Feeling the love

I did a little recording to thank you for the birthday wishes but it’s messing up my whole blog so I give up it seems to be working now:


Here’s a link to to the audio: http://goodnaijagirl.com/sounds/birthdaythanks2.mp3

Can you tell I didn’t read the list of commenters beforehand? :)

If you missed the debut of Vera‘s radio show you missed a good thing (but don’t worry; you can hear it here). She was great, the people who called in (hi tobenna!) were fantastic and next time I won’t miss half of the show! I can’t wait until the next show (I’m hoping she’ll change the time though: it’s going to be at 10am my time…I’ll be working!).

14 thoughts on “Feeling the love

  1. ha ha ha..that was very cutie. I love your voice, very nice too. You suck at some of the names but I still love you all the same as a person.lol

    I am hungry for cake now after listening to all those names.lol.

  2. awww i want that cake. Your voice sound so nice, itswas funny the way you pronounced some names..

  3. Chai!

    See "fonee"!

    Pity we couldnt listen in to your voice on tueday. Nice voice.

    How many people joked about your hybrid Canadian accent when you visited Naija?

    Nice though. I really liked the way you said Olufunke. Your intonation was spot on.

  4. you are too sweet taking time out to do that. glad you special day was truly special…sweet looking cake too.

  5. Really happy belated birthday.

    Was reading your posts and heard the recording and couldn't locate the source. It's obvious this is the source even though I still can't see it. I never imagined you to sound like that if you know what I mean?

    Take Care, xx

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