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When I was in Nigeria last November, I spent a lot of time reading. I had brought three books with me (to my mother’s horror as she was sure that NEPA and all the things I’d be doing would not leave me any time to read), but not only did I finish all my books, I also managed to get my hands on some Nigerian magazines too. I’m a huge magazine lover and I read as many as I could get my hands on while I was there. At first, I was reading the magazines for ideas for the clothing I wanted to have made, but the articles about people doing amazing things (which regularly forced me to re-evaluate my own life, and whether I’m living up to my full potential or not) and the fashion and beauty tips were great too.

I was contacted by the owner of Chicnicity LLC, the company launching Genevieve Magazine Online, to pass on some information concerning the launch of the online version of the magazine, and since I had read the magazine before and enjoyed it, it was easy for me to agree. For those of us who can’t run to the store and pick up a copy of the magazine for our very own, here’s the information on how we can have access to the latest copy of the full magazine from now on:

genevieve1CHICNICITY LLC is launching Genevieve (the Leading Nigerian Fashion and Lifestyle magazine) online in an easy to read digital format. The digital format allows instant reading online at anytime and any part of the world.

CHICNICITY LLC will be offering 3 FREE EDITIONS that can be read instantly of Genevieve Magazine Online to visitors of and you do not have to subscribe to read the free editions.

All visitors who subscribe to Genevieve online for 1 year will receive an additional free edition and will be automatically entered in a raffle draw and are eligible to win various services and products for or by African women in the Diaspora (they include unlimited movie streaming subscription from Izogn Entertainment LLC, ethnic inspired leather bags from Tae, Genevieve tote bags and lots more).


So, if you’re living outside of Nigeria, think about it, and if not, pass this information on to your friends or family members who are abroad (and who you’re tired of spending your hard earned cash to send the latest issue to by mail!).

16 thoughts on “Genevieve Magazine: now available online

  1. Yes been reading the online edition since last week…its a bit painful to the eyes o to read them online..but hey…its free

    How r u GNG?

  2. Hi Pink-Satin,

    Did you try zooming in on the pages, just click on the page you will like to read and move your mouse around to the exact portion you need to read and the print/text is as clear as crystal.
    Thank you for this comment and I hope you try it out.

  3. Thanks :)

    How did you manage to finish 3 books is what I'm wondering..

    hey btw I replied ur email but under a different name so it might have gotten spammed?

  4. thanks for this..couldnt read all the info though as it appears the second picture is covering some text?

    will get round to reading in a bit…

    I hope true love does something like this as well

  5. Hello Naijagirl,

    Did you sign up at the website?

    You will be getting updates via a newsletter, if you did very soon.

    We will announcing some exclusive deals, our online readers will be receiving. The information will be posted on the website too.

  6. Great Naijagirl!

    You will get info from us, early next week.

    I know… GNG is great.

  7. 28th of JUNE, 2009.

    The publisher,


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    I send my sincere best wishes to you, the family and the Editorial Board.

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    N.A. LAYENI, Esq.


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