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My sister passed her driving test! This was not her first attempt so she had become very discouraged by the process and her inability to do some of the skills perfectly on her first try. I had sent her a text message before her test and she said she got it and it came at just the right time because her feelings of “I won’t be able to do it” had been coming back! I’m so glad that I was able to act on my decision to send her the text message.

This reminds me of another time when I sent her a text message, only to see her later and have her tell me that she was feeling very low when she got that text. I was in a mall, in the foodcourt when I suddenly said “Let me send her a text message” and it seems to have made a difference in how her day went.

If you ever feel led to do something and you don’t know exactly why, do it anyway. The reason may come to you later.


My current picture on facebook is one of my three siblings and I. It’s so exciting to be adults (my youngest sibling is 21) and see how our adult personalities are developing, especially with respect to how we relate to each other. Yes, I know I have legally been an adult for over 10 years but when I lived at home with younger siblings, I had a habit of um, acting like a child.

I still don’t appreciate that the boys (my two youngest siblings are my brothers) refuse to listen to me or even consult with me on anything, but I know they love me as much as I love them. My not living with them anymore has filled me with a tenderness for them that I didn’t feel as much when they were constantly underfoot. Now when I see them I just want to hug them and be close to them. They still continue to act like I’m a form of the plague though…but I can always sneak my arms around them. I’m hoping that now that my sister can drive, she and the brothers will visit more often.


My parents are leaving on a true vacation in a few days. They’re flying to the east coast of Canada for a fun time and I pray that they have a safe journey and have a wonderful time. I often think about the sacrifices they’ve made over the years for us children, hardly leaving us with babysitters, taking us along on most vacations, treating us like we have to be a part of everything that happens to them. I see moments like these, where they plan time away from us, as a recognition that one day all their children will leave their home and it will be just the two of them. I am thankful that they are able to make time for one another, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s very much overdue.


George has basically become another family member, and I talk to him or hear from him more often than most of my relatives in Nigeria. He remains the same sweet, kind-hearted man, and my heart is just so full of sisterly love for him. He’s so hardworking and dedicated; I really hope that all of his dreams come true. Despite having little “fun” money, he manages to contact my sister and I fairly regularly, though we have told him he has to stop spending his money like this. I can’t wait for him to get online though…then we can exchange emails. Gosh, we really need to #lightupnigeria already so that my cousin who has a computer can actually use it fairly often, then maybe even set up his computer as a local internet-accessible computer in his neighbourhood! Please tell me you have heard of the #lightupnigeria campaign on twitter? If not, I direct you to the following excellent sources of information:

Archiwiz – #lightupnigeria – Twitter as a force of change
Solomon Sydelle – The Mission to Light up Nigeria

12 thoughts on “Family news

  1. Looks like good family news all over…nice!

    Text messages or a call to somone can really uplift them at the right time,reason why i do that weekly !! :)

    Nice week!

  2. "If you ever feel led to do something and you don’t know exactly why, do it anyway. The reason may come to you later"

    …excellent piece of advice there…thank God for ur sister's driving test pass…I tap into that testimony…

  3. Congrats to your sis!!!! Its not easy!. Congrats to your folks on their vacation. Tell them not to do anything too naughty, oh! =) Your fam sounds wonderful.

    BTW, thanks for mentioning my post! I appreciate it.

    Hope all is well, and I made it to the Sunny Ade concert over here. Loads of serious fun!

  4. Good news all round then.. Thumbs up to your sister.. I intend to keep using the buses here….Good to know George's still doing great! Nice one..

  5. @blogoratti

    Thank you!

    I think it's great that you make an effort to send people text messages on a weekly basis.


    Thanks! She'll be so thrilled to hear that blogville rejoices with her. And yes o: I love good family news.

    @Anoda Phase

    Again, I thank you! Everything happens for a reason.


    I actually hope my parents do lots of naughty stuff…I think they need it lol (TMI?)

    My pleasure for the mention. It's a great post.

    I'm so glad you went to see the King! Will you be writing about it?


    I'm a bus user too. it's ok during the week but I find it quite frustrating on the weekends, I won't lie, when services aren't quite as frequent as they are during the week. But really, it's not all that bad.

  6. Hey…i'm glad you obeyed your heart….it's a good thing to know it meant something when you follow your heart…congrats to your sister.

    And i hope your parents get to have loads of fun!

  7. Oh yayy for your sister! I guess I'm next…I really need to get my drivers license…le sigh. Meanwhile don't you just love it when someone tells you that you made their day better? One gets such a wonderful feeling :)

  8. lol @ her driving test, i can totally relate to it, failed it twice…to scared to do it the 3rd time.looool

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