Ever thankful

I’m afraid to put this in writing, lest you try to hold me to it but I want to promise to blog at least twice a week. I generally post once a week about the things that I feel led to thank God for, but that is just one aspect of this site. I have 34 draft posts on things that I want to share or get your opinions on. I haven’t forgotten the original purpose of this blog, which was to serve as a playground for my explorations of life as a North Americanized Nigerian, a term that to me means any of the following:

  • someone born in Nigeria to (at least one) Nigerian parent(s), who has lived abroad (with or without family) for enough time that they have absorbed or had an opportunity to be affected by the culture of the country they now live in;
  • someone born abroad to (at least one) Nigerian parent(s) who lives or lived with said parents for long enough to be exposed to Nigerian culture and feel like they behave differently in some ways from their non-Nigerian counterparts who are natives of the country of residence. (And I’m not saying that because you were born in a country your behaviour will be like that of everyone else born in that country.)
  • any combination of the above, in various degrees. Perhaps you were born in Nigeria and have lived in and out of Nigeria for equal amounts of time over the years, for example.

So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, help me give thanks for:

My dad, who celebrated another year of life last Saturday. I am so thankful for him. He’s the most long-winded man I know (I fear he will put all my future wedding guests to sleep with his speech’s sheer length) but as I was listening to him last night and inwardly rolling my eyes, I was thinking of how much he loves to share knowledge and give people information he thinks they can use to their own advantage. It’s a trait I picked up from both of my parents and it’s one I really am pleased to have. If I come across something that I think can help you, I will almost kill myself to get the info to you.

Real friendships. There are a couple of people in my life that I am struggling to figure out what direction our friendship is meant to move in. I am one of those people that if I regularly talk to you or socialize with you, and share parts of my life with you, you cannot be an acquaintance. It therefore really bothers me when I don’t feel like I’m receiving that same level of confiding, trust with serious issues and realness back from them. It’s the latter that’s most frustrating: doesn’t anyone know how to just be their imperfect selves anymore? Maybe being real is going out of style? No problem, I was never in style!

But the good thing is the friendships where I doubt the commitment of the other party make me appreciate the friendships where I know my place and feel trusted even more.

Safety and protection. Living on my own, I feel safe coming home at 3am as I do when I come home at 6pm. It is nice to not be fearful and I hope I continue to feel secure and safe on my own. And although it sounds clichéd, many people walk out their front door and never see the door again. Sometimes when I get home safely after a regular day, I will say “thank you God” without thought, and I don’t think I’m fully recognizing or dwelling on what a gift it is to live to see another day, and live to cook another over-peppered and under salted meal (someone help me o!). It’s only when I have a moment to be quiet and think on all the good things in life that thoughts like this come deliberately to mind.

: : :

Because of these posts, it may seem that I’m thankful the majority of the time, and I don’t dwell on things I can’t change for too long, but that isn’t the case. I think I have become better at looking for the silver lining as a result of writing these thankful posts, but I still spend too much time feeling discouraged, disappointed, lost, unsure and overwhelmed. I am reminded of that bible verse, “In everything give thanks” because of the huge challenge it issues to Christians: In everything? Really? I should give thanks even though my love life isn’t as I hoped it would be? Even though I have questions about my career? Despite my worries about the health of family members? Even though…you get the message. But yes, despite these things that upset or frustrate us, we are to remember to give thanks to the One who brings us through each and every situation we face. That is not an easy verse to live.

Enough preaching. On my way into my house, I noticed a creature sitting very still on the sidewalk. I ran into the house and grabbed my camera, sure that by the time I returned it would be gone. But it was still there! I realized I didn’t have the most ideal lens on the camera so I went back in the house for it and came out again. And again, the creature was still there. And here it is…any guesses as to what it is (it’s not a trick question and I do know what it is. You can click on the picture to make it bigger)? Sorry for the low quality picture…I don’t know how to use my camera at all. I suffered for this picture though: I received at least five mosquito bites for my troubles.


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  1. I really enjoy your thankful posts. I would also thank you for the reminder "In everything, give thanks". i tell you, your praise and thanksgiving is not going unnoticed…your testimony is on the way…

  2. It's a toad!! Doesn't really look like a frog.

    Thankful with you for your dad.

    Daddies are just great! I pray that he will live many more years to see his grand and great-grand kids, Amen!!

  3. So where you tempted to kiss it and see what will happen – lol….just a thought.

    Meanwhile lesso 1 on camera

    Keep very still when taking pictures especially under such low light condition.

  4. hehehe…Kiss it. Its ur prince. awwww ….Its almost impossible to give thanks when you feel as if things are falling apart. but we look to HIM and hope that he will give us thankful hearts just like King DAvid. who was God's favourite only because he knew how to thank God. My Pastor once said that God found excuses to bless David (even though the man was a adulterer and a murderer). So if we learn to thank God, we will bw his favourite. If I can only take my own advice. hehehe off I go. Have a blessed week sis. XOXO

  5. Hi GNG, so I didnt know anyone reads my medico blog, unlike MPB, I havent gotten any email notifications that people left a comment on that blog..lol so I didnt know you posted a comment. I havent posted on there frequently, and just went back today and read your comment, so I figured this would be the fastest way to reach you. My specialty is Neurology, although I have to get through this one year of internal medicine first. AS for you, search your heart and do what you feel like doing. It's never too late, cos there's a woman in her 40's in my intern class. Ciao.

  6. yes o! it is good to be thankful. I also join u in thanking God for your father. Aint they the best!

