Brush with celebrity

On our way to Nigeria, during the last leg of the trip (Amsterdam to Lagos), we discovered that someone you may have seen on tv was going to be on our flight. I didn’t know who he was at first (I know now) but you probably know (click to make bigger, if needed):

Any guesses? I liked his humble demeanour. He was flying economy class like us, and he seemed unassuming. When I asked if I could quickly snap his picture he was gracious. That was my one and only brush with celebrity during my trip, unless Seye counts. ;)

Have you ever flown with someone famous?

If this entry is too short for your liking, my All my single ladies blog was updated with Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. If you feel like doing more reading, check out my great aunt’s latest attempt to play matchmaker for me last month. It’s funny: she never says “I have five guys of marriageable age from good families that I could set you up with”; instead she brings them out one by one. When he or I decide we don’t really suit, she’s more than happy to move on to the next prospect. I guess that’s the way to do it!

13 thoughts on “Brush with celebrity

  1. Go Jide!!

    Go GNG!!!

    LOL @ your aunt's match-making skills. Wish someone would present me with five men, even if at different times. That's five gifts for my birthday — I hope!

    I'm the only celebrity I have flown with. And I take pictures of myself quite often. I also sign autographs for myself. LOL.

  2. OMG, Jide Kosoko!!!!! Haven't seen his face in ages….
    A couple of weeks ago, I was on the subway with CNN's Anderson Cooper…Does that count? LOL….I hope it does because I have a huge crush on him…LOLLL

  3. Jide K – the Chivita ambassador. His face is all over billboards now and even those electronic media billboards at Allen Avenue Roundabout). He really has aged. Nice Kodak Moment GNG :D

  4. i met snoop dogg in the security line at LAX this past summer. he got to skip to the front of the line, but ended up right behind me.

    see me standing there with babylove strapped to my chest in her carrier and no shoes on my feet, but i just had to take the opportunity to speak to him anyway.

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