First (and hopefully not last) update!

Remember these awesome hosts that I’ve referenced to before? Well we’re at their place now and these people have more than outdone themselves making us comfortable, from picking up three of us and our ten pieces of luggage (don’t judge us o; three were hand luggage!) to driving us to Victoria Island so I could meet the completely awesome Seye Kuyinu, to letting me use their laptop.

Speaking of meeting bloggers, while I was waiting at the Silverbird Galleria for Seye, I tweeted that I was there and asked who wanted to meet me and the lovely Miss Balance replied that she was so I got to meet her and her friend! The girl is lovely (and so fine!).

I really hope to meet many more people while I’m here but logistically that may not be possible. I’m hopeful though.

To all of you who wished us safe travels, I’m happy to report your prayers were answered. We would appreciate continued prayers as we navigate our country. I won’t lie: arriving in Lagos at night is not my cup of tea. If that’s the only time I can land in Nigeria, I don’t want to do it again.

(PS The title refers to the lack of internet access more than anything!)

15 thoughts on “First (and hopefully not last) update!

  1. Thank God for journey mercies. I hope you'll have more access to the internet. btw i missed that tweet. lol :)

  2. Hi GNG! I have really been out of touch with your blog. I used to receive email updates and somehow I have not received the last three posts! Im glad you had a safe trip down to Lagos. How long will you be there for? I do hope you meet my sister, have to let her know you are in Lag!

    Enjoy your trip and do take loads of pictures. Have a great time above all!

  3. Hmmph! I'm having a very hard – and impossible – time not judging you oh! 10 pieces of luggage! Are you coming back this year? LOL

    You met Seye Kuyinu???????? I'm jealous! And Miss Balance? *tears*

    I want, I want!

  4. LOL @ the way you said you don't want to get to naija @ night again…and the "continue to pray for us" sounded like say you dey war zone!

    Haba chic relax jare nothing do you…you're safe in motherland all the way!

    Glad to know you're having fun…make I pray sha…may your days in naija be glorious and filled with pleasant moments…no nasty surprises IJN lol!

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