Busy and thankful

Allow me to blame the lovely people who commented on this entry for the delay in updating! It’s actually not fair to blame them because really, I should have finished the cards a week ago. However, procrastination is my middle name and here we are. The good news is even though I sent the cards to the UK late according to the postal service here, I’ve already received emails from two recipients to let me know they arrived! This gives me lots of hope that all the European readers who sent me their address (on time!) will receive their cards on time. USA recipients may have to forgive me if their cards are late.

Someone asked to see pictures of my cards and here are a few:



Remember that super awesome printer I bought over a year ago? If I had figured out how to get it to print in the exact position I need it to print on, I could have really made my cards a lot better. Hopefully by next Christmas it’ll be sorted out. God forgive me for my lazy attitude regarding these things…I’m so sick of starting things and not finishing them.

It’s Thursday for another 15 minutesIt’s now Friday sha so let me share the things that I’m thankful for:

  1. My warm coats, boots, gloves, mittens and hats in this freezing cold weather. It’s something I take for granted…until I hear an appeal on the radio asking people to please donate gently used winter wear or money so that these items can be purchased for those who need it. I remember in high school, it wasn’t cool to wear a thick winter coat so I didn’t wear one; at least that was my choice! It wasn’t because I didn’t have access to those items. I thank God for that, and that I have more than one of each to wear.
  2. Our public transportation system, even though there are threats of another strike. I always think our transportation system is really bad…but then a friend (hi Renae!) in Paris mentioned how it took her about five hours to get home and I know many people struggle with Lagos traffic. So really, a one or one and a half hour trip to work on a very bad day isn’t something to curse the bus system over. And some sort of public transport is better than none I suppose.
  3. Christmas spirit. I have so much of it this year and I’m so thankful for that. I really think setting up my little Christmas tree the last weekend of November has made all the difference. The minute I get home from work I plug in the tree and the twinkling lights make my evening a little bit happier, even if my plans are just to sit at my dining room table and crank out Christmas cards. The Christmas cards I’ve received are also part of the things that make it Christmassy around here.

  4. People who do what they say. I mean well and try to do what I say I’ll do, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen despite my best intentions. Perhaps because of this I especially appreciate someone who says “I will call you at 3pm” and they do. I understand now why some people close to me are hesitant to make promises they aren’t sure they can’t keep because they’ve learned that it’s better to be seen as someone who seems somehow stingy with helping out, when really they’re just trying to avoid disappointing people. I’ll definitely think about that before making a commitment in the future.
  5. The future. Sometimes I beg God for enough time on this earth because I feel so excited about the future and I dearly want to live a long healthy life, and wish the same for everyone. I know part of this feeling is the magic of a fresh new year and I know that by March or maybe September I may be feeling down and disappointed with how 2011 is going but I am thankful for the way that I feel now and for the gift of anticipation. May God preserve us all into the new year…and beyond!

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  1. I hope I'm first. Merry Christmas….so glad to hear you are enjoying the season!!!

    Don't fret about long life – He has promised us long life..check out Psalms 91! Its the word of a perfect gentleman and He cannot lie!!!

    Merry Christmas dear…Your cards are tres chic!!!

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