Get ready to win!

Hello and welcome to the belated 1st birthday celebration of Good Naija Girl the blog! I’d like to thank you readers, new and old, for coming by and commenting when the mood or topic strikes you. I have enjoyed meeting you and reading the blogs of those of you who also blog (PS – you non-bloggers need to start up a blog already!).

I promised a giveaway, and thanks to some wonderful people, I will not be a liar. There will be two categories of prizes to be given away, each with its own rules, so please read carefully.

Every single person reading this entry is eligible to win one of the following prizes:

Set of three (3) blank greeting cards, each with a matching envelope:




Made with love by yours truly.

Set of eight (8) glass marble magnets:


These magnets are about 3/4″ in diameter and look great on a fridge or other magnetic surface, and are also handmade by me.

Set of six (6) thumb tacks or push pins:


Use them to tack your calendar to the wall, or to tack things up to a bulletin board. The walls of some office cubicles are great surfaces for these wee things. Made from an ankara print from my last trip to Nigeria.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

To enter, simply leave a comment on this entry. The three winners will be selected using this random number generator: I will simply count the number of comments and ask the random number generator to spit out three numbers, match them up with the commenter and those people will receive the prizes. The prizes will be distributed in the order that they are listed. Please: only one entry per person.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

I was lucky enough to have some very generous people offer their talents and skills as prizes. These prizes will require some work from you before the winner is selected. The rules:

  1. Pick one or more (if you qualify — please read the descriptions below) of the prizes from the list below that you’d like to win.
  2. Write a short (no more than 40 words) paragraph about why you should be the lucky winner. Please make sure that your paragraph doesn’t include any identifying characteristics (like your name or your blog name).
  3. Send your paragraph to win[at] This is important! Only entries received at the email address indicated will be considered for the prize. Please be sure to indicate which prize you are trying to win in each entry. Please note that each prize requires its own short paragraph.

That’s it! I will forward your entry to the person donating the prize you are trying to win and they will select the winning entry.

Fine print: one entry per person per prize please.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

So what are the prizes?

Jewellery By Anne – One piece of jewellery made especially for you.

If you haven’t heard of Jewellery By Anne, you have seriously been missing out! Anne Mordi (featured in BHF Magazine here), is the Nigerian artisan behind Jewellery By Anne, and all you have to do is look at these gorgeous pieces to see what her work is about:



Anne makes bold, beautiful, eye-catching pieces that spark conversation — you could not possibly be ignored wearing one of Anne’s pieces. All her work uses high quality materials, including sterling silver wire, semi-precious stones, and African beads that come together to make pieces that in her words “seamlessly capture and incorporate African elegance with a western twist”.


But don’t just take my word for it: have a look at her past collections and if you find something you’ve fallen in love with, don’t wait for this contest to end before ordering. Contact her through her site and I’m sure she can hook you up with a unique piece of jewelry!

Tayo F of All – One custom blog header/banner image.


(Please note: you must be a blogger to enter this contest)

If your blog header is a boring Blogspot or WordPress one, or if you’ve just gotten sick of seeing the same image up there, then Tayo can help! Tayo is the web and graphic designer behind Triple W Creations and she has donated her time to help you create a custom header for your blog. Tayo is no amateur: check out her portfolio here (link removed because website no longer active). The lucky winner will have an opportunity to tell Tayo exactly what they are looking for in a header, and (within reason), Tayo will make their dreams come true. Tayo is a busy woman though, so make sure you’re somebody who knows what they want and can explain it well!

(And why wait for the contest to be over before you have a new header? Contact Tayo and I’m sure she can make you an offer that would be hard to resist!)

Ruthie O. Unaegbu – One pair of handmade earrings.


