Female, 30, accomplished…single?

If you live in North America, what do you usually do on Saturday mornings around 10am? And if you’re in the UK or in Nigeria, what do you usually do on Saturday afternoons, around 2 or 3pm?

If the answer is:

  • sleep
  • work
  • eat
  • help the less fortunate
  • save the world

you have been wasting your time! What you should be doing is listening to Verastically Speakin’, Vera‘s Radio talkshow. You don’t have to wait until Saturday to find out what this radio show is all about: you can listen to the shows that aired earlier at your own leisure.

This coming Saturday I will be participating on the panel called Female, Accomplished, Over 30, & SINGLE, and I’m honoured that Vera was so desperate that she actually had to beg me to join. It seems once she started looking for people to guest host, all the women were only 29. I think I was cheated though: Vera actually went to beg Tigeress in person, while I agreed by email. Next time I will hold out for more than an email! I have learned my lesson. But let’s give a big hand to Tigeress, who turns 30 this Friday, just one day before the radio show (she still qualifies for the show o, since she will be one day over 30 by Saturday). Maybe we should start the show off by singing Happy Birthday to her.

There are a couple other guest speakers, including one guy (so far…), so it’ll be interesting to see how the discussion goes. From the poll on Vera’s site, it looks like the idea is to discuss why women who are 30 years of age or over and accomplished single, but there are a lot of questions that can be asked:

  1. Is being single something that should be avoided, and is that why after a certain age (like 30), people start getting worried on your behalf?
  2. What about women who enjoy their own company and have never felt the desire to be in a relationship or to get married?
  3. Does society put too much pressure on men and women to be at a certain stage in life by a certain age?
  4. Are these women too picky?
  5. If a woman in her 30s or older is still single, does this mean there is there something wrong with her?
  6. What about the biological clock factor?

Don’t let the above scare you: I don’t plan to monopolize the whole discussion. I’ll be too busy taking notes on how to change my single status, or evaluating the voices of male callers to see if they sound single.

13 thoughts on “Female, 30, accomplished…single?

  1. Your jingo should have gone like–

    Kere o! Her majesty Vera has asked me to inform the entire blogsville world that the high and mighties are comin on the program and she needs the whole world to listen in –LOL

    Hmm..still keepin my fingers crossed sha..i really do hope i make it in time for the show.

    Also, seems GNG is not takin anythin for granted oo! see as the babe wan just monopolise the whole single guys to herself by takin notes..kai..i pity for Tigeress and the other host who would be there hagglin it out with callers….LOL while GNG takes all the infos …

  2. Nice one GNG- u did it waaaaaaaaaay better than i did. lol@ making Vera beg me. I'm looking forward to the discussion- looks likes its gonna be very interesting. Hopefully there will be more guys on the call. ttythen

  3. You're a piece of work, you know that right? So instead of concentrating on the show, you'll be scoping men…ewww…

    and next time, don't sell yourself so cheap, i agree, make Vera beg!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sounds very interesting. I will have to look into this. Although I am not Nigerian or have any roots of this kind, I hope that I will be ok to listen.

    I feel that I am cheating by reading this blog as I am not the target audience.

    however, the radio show does sound attractive and I am very interested in what others think of this over 30 single "crisis".

  5. Lol at you have been wasting your life!

    I am looking forward to listening to that show!!!

    Is the single blog still up and running?

  6. Hahahahahahaha @ "you have been wasting your time." LOL!!

    So even those that have been helping the less fortunate instead of listening to the radio show have been wasting their time too ehn? Hehehehehe. I think I'm blushing.

    I'm looking forward to speaking with you on Saturday. I'm terribly sorry for holding you on the phone last night for one hour and 32 minutes. Oopsie. LOL.

    And please, do not become an extortionist like Tigeress ooo! The babe is a bad chic.

  7. LOL @ ‘you’ve been wasting your time.’

    I may miss it because I’m travelling on Sunday night but I’ll definitely try and catch up once I land! :)

    Have a lovely weekend!


  8. â–ºTrybes
    I should have thought to consult with you before this post! hehehe, next time!

    I hope you make it in time for the show o. I guess it’s early in the morning for you abi?

    lol at least I am letting them know what my priority and focus will be so they can’t say they did not know.

    â–ºAnoda Phase

    You’re welcome! It’s working now.

    Happy Birthday and talk to you tomorrow! :)

    Is your laugh suggesting I’m wrong?

    Please do listen to the show. I have no idea how it will go but I suspect it will be fun.

    hehehe…don’t hate the player, hate the game. ;)

    Don’t you worry, next time Vera’s knees will be sore from all the begging she will have to do. That is a promise.

    Thank you so much for reading this blog! Although Vera is a Nigerian, and a lot of the Nigerian bloggers call in to the show, non-Nigerians are more than welcome and some have even called into previous shows (some…well there is one I know of for sure). I hope you do have a chance to listen in on it.

    You might even be tempted to chat in the chatroom…I’ll be in there during the show :)

    Oh excellent! I’ll remind you via twitter to tune in :)

    The single blog is still up and running…though it’s a bit dusty. A new post should be going up today.

    Yes, do catch up when you can!

    Have a blessed weekend xo

    â–ºmiss definitely maybe
    lol, even if you’re doing those things, disregard them just for an hour and a half ;)

    â–ºVera Ezimora
    LOL you sha can talk…this is why you are the one running a talk show, not me. Though, to be fair, I wasn’t exactly quiet during the conversation…it was nice talking to you! Next time I will set the timer.

    lol at Tigeress being an extortionist! We all know you are rich in Jesus name…you have plenty to give to extortionists.

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