Counting my blessings

These words came to me yesterday:

I examined myself and was displeased with what I saw:
misguided actions, cloudy intentions,
words motivated by something other than love.

I wiped the glass and looked again
in hopes of a clearer view
but the same image appeared.

Is the glass faulty
or is it me?

Another Thursday is upon us, and I hope you’re happy to be alive. I am! This week I’d like to share the following things that I am thankful for.

  1. My friend Kate’s upcoming wedding. She’s someone that I don’t get to see that often but I’ve known her for 15 years. I am honoured to be invited to her wedding and eager to see how beautiful she will look on her special day.
  2. Female friendships. There is nothing like them, despite their complexity and their propensity to be tension-filled at times. I value my friendships with the females in my life, even though we often drive each other insane.
  3. My father. He’s the perfect foil to my mother: serious, and deliberate in his speech and manner, though he does have a teasing side. He is one person who truly sees the good in others and will give you more chances than you deserve before he decides not to turn the other cheek. He’s not competitive, and believes in helping others attain their goals rather than putting his own needs first. His journey to where he is today is inspirational and has guaranteed that he’ll be the #1 person I look up to.
  4. My youngest brother. He makes the funniest comments and can make me laugh at any time, even when I’m angry at him. It’s sad that at almost 21 he’s not a baby anymore (though of course I’m glad he’s growing into a wonderful (if slackerish) young man)! I have learned so much from him too (who said young kids don’t know anything?).

I hope you’re all well.

35 thoughts on “Counting my blessings

  1. Wow – Did you write that? I was feeling that for sure..

    Your father sounds like a great man. You're so blessed to have such a beautiful family. And I agree with you on the female friendships. I don't have many of them at the moment but I hope I will.

  2. wow nice poem.. i really like this your thankful note. i think i will join you soon. have a wonderful weekend

  3. â–ºRocNaija

    Thanks kind sir!


    Boys at 21…God save us all from them! :)


    Thank you very much. I hope you'll have some amazing female friendships too…they are essential.


    Yes, I must improve on the image! Thanks.


    hehehe make sure you call your bros now.


    Thank you…I hope you do join me soon. And have a lovely weekend too!

  4. wow…strong words from your poem…somehow i feel like u wrote it for me…it reflects my current state…

    I'm grateful for life…

  5. Thankful on your behalf

    Thankful for your Dad, sounds like a great man, good to have a father one can look up to!

    I am also thankful for my female friends, we have our issues too, hormones flying here and there, but they rock! How would my world be without them?

    and as for that poem………………… you or na glass? ….I'm sorry I don't know o,.God knows!

  6. That's a great dad you have! So many people can't say that about their dad. its a enough reason to be thankful. About the glass… check again?

  7. Re: #2 – female friends – I may a total oddball but I do not (and never have) had patience for friends (male or female) where tension/drama/catty-ness/etc are involved. I can’t really think of a fight/tension/etc that I’ve had with a friend that hasn’t simply ended the relationship then and there. There are people out there who don’t act like that and those are the ones I choose (and who choose me) as friends. I’m not saying your friends are like that, maybe it’s not to that extent that you meant, but still. Just sparked that thought.

  8. awwww



    Your Dad sounds like a dream guy.

  9. OH besides 18year old boys did i tell you i like 21 year olds too…lol I dey joke oh before Swat team arrive in my house to jail me for statutory rape….lool

  10. Gurl, i hope you are feeling better now; once in a while, we get our moments but it shouldnt be allowed to settle.

    its always nice to have good friends who can stick closer than…..

    you will always see your bro as the baby of the house (consciously or unconsciously). I am glad he is there to cheer you up.

    have a wonderful weekend

  11. The glass is faulty – or is it a mirror???

    Great things to be thankful for – family and friends. You seem to be blessed with a loving family GNG.

  12. True that…female friendships are unique :)

    Awwww you made me miss my brothers too!!

    Have a wonderful weekend dear xx

  13. I guess only YOU can know whether the glass is faulty or not..

    Congrats to ur friend. I cant wait for my wedding day! :D

    I dont have so many close female friends for some reason..

    Aww your dad sounds like a wonderful man. No surprise where you came from! :)

    I wish I had a younger bro..

    Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

  14. GNG I didn't know you wrote poetry oh! Very nice piece.

    Meanwhile I'm right with you on female friendships…I value and the cherish the one's I have. I don't believe the whole "I don't have female friends" gab. Everynow and then, we need the advice that only one of our girlfriends can give….

    Congratulations to your friend…ahhh with June/Summer around the corner there will be so many weddings…

  15. i miss my lil bro too , hes in uk….been tring to call him all day,mine is even younger but he has taught me a lot…hes 18 but hes so matured and caring and more than a decade older but iv learnt a lot frm him. i tell my lil bro… im hungry with a pitiful look and i get his specal indomie noodles& sardine combo in less than 10 mins….and he does a mean indomie combo

  16. â–ºShannon

    I'm not sure if it's the nature of my friendships with people but I have definitely had friends where there's been an issue that I felt (hehe, it's often me) had to be put out there and dealt with, even though we could have ignored it and in my opinion kept the friendship (albeit on a less deep level in my opinion). It's hard to explain but maybe you get me? All my life I've had this philosophy that if I consider someone a certain type of friend, there should be certain expectations on both parts. So if I feel like something's out of whack, I'll bring it up. And then sometimes there are times when you and a friend have an honest-to-goodness misunderstanding that in my opinion should be dealt with face to face to figure out where things went wrong. In friendships I'm very into talking talking talking about everything…so that's the sort of thing I was referring to.


    I hope all is well! Maybe the glass is what's faulty in your particular case


    Thanks o! I love my daddy.

    Ah, perhaps it is the hormones that add to the complexity of female friendships. One particularly great girl's night in on Friday reminded me again of the value of girlfriends.


    Thank you…my dad is pretty special.

    I'm too afraid to check the glass again, particularly before praying for some adjustments.


    hehee…with you perhaps but with me…only God knows!

    God will send you your own dream guy!


    Thank you! I thank God for you too. And yeah…the brothers and the growing up is just too much.

    â–ºFemi B

    lol we both know these young men wouldn't be enough for you…you'd need more of a challenge!

    lol statutory rape…no worries there!


    "…once in a while, we get our moments but it shouldn't be allowed to settle"

    I love that! The feelings always pass, and we thank God for that.

    I had a great weekend; thank you for the good wishes!

    â–ºfunms-the rebirth

    It's true: men tend to be more direct, although with my male friends they can be pretty intimidated and more into saying what they think we female friends want to hear rather than what is actually the right answer.

    â–ºFavoured Girl

    I really am blessed with a loving family, FG! How will I leave them? :)

    Hmm, what kind of glass the poem about is an interesting thought because of the implications that go with what it is, be it mirror or magnifying glass or microscope. I left it vague on purpose!

  17. â–ºLolia

    hehee…I had a good weekend! Hope you did too and hope you had a chance to talk to your brothers!


    I can't wait for your wedding day either! Love is a beautiful thing, isn't it?


    I always enjoyed writing but I don't always know if a piece of poetry is able to convey my feelings as well as just writing about how I'm feeling.

    I agree with you on female friendships!


    Awww. I'm glad your bro is such a great guy! I hope you reach him by phone soon and have a good conversation with him. lol my brother can't cook to save his life sha…so you're spoiled!


    I appreciate the vote of confidence, and I hope you're right :)

    Have a great week, lady!

  18. aww what a lovely thankful post…

    ehn hen…this post is not complete…pls edit it with immediate alacrity. yes u…u know wat i am talking about…

    if u dunno check writefreak's blog..

    Aloted has spoken! :P

  19. Put dusting powder on the glass and polish it so it shines. Look again and if the image is still the same, then it's definitely you! lol!

    Thankful for your dad. Mine was my number one role model!

  20. â–ºTHIRTY+

    Thank you…he's a great man.


    Thanks o, madame inspiration!

    lol I will provide my response to WF in due time sha.


    lol! I'll try and keep my fingers crossed that it's the glass is faulty!

    Awww, I'm glad your dad was so wonderful!


    He's great! And I'm good…are you? ;)


    I'm doing great. I'm glad you've been taking time to reflect on being grateful. I'd be grateful if I had an iota of your talent with a camera…congrats on your recent win!


    Thanks :)

  21. I'm thankful for you, babe. You've got such a lovely spirit. May the light of God continue to shine in your life. Whatever it is you want, girl, God is able to do it. This much I know

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