Ruthie O. Unaegbu is a blogger and actress-to-be who fully intends to dazzle us on the silver screen one day. While waiting for her big break in “the business” and with respect to what she studied in graduate school (Forensic Psychology), Ruthie recently discovered the art of jewelry making as a way to express herself creatively. A few of her pieces have already captured my attention, including the prize she has generously donated. Don’t be dismayed if the winner of her prize is me, though I suspect she’ll try to eliminate me on the grounds of it being nepotism or something! ;)

Seye Kuyinu – One custom blog header.
(Please note: you must be a blogger to enter this contest)

nysteriaPoet, blogger and full time web designer, Seye and his company, Nysteria Solutions create beautiful sites. If you don’t believe me, check out their portfolio! Seye has offered was coerced into designing a header for your blog (coercion needed only because of the volume of work he has). It seems like all these web design folk are busy sha, so please make sure you know what you want and communicate it clearly to him so he can make your idea come to life accurately. He will also give you any other information that you need to know with respect to working with him on a blog header design, and how much time he needs to get your design to you.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :


Anyone who leaves a comment on this post will be entered to win one of the first three prizes.

For the last four prizes, however, you need to send a 40 word (maximum) paragraph to win[at]goodnaijagirl. com, indicating which prize you want to win but not indicating who you are in the body of your email. The prize donor will pick the paragraph that appeals to them the most. You must write a paragraph for each prize you want to win, as long as you’re eligible for the prize.

And the important thing: the contest closes in a week, meaning at 11:59pm my time (EST) on Thursday February 26, 2009, the show will be over! The winners of the first three prizes will be announced on Friday February 27, 2009, and the winners of the grand prizes by March 6, 2009.

Good luck to all entrants, and thank you to my donors for their generosity and patience as I took my sweet time setting things up!

Last but not least: we need a secure way to get these prizes to contestants living in Nigeria or other countries in Africa, a way that won’t be too expensive for shipping purposes, yet will also guarantee they reach their recipient. Unfortunately this means that either the winner will have a wait a long while to receive their prize (because it will be sent through somebody), or another winner may have to be drawn :(. We’ll see what can be done sha.

If you have any questions or comments, or see some big gaps in my logic with this contest, please let me know in the comments or by emailing me at goodnaijagirl[at] Thanks!

42 thoughts on “Get ready to win!

  1. OMG!!! You a real GOOD Naija Girl!!!

    Me, I want to win one of the last four prizes……but ..em….Oh God I have to write an essay!……..I feel like I'm applying to studying for an MBA at Harvard, but I will try to write something.

    Congrats dear on your blog annivesary, I look forward to mine too.

    and my, I'm really inspired that you took out time to put all of this together, God bless you real good! and thanks to all those that are donating gifts.

    More grace! More rewarding yearssssssssssssssss of blogging GNG!


    lol, thanks! Don’t forget to submit your short paragraph o…otherwise you won’t have a chance to win one of those fabulous prizes!

    Thanks for the rest of your comment; it’s really nice of you.

  2. Happy blog versary…I am in on the first set of presents…especially want the marble magnet thingies…will look soooooo cute on my fridge…

    You better rig the thing cos I want those marbles…

    Yippeeeeeeeeeee Ane has a shop just down the road from me…

    – – – –

    No limit….hands off my prize oh…winner takes all indeed..

    – – – –


    Thanks lady…I hope you win! Otherwise you can always buy then :p

    Oh, lucky you! You can check out Anne’s stuff in person!

  3. Yippee! You are simply amazing girl! I'm wondering just how long it took you to set all this up!

    Happy Blog Birthday to you!

    I think I prefer the blank cards. So many things i'd love write in them!

    I'm off to do my 40-word essay!


    Well my dear, it took me a long time because I am a very SLOW crafter, and I have these annoying “perfectionist” tendencies which ruin everything!

    Thanks for the “birthday” wishes :)

    I haven’t seen your essay o!

  4. wow.. gone all the way with this one GNG…. Maybe I should try "coercing" one or two peeps to do something similar….. Let me see about that 40-word thingy ASAP…

    â–ºDanny Bagucci

    Where is your own essay, Mr.?

