full time is tempting, let me not lie. If only I could find a way to get paid for it…I'll let you know if I do. Thanks for sharing the links to your blogs…I'll visit you at your own home :)

    â–ºAnoda Phase

    I was guilty o, but I've rectified the matter. Your blog was one of the ones I hadn't read yet. But even you don't comment on all the blogs you read so free me jare ;)


    lol I'll try to keep my posts short…no promises though!


    I'm glad you can relate. As for what I read…I'll pretty much read anything other than what I mentioned here. I just wish I had more time to comment though…and read. I'm always falling behind on blogs I need to read.

    And no paragraphs is a big no-no for me too :)


    That's so lovely of you to share; thank you. I appreciate it.


    Hello blog crawler!

    Regarding the blogs you enjoy: the blogs about journeys can be very inspiring and really encourage me to appreciate what I have/reach for higher goals (at least temporarily).

    Oh, you thought of other pet peeves of mine: font colour, hard to understand entries.

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