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I wear a lot of black—I’ve always loved the “colour” and as a plus-sized woman, I can’t deny that it’s slimming. Black also goes with everything so it minimizes the amount of thought required when getting dressed. A couple of months ago as the weather started to get nicer I checked my wardrobe for more colourful tops. That’s when I realized how much of my closet is black—it didn’t help that I had ruined a couple of my colourful tops recently without replacing them. The thought of wearing yet another black top was kind of depressing, so lately I’ve been wearing scarves to add colour to my outfit while I search for tops that are flattering in colour and length—there’s nothing worse than buying an article of clothing because you need it, then barely wearing it because you didn’t love it in the first place.

I have very few articles of clothing that I adore: much of my wardrobe is made up of clothing that looks fine on me and that I feel comfortable in, nothing too exciting. A colleague of mine loves everything in her closet, the only problem is that not all of it fits due to weight fluctuations, so her brilliant idea was to take one or two of her favourites and get more of the same made. Simple enough, except hiring a tailor here is a significant financial investment. Because of that, I want to go the DIY route, and a quick search led me to Professor Pincushion’s video on creating patterns from existing clothing, which seems like the perfect place to start…one day! In the meantime I’m going to keep looking for tops that look amazing on me…and that are not black!

What is (are) your go-to colour(s) when it comes to clothing?

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  1. Hmmm. I don’t think I have any particular color these days. I used to wear a lot of tan waaaaaaaaaaay back when. But now, I like different colors – prints, and solids.

  2. I’d like to think I have a variety of colours, but I recently realized that most of my pants are black or dark blue (especially denim), with two pairs of grey and one, tan (which I purchased recently). I can’t really bring myself to wear patterned pants – I think it’s something that belongs on women of a certain age who snowbird in Florida (and have no sense of style). I also have too many pairs of skinny jeans (which I love to wear in the winter, since they can be tucked into boots). Also, are five wrap dresses too many? :P

    • Nah, five wrap dresses isn’t too many. I recall seeing one on you in a picture and I thought it looked quite nice. Skinny jeans are a good wardrobe staple too.

      Some people pull off the patterned pant look very nicely, and stylishly too!

  3. I love love love Black! I have so many black pieces in my wardrobe, to the point that my bf calls me the black lady. I just think there’s something classy about the colour and it is very easy to dress up or down.

    Other colours I like are white, blue and rarely, multicoloured print…

    • Lol Clara, and when your boyfriend calls you the black lady you can tell him that he’s (literally!) correct.

      You bring up a good point: the issue I think is the fit of my clothing rather than the colour because I’ve seen people look quite chic in black. In general, my clothing rarely fits as if it was made for me; that’s probably the biggest part of the problem.

      You wear white too? That’s a colour I rarely wear, due to my size mostly.

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