Calling single women in their late 20s and older!

I seem to be meeting more single women in their late 20s and 30s lately, both in person and online (mostly via blogs). This could be because that is the demographic I fall into, so I am attracted to (and attracting) women who share this fact with me.

So, I was thinking: since our varied geographic locations would make getting together for a Girls’ Night Out/In to hang out and discuss things rather impossible, would anyone be interested in getting involved in a discussion group (via Google Groups for example), forum or blog collaboration to talk about the issues women in this category with? We can share our stories and encourage each other along the way…or even play matchmaker for those who are interested!

If so, leave a comment and we’ll get some dialogue going about the best way to set this up.

I’ve left it pretty general but I think we need at least an age restriction because there is nothing more annoying (to me) than to be complaining about my single status to someone and have them chime in that they know exactly how I feel, only for me to find out they’re 8 years younger than I am, or in their entire adult life they have been single for exactly 3 minutes :)

To me, “late 20s” would be age 27 and older…what do you think?

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  1. Oh GNG I love you! It's such a great idea. I can tell I don't fit your criterias both by age and being married, lol, but nevertheless a great idea. I hope u get it poppin soon and I am sure you will!

    BTW I also have a new blog

    I am an amateur storywriter and I decided instead of publishing on my main blog, take up all the space and bore people who arent interested in stories and therfore not getting any comments, I'd create a separate blogs. All true storiesmay I add. So girl, please come and support me maybe you can be my first follower! lol

  2. Very great initiative and i appreciate your clarification on the "late 20's". While this waiting period may seem long, when it is finally over, you will not be able to remember any of these days. Keep doing your thing. Take care and have fun.

  3. OMD- i really want to start a dating agency. God has done it dating agecy. Praise the Lord dating agency. FINALLY dating agency. LMHO!!! Ok i’m just messing about but i’m serious about the dating agency/ hook-up thing. I try to hook people up. There’s a couple i hooked up and are now getting married. Another 2 i just introduced to each other.
    GNG- let us discuss offline. u got my email/chat address.

    The problem is finding the guys. they seem to be getting younger and younger

  4. 27 and up?, well that sucks, but i understand your wanting to have an age limit. I think its a cool idea, looking forward to it

  5. Err… Don’t you think some married peeps being involved might actually help… Like they could get to give their own insights as to how they got hooked up.. Just my two cents!!!

  6. Fab idea – single myself and know many others that fall into this group. count me in! ;P

    @ Tigeress – dating agency sounds great but with the stigmata attached to such agencies and indeed online dating – will need hard work and a bit of 'outside the box' thinking to get people to join. Good luck…:) x

  7. Hope this comes pretty soon cuz i would love to learn more from the intrigues of women..and know how to deal with some of their baggage in the future

  8. â–ºTigeress
    I wanted to start a dating site for real, but I lack the technical know-how. Maybe one day, hopefully once I’ve managed to find my own match.

    Nice work, Miz Matchmaker…

    Thanks! I’ll let you know if anything comes from this blog entry.

    Thanks for the support. You’re not entirely off the hook though: there may be times where we’ll need to ask our married sisters for advice or insight and you’ll be on my list of women to turn to!

    I’ve checked out the new blog and look forward to your new writing adventures!

    I agree with you that married people would be a wealth of insight, but that would depend on the direction of the forum/blog/discussion group. If the goal is to dialogue with people going through the same thing, more as an opportunity to commisserate more than anything, then perhaps we don’t need input from the married folk because most of us already have family and friends telling us that “It’ll happen”, “Don’t give up hope”, “God’s time is best”.

    There may be some who don’t see it as a thorny matter, so it’ll be interesting to hear from them too. But yeah, I’m hoping for the opportunity to learn from others.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you’re right re: waiting (well, I think you are right sha).

    Thanks for the comment and for sharing Lady A’s blog link. I agree that married folk can be beneficial, but I see it as the singles who’ll be bringing up the topics or issues they are faced with.

    Welcome, first timer :)

    I’ll keep you updated when we set things up!


    â–ºAhhh-beee Jay
    We’re happy to have you.

    I think online dating has less and less of a stigma attached to it as the years go by. I personally see nothing wrong with it, and would embrace it more fully if I had a cute bod (I’ll stop there because this could turn into a blog entry on its own).

    Thanks for your comment and your support. I appreciate it.

  9. I think it's a good idea, the age limit is a good thing, I dont know about the including married folks part of it though 'cos there are pros and cons to the married people part of it.

    the GNG at it again!

    Go girl!

  10. lol..ur last paragraph cracked me up..but i like u jare..u r so real!

    i think u shld incldue 26 years as well..though 27 is also ideal..nice idea…can i come and do gbeborun…lol

  11. and i promise to be quiet :D

    N.B- wordpress just told me "You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down."

    shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! lol

  12. @ Tigeress, I've always wanted to do a dating agency too! But those your names sha….! LOL.

    This sounds INTERESTING!!! But uhm… I'm barely catching up with all the things I have to do. LOL.

  13. hey GNG…pls start the group…count me in too…

    and remember our idea one time we chatted? it could lead to it u know…

  14. â–ºTrybes

    lol! I hope we can help.


    Thanks. It should be interesting, for sure.

    â–º36inches of brown legs

    You're in!


    Thank you.

    â–ºSeye Kuyinu

    And what's the matter with you, Mr.?


    I see what you are saying. Married folks definitely have great insight.

    â–ºCaramel Delight

    Thanks very much!




    That's great; thanks for joining.


    Thanks darlin'


    You may never get there but it should be fun.


    Well it's still a work on progress. I think married ladies will be welcome to share their opinion or their stories, but it will largely be an initiative geared toward single ladies.


    You're right…there are pros and cons for sure.


    Thanks, sweetie. 26 eh? Hmmm, let me think about it.

    lol gbeborun! Only you sha.

    lol wordpress is trying to protect me from your chatter ;)


    Patience, dear lady!

    â–ºStandtall-The Activist

    "It's not a crime 2 be single and fabulous!". You are so right! I think it's important that whether the single ladies that will join this thing want to be married or not, while they are single, they should focus on being single and fabulous. Thanks for the reminder.

    â–ºVera Ezimora

    lol you don't meet the age criteria jare, but your comments will be welcome :)


    I'm not sure that you qualify, sweetie, but for now, I'll count you in.

    RE: your last comment: you are so right! Because when I started this entry I wasn't even thinking about that.

    â–ºVera Ezimora

    Not much, sweerie! How you dey?


    You are in. :)

  15. I think the age limit should start at 25….and we should have an annual conference in NA.Is this just for single ladies or those those who are single and looking?

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  17. hey! wanted to introduce myself. i've been a big fan since a friend introduced me to your blog about a week ago. and read through almost every entry at this point.

    everything you say or go through reminds me of myself (but US version). will start leaving more comments soon!

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