Cooking in baby steps

I’m amazed that putting:

  • a can of plum tomatoes
  • one and a half onions
  • a couple of garlic cloves
  • two ata rodo
  • one and a half sweet red peppers
  • into a blender, pureeing it smooth, pouring it into a pot, adding some olive oil, and simmering for some time can create a fairly tasty stew! You don’t even have to add any seasoning to it! If you feel like sneering at my lameness I can only conclude that you’re new to this blog. :)

    My mom is temporarily unable to use her right hand so about two weeks ago she asked me to help her to prepare this basic stew (under her watchful eye) and I assisted with ogbono stew as well. I was a decent student so I was able to recreate the basic stew at home. Ogbono is still beyond me (not that I’ve tried it yet). However, if you’re in the mood for dodo* and white rice topped with a basic spicy stew, I’m your girl!

    *For my non-Nigerian readers, dodo is fried plantains

    13 thoughts on “Cooking in baby steps

    1. i cant even laugh at you,
      and ogbono is so easy
      at least we have stew covered for now

    2. You are so cute! Hope your mom's hand feels better. Last weekend i attempted chin chin, and I kept telling myself "what are you doing? you hate baking!" I do hate baking and cooking, but i do it cos I love eating lol.

    3. What happened to your comment system this past days?

      Sounds like you had a good stew going on. keep up the good work :)
      Hope your mom's healing? God bless.

    4. lol. glad to see u are getting on with ur cooking.
      ogbono is also still beyond me considering i am a good cook. it comes out tasting like soap! i am clearly getting something wrong. sigh.
      how r u lady?

    5. I love your blog! You are such a nice, genuine person:) I think we would make good friends :))) My husband is Nigerian and I am Polish, so I am learning how to cook nigerian food. My husband says that i am quite good at it, but I think he is just being nice ;))))

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