  5. I want the marbles too!!!Afro let's strike a deal…if you win,we share…if I win…winner takes all!!!:-)

    lol…I kid I kid but I really want the marbles!!!

    Erm happy anniversary GNG…pardon my selfishness!


    I hope you win! If not, like Afro, you can buy them in my shop…when I get one going ;)

  6. Belated congrats on your blogversary…lol

    I want marbles…if i don't win, this is the end of our friendship!

    Girl, i must commend your effort! well done babe!


    Thanks lady!

    You know I can’t be accused of rigging this so I’ll have to wish you luck in winning.

    (Although…for a fee anything can happen…;))

  7. oooh i am loving the magnets!! very nice and the thumb push in pins…i want.

    Ahem…lemme compose my winning story

    "I want jewellery from Anne because I will show case it with vigour with all my outfits (they are not many) but I will wear it with my skinny jeans, boho dress, those grey pants. Heck, evens my primark slippers"

    Ok..there are 40 winning words…am not uncrossing my fingers till the prizes are revealed :).


    Ok, you broke the rules by posting your essay here but I’ll accept it anyway.

    Good luck!

    Don’t forget to submit you essay o!

  8. Happy 1 year blogversary!!!

    …and those rearings are really nice! u made those?!


    Thanks very much! I didn’t make the earrings though!

  9. yipppee you are much much fun, I hope i win.

    SO how we go win now ? "my Nigerianess just had to say that…lol

    â–ºFemi B

    I hope you win too!

    Which of the prizes tickles your fancy the most?

  10. u made the gifts in the 1st category? gosh ur talented……. i must win oneeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Happy Blogversary (yay i formed a word)… off to email my entry

    i just saw someone already used the word i imagined i formed……lol………

    â–ºfunms-the rebirth

    Thanks! All the best with winning. I’m going to delete your second comment.

  11. GNG, I absolutely love the prizes you made especially the cards. They are gorgeous in an understated way and I would happily pay for them. They are miles better than a lot of what's on offer in Carlton, Hallmark and other card shops. Do you sell the things you design? I really think you should cos there's a lot of talent in those pictures (just my 2 cents) .


    Thank you so much for your compliments! You’re very kind. I actually made some cards for a freind to sell to raise money for a good cause and they sold, so that’s encouraging!

  12. Wow those are all very pretty!!!. The cards are very beautiful! Oops I mistakenly used another name..:)

    â–ºMs. O

    I appreciate your comments – thank you! I’ll delete your previous comment.

  13. will multiple comments count??????????????
    i want to win the notecards one……….. I HEART them!
    will be back w/another comment
    – – – –
    11 is such an ODD number
    so here’s to lucky #12…
    i’ve always like that number… i like 10 too but someone already got it… boooooooooo TOLUWA… nothing personal :-)
    – – – –
    – – – –

    It’s one entry per person…so tell me which of your comments you want me to keep, and which ones should be deleted :)

  14. OMG!!!! Congrats on your 1 yr acheivement…very impressive. I am sending my email now…hope I win something…Aww

    I hope am not late on this one o.


    Thanks lady! I’ll keep an eye out for your email – so far I haven’t seen it!

  15. Congrats on your blog anniversary! It's been great having you here on blogville, you've definitely made your mark and I know that you are a genuinely lovely person :)

    Now to the more serious matter at had (lol), GNG, your stuff is gorgeous! You are obviously very good with your hands. I wouldn't mind those pretty handmade cards one bit ;) Shey you will send them to me now… please.. pretty please…

    â–ºFavoured Girl

    Thanks very much! I appreciate your words :)

    lol I’m going to add the text of your second comment to the first since it’s one entry per person. Thanks o!

  16. wow! i like that ur gifts are handmade, but the jewelery is seriously calling out my name, cant u hear? lol!

    ok, off to do my gng homework!


    lol, good luck with the jewelry-winning aspirations!

