Choose the lie

The lovely aloted babe tagged me for the two truths, one lie meme. The rules are simple: I post two truths and one lie and you have to guess which one is the lie. Since I’m bored I’m going to do this two times. Here goes:


  1. I can’t curl my tongue.
  2. I have been a bridesmaid three times.
  3. I hate green peas.


  1. I do not own a laptop.
  2. I can’t cook pepper soup.
  3. I had chicken pox twice.

Alright: which two are the lies (pick one from each group)?

And I can’t be the only one having fun so I hereby tag the following people: dat1orikachick, afrobabe, seye kuyinu, sting, Lolia and geisha.

12 thoughts on “Choose the lie

  1. I'd say:

    "I cant curl my tongue" and

    "I had chicken pox twice"

    Nice blog. Hilarious post on Tunde and your

    Don't worry, all good froggies come to princesses who wait.

  2. group 1- number 2

    group 2- number 3. does anyone have chicken pox more than once? maybe d first time it was not chicken pox …lol

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