First Thankful Thursday of 2010

Hello and welcome to the first Thankful Thursday of 2010! On my way home from my parents’ place, my head was spinning with a million things I could write about but since I didn’t pull over the side of the road and write it down, all the ideas are gone.

Well, all except one: I thought I’d start the year by reflecting on what I think the Thankful Thursday posts have done for me, in particular how I really think that they have made me a more appreciative person who recognizes the many ways she’s been blessed.

I can’t believe how much more often I say “Thank God!” It’s a reflex now: I say it when I pull into the parking lot assigned to me at home, whether I’ve been gone from home for 10 minutes or 10 hours, I say it when I miss two steps, trip and don’t fall on my face, smashing my glasses (I tripped like this twice over the Christmas holidays), I say it when my mom comes back from a doctor’s appointment and she’s told that things are going well, I say it when I haven’t heard from my brothers in a few days (especially the youngest, who lives at home but has slept there exactly once this week if I’m not mistaken) and they respond immediately to my text message, I say it when I hear a loud thump upstairs at my parents’ place, a sound that startles me and causes me to rush upstairs only to hear my mom yell “I’m ok! I just dropped a chair/glass/pushed your 21-year-old brother down the stairs”, because she knows I’ll be on my way up to see what is wrong.

Even though saying “Thank God!” is a reflex, It isn’t only that, because right after I say it, I take a moment to recognize what I’m thankful for specifically — it becomes a mini-prayer. And most times it causes me to reflect on other things in my life that I am thankful for at that moment.

Doing the Thankful Thursday has also caused me to be more likely to look for the good in a situation. I’m not always able to do this, but I try to. So when I miss a connecting bus, something that in the past would make me curse, literally (Confession: bus-related wahala really causes me to say awful things…if you’ve had to deal with our city’s unreliable service you may understand…remember they were on strike last year?), I am able to be thankful that it’s “only” a 12 minute walk home, it’s exercise and I have music to listen to which hastens the walk (even though the weather was quite chilly, as it was yesterday).

And related to this positive outlook on life that I feel I am developing slowly, while at my parents’ place today, I felt led to say to my parents and my sister that in 2010, we will not visit the emergency room for anyone in this family, no one will require medical assistance, and we will all remain in good health. (Amen!!) Perhaps for some of you, this is a given in your lives, but for our family, it is not, especially the part about visiting the emergency room. (And please, don’t get me wrong, most of us have been blessed with extremely good health.) So guess what? I’m thanking God in advance for answering this prayer. I am again thankful that we live in a country where it is not difficult for us to access health care when needed. It is also easy to stay healthy if we are willing: grocery stores are plentiful and stock vegetables and other good-for-you food items, and even in this -30 degree Celcius weather that we see some days, there are physical activity options that allow you to enjoy the outdoors (skating and both downhill or cross-country skiing). I didn’t say I partook in them o, just said you can’t use the weather as an excuse not to do outdoor exercise activity!

So, I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that I’m going to keep taking one day in the week to recognize God’s goodness to my family, friends and I.

I’m not always gushing goodness though: check out this guest post I did this week on Oscar’s blog (my first guest post!). The topic is Nigerian men who sulk.

8 thoughts on “First Thankful Thursday of 2010

  1. First to comment?

    I'm thankful for you…and the way you're developing a God consciousness. I believe it was the Holy Spirit that inspired those words in your heart and I believe it will be so in Jesus name- Amen.

    I'm also going to continue thanking God a day of the week on my blog.

  2. Surely this is a great way to start the year!

    Thanking God with you and I say a Big AMEN! to good health this year!

  3. If the thankful thursday has done all these, then i must have my own thankful something…

    Thank God for you.

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