Thank you

I don’t say it enough (ever?) but you are amazing. Yes, you, lovely person who makes the time to skim these blog posts or read them and leave thought-provoking comments (online or offline). And special mention to the Allisons of my life who stroke my ego and make my head swell in person as if they’re being paid to do so—I am so blessed! You are the reason I have a public blog—anyone who says they blog “only for themselves” while running a public blog is lying: if you were blogging for yourself, why would you a) publish your blog online and b) publish your blog online without password-protecting it? (And if the reason is you prefer to type than write by hand, you can type your posts in a file on your computer or in Google docs (if you want to have access to it anywhere) without anyone in … Continue reading


Good Naija Girl – AuthenticityHave you ever discovered a blog and fallen in love with its author, to the point that you find yourself searching online for as much information about the person as you can find because you want to e-know them better? Or maybe it was a YouTuber who enchanted you. Maybe you’ve even reached out to the blogger or video blogger (vlogger) to say hello because you wanted them to know how much you enjoy their work and tell them that you think they’re cool. If you have, join the club because I have too! I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been smitten with bloggers over the years after connecting with their writing, their brand, or who I imagined they were from reading their blog or watching their vlog. While I was stalking—I mean researching—a vlogger last year, I came across a forum where people who had allegedly met her shared their disappointment, using words like “rude”, “conceited”, and “snobby” to describe her—a far cry from the sweet charmer she appeared to be on YouTube. In the eyes of some of her (now ex-) fans, she had failed the authenticity test. Continue reading

What makes a blog valuable?

If you like your hobbies inexpensive and not too challenging (and you can type or tap keys on phone’s keypad), I highly recommend blogging. Plenty of people have started blogs because it’s easy to do, and the blogs end up abandoned not long after an oh-so-promising beginning. While I really dislike abandoned blogs, it’s better in my mind to stop blogging rather than regularly update a blog that’s not valuable—your readers can always tell when you’re putting out crap. Ah, value! Like beauty it’s definitely in the eye of the beholder: you may consider a blog showing you how to apply makeup a waste of time, but to someone whose attempts to wear eyeliner result in her looking like a raccoon, such a blog would be invaluable! The blogs I find least valuable are those that copy content from more popular sites—if you want to share about something like that, … Continue reading

Cleaning up your online life: old blogs

Spring is just around the corner: forget spring cleaning—how often do you go around and clean up your online life? Today I want to talk about cleaning up your old blogs. Wendy told me about a website for the Great Dane dog breed, and she told me that the founder of the website passed away last year. What disturbed me is if you visit the site there’s nothing to indicate that the founder is no longer alive. I’ve thought about how I’d want my online life to be handled when I’m not around—I try to keep an up-to-date list of my email addresses and their passwords, and the passwords to other important online sites for this reason. Morbidness aside, my bigger issue is that I’m a recovering hoarder, so I have blogs in various locations and they’re still online, almost 10 years later: Diaryland: Between 2002 and 2005 I ran … Continue reading