    Hmm ok going by your description above I think i am one of your friends even though we haven't met in person. hehe..

    OK ok..no more joking..i know wat u mean about some frienships. My advice is concentrate on the 20% of your REAL relationships and forget the 80%. it's hard but no point dwelling on relationships that drain u.

    dat na frog naa..abi na tadpole?? na frog jo…i hate frogs!!!!!!!

  7. sorry i meant toad not tadpole…hehehehehe…kai.. wat was i thinking???!!!

    so maybe its a toad? whatever the case I no like am!

  8. wow 34 draft hmm you try oh. Thank God for you daddy

    i think its a toad. lol eya sorry bout the mosquitoes

  9. I like your blog and now I have finally registered with blogger, I can make comments easily. More blessings for you and your family. That is either a toad or a frog.

    Hope you check out my blog too. Thanks

  10. It's a drown cat, no it's a pinata, no it's


    So did u kiss it?

    Did it turn to a handsome prince or an ugly toad?lol

    What do i get for guessing right? An LV bag?

    Congrats to ur pops!

  11. â–ºRita
    Oh thank you! Coming from a woman of faith and conviction as you, your words mean a lot.

    You got it!

    Actually, maybe you’re right. Now I have to go and read up on the difference between a frog and a toad.

    Amen to my dad having a long life.

    lol can you believe that with all my whining over being single I didn’t think of that obvious joke?

    I tried so hard to stay still but it was almost impossible. It was around 11pm so I set the ISO to 1600 which is probably why I had some noise in the picture.

    I welcome more lessons…in fact I’ll email you.

    Thank you for this encouraging message…I really appreciate it.

    I wish you a wonderful weekend.

    congrats to you o, smart woman! No worries about the time to respond. I’m glad to see you are still posting there. Your advice to “search my heart” is sound…I need to determine whether or not I’ll always feel like a failure for not trying medical school, and if it’s pride keeping me from being satisfied or if this is really where I need to go.

    I think it’s a frog too. Now that someone suggested a toad though…

    AMEN to your prayer for my dad.

    Hello, friend! More sound advice. I spent this evening gossiping to two of my friends about a friend who leaves me feeling angry and frustrated after my dealings with them. I need to put her in that part of my life reserved for people I can be polite to in a social sitiuation but not expect more from her. It’s hard changing your ways though.

    I agree with you: I don’t like these amphibians. And so close to my house…kai.

    Awww, thanks for the sympathy over the mosquitoes. At least if I had snapped an award winning picture I could say it was worth it lol.

    Ooh, I wish! You’re very kind. I spent the evening gossiping; my heart is nowhere close to gold.

    Have a blessed weekend.

    â–ºAnoda Phase
    That is the question! I sha need to figure out the difference. I guess toads are bigger.

    â–ºMyne Whitman
    Congratulations and welcome to the blogging world. I’ll read your blog too; promise.

    ROFL you are hilarious! LV bag indeed. Thanks for the congrats to my pops o!

  12. I really admire your spirit. I'm afraid I'm not usually as thankful as I should be. Happy belated birthday to your dad!

  13. congrats on your dad's bday. and i feel you on the friendship thingy jare. but you're right, it seems realness is not in vogue these days. too bad though

  14. â–ºamaka

    Sorry, I missed responding to your earlier.

    Thank you for the comment and your comment made me laugh: "the koko be say na animal" lol!


    Thanks sweetie. I am sure you are thankful person! Thanks for the birthday wishes to my dad.


    Thanks so much!

  15. Hmm…girl, thats a toad/frog…I detest those things…kept my french doors open 1 day only to be welcomed by one of ur friends in my kitchen…I freaked out and had to call my neighbour….and u actually took a picture….hmmm!!!!

    Good on u for being thankful…I try to remember as its so easy to winge about everything!

  16. I will wait patiently for the two post a week.

    I feel you on the friendship point. Many reasons to be grateful. I see you are really into the photography stuff.

  17. It's great to learn to be grateful even about the things that we expect we deserve and don't need to make a big deal about. We don't deserve anything. Thank God for his mercies.

    Thanks for stopping be at mine's.

  18. I classify North Americanized Nigerians like this (pretty much identical to yours):

    1. Those born here who have lived here most or all of their life

    2. Those born to at least one Nigerian parent

    3. Those born in Nigeria who moved here at a very young age

    Real friendships are definately something to be greatful for!

  19. I'm thankful for you my GNG and for everything you're grateful for.

    You know i totally agree with you on the firendship front…let's go with aloted;s advice on concentrating on the 20 percent that make us happy and not the other 80 percent..

    Oh and that's a toad i think…well done on getting the picture!

  20. â–ºKuesoom

    Oh my! I would freak out to see one of those in my house! Lol I guess I felt emboldended to take a picture since it was outside.

    I'm a professional whinger at times; don't let these posts fool you!


    hehe, I've got a post coming up shortly!

    I want to be more into photography but I find it harder than I thought. I guess I'm not "a natural".


    Yes! We can never thank God enough.

    It was my pleasure to stop at your place…I'll be back again!

    â–ºMiss Healthy Diva

    I see we're on the same page with respect to defining what "North Americanized" means. I'm looking forward to exploring this topic more for sure.




    Thank you, sweetie. And yes, aloted has the right idea. I'll have more time to cultivate the good friendships instead of wasting time on those friendships that won't stand the test of time.

    Thanks for applauding my photography efforts.

  21. North Americanized Nigerian (NAN)…I'm liking the term very much. And I'm certainly one of those…neither here nor there! Lol.

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