  17. Damn, this one na homework oh. At least i have until the 26th, so i will be back.


    Don’t forget! I’ll try to remind you sha.

  18. COOOOL!!!!!!!!!

    and i sooo love the Jewelries!!!

    its so wonderful of you to do this GNG!!! God bless you heart!!!

    â–ºThanks girl! You won't be able to win the jewelry unless you send that up to 40 word essay in! Hurry! You only have about 4 hours left!

  19. love the first three prizes

    did you really make the cards your self

    they are gorgeous

    but i hardly ever win anything

    â–ºThank you! Well I hope you're lucky this time around :)

  20. But which email address will I write from (in order to apply for one of the four prizes)? My email address has my name. does that mean I have to come up with a new email address?????

    Gosh, I'm soooo excited. Can't wait!!! I'm off to compose my 40-word paragraph. Just 40 words??? You sure it's not 40 pages? lol. Hahaha.

    …I have now been officially entered into the competition for the first category. Go Vera!

    â–ºYou ask good questions Miss Vera, and I answered it in this post. Basically it's the text of your email that I'll be forwarding to the prize donor so it's ok to use an email address that has your name in it. Thanks for participating!

  21. madam why are u commenting on this spot…what if the random machine picks your name..u can tell how bush i am…

    well done o…me too i want to win prize, but omo to lazy to write essay…feels like it’s writing essay for grad i hope i win something in category 1.

    â–ºWell ma’am I think I’ve remedied the situation now thanks to you! Good luck with the prizes…too bad you’re a genuine ole sha ;)

  22. you are extraordinarily talented as in the thumb tacks…do i smell a business plan somewhere!!WOW!
    sent you an email a while it?
    – – – –
    happy belated blog buffday

    â–ºThank you, thank you! I got your email and I’ve replied :)

  23. Happy Blog Birthday!!!

    Since i love all three of the prizes up for grabs i'll be happy wining any of them..ooooh i soooo want to win…i'ma cross every crossable body part of mine

    â–ºPerhaps it'll be your lucky evening! Good luck!

  24. Congrats on your anniv deariee.

    You are giving away prizes, cant we all get a gift. There should be consolation prizes.

    Take care of you.

    â–ºThanks o, Iyawo wa. Lol consolation prizes. Shebi you know that GNG is a small operation. I can't afford gifts for every Bola and Ade now!

  25. Sigh.

    So I take it this is not open to guys.

    What kinda gifts are these???

    I really can't see anything I will be interested in :P

    Or should I just try.

    For the fun of it?

    And give the gift to my favourite blog(ess)

    â–ºlol I guess the gifts are kind of girly! You could have done that and given it to J! Now you're almost out of time!

  26. GNG….. I AM AIMING FOR THOSE ENVELOPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN EYING THEM. Remember fb?

    – – – –

    I guess I can increase my chances of winning that envelop by COMMENTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTING!

    – – – –

    Okay….this is another one to enhance my chances of winning!

    – – – –

    Okay okay…just in case I don't win the envelopes, can i buy them? SERIOUSLY THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!

    – – – –

    Yes another comment…i smell fowl play. You asked Femi which one tickles her fancy. Are you planning to make her FANtaSY come to pass?

    Okay let me tell you what tickles my fancy! THE ENVELOPES!

    – – – –

    â–ºGoodness! So many comments! Too bad you can only comment once :)

    Let's talk about getting you some envelopes sha.

    Lol regarding Femi B I was just asking a question o! I have no intentions of rigging the contest!

    (you did crack me up though!)

  27. What an innovation from good naija girl, it shows how dedicated and dilligent you can be, and i wish you happy anniversary.

    It is highly imperative that i commend your efforts if one consider what some unscrupulous naija girls are doing with thier own time, but you have laid a foundation that is worthy emulation. Good naija girl, congrats on this achievement

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