Sickle Cell Awareness Month

I just learned today that September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month, and I’m glad there is a time to focus on this disease and the work being done to eradicate it. I encourage you to read up on sickle cell anemia/sickle cell disease if you know nothing about it; a quick search on google will reveal a lot of sources of information. I also encourage you to donate to a local organization if you have the means. Any amount is helpful, and if you spend a couple of dollars on coffee, a new nail polish, or lunch out every day or every week, it’s easy to justify making a contribution. I know money is tight so I’m only asking those who know in their hearts they can spare $10, $30 or more. Like last year I chose The Sickle Cell Association of Ontario. The only time I’ve written about sickle … Continue reading

Mostly about the NBAs

So the Nigerian Blog Awards began on May 30 as planned and I disappeared from this blog. It’s definitely not a coincidence. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work to do (more than you can imagine; I’m not just saying that!). For most of last week I felt overwhelmed by it all but thanks to God I managed to get things more or less sorted out in time to go on my annual weekend camping trip. I’m not the best at group work and depending on others because I like to set a standard and then do whatever is necessary to meet or surpass it, even if it means staying up all night to tweak the most minute details, even if it means coming to work late (after telling my employer I’ll be late of course, and arranging to make up the time). My family and friends tell me that … Continue reading

Thankful in May

The past two weeks have been hectic but I thank God all the same for the privilege of being alive to experience life’s ups and downs. It may sound cheesy but that’s who I am – cheesy and sentimental. More specifically, I am thankful: For the marriage of one of my guy friends this past weekend. I think he and his wife will both be very happy together and I am thrilled that they have entered this new chapter of their lives. This marriage means that in this group of friends (there are five of us) I am the last one to get married, and I am thanking God in advance that my turn will come soon (here’s hoping!). That my baby brother turned 23 years of age yesterday! He will always be my baby brother, even when we’re celebrating the birth of his own children. We celebrated his special … Continue reading

2010 Nigerian Blog Awards

The 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards are up and running, and will be going on until the middle of July. Right now nominations for your favourite blogs are being accepted so go forth and nominate! There is only one entry per person so think carefully before nominating, and make sure you get your nominations in before 11:59pm on May 23, 2010! The list of five nominees in each category will be posted on May 24! More information can be found on the official site of the awards.

What’s your genotype?

When I used to think of what I’d want to know about my future spouse before marriage, it was things like if he wanted kids, if we shared similar religious beliefs, if he was an alcoholic or drug addict, if he had a history of infidelity or if he had any sexually transmitted diseases. Many Nigerians would add another thing to the aforementioned incomplete list though: whether their potential spouse has the sickle cell trait; that is, if they are AS. The question “What’s your genotype?” is about as foreign to me as being asked “Baby, what’s your sign?”…well, it used to be. Now I have been asked twice by prospective beaus. Sickle cell disease is serious and anyone wanting more information about this can consult: Sickle Cell Association of Ontario Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. These Genes, Tosyn Bucknor’s project the wikipedia page for sickle cell disease … Continue reading

Thanking God in tough times: do you do it?

There were a lot of blog entries referring to Haiti last week, and I would like to encourage us to continue to keep the relief and rescue efforts in our thoughts and prayers. When something devastating happens far away from us, it’s easy for it to drift from our minds as our daily things occupy our mind. Please continue to give in any way you can. There are so many initiatives around; google “help Haiti” to find some. I came across an initiative by blogger Estella that I’d like to share, the Sew for Haiti project. She is encouraging anyone who knows how to sew to commit to sewing something, anything that you think would be appreciated by someone in Haiti. It could be a pillow, a toy, or articles of clothing. The last time I checked her blog she was still trying to find the best way to get … Continue reading