Give thanks with a grateful heart

I’m feeling very grouchy right now but I have lots to be thankful for:

  1. My cold (mentioned last week) is pretty much gone! I’m left with the mildest of sniffles but I can breathe easy now so thank God for that!
  2. I now have a new address: the move was successful! I still have a number of things at my parents’ place that I need to sort out but all the important/big things were moved.
  3. My friends that turned out to help me move. When it comes to these sorts of things, you get to know who your friends are. Prior to the move I had people offering me things or offering to help but when the time came I got to see those who backed up their words with actions. I was very blessed!
  4. The internet. I won’t even pretend that I can live without it. I would miss it terribly if I had to do without.
  5. Access to health care. I will never take for granted the ability I have to visit a doctor when I feel unwell, and also for preventative measures. It’s funny that a lot more of us don’t take advantage of this: I have friends and family members who avoid the doctor and prefer to self diagnose. Doctors are scary because there is always the fear that they might have bad news for you but there is always the Great Physician to turn to.

While working at my part time job a few days ago, a grey haired woman wearing her hair in a ponytail came into the store. She was Black, likely from a Caribbean island, and I told her I was envious of her long hair and that I can’t seem to get mine to grow. In her response, she ended up “preaching” (in a gentle manner, mind you) about how I have plenty of hair and I should be happy with what I have. The gist of her “sermon” (it was a Sunday, after all!) was that there are many people who would love to have the amount of hair I have because they have none, and she went on to remind me to give thanks in all things, and just to remember that there are people who might be dying for the very thing I complain about. So let that be a reminder to you: if you’re busy looking outward, wishing you had a boyfriend, or a car, or a better job, think of those who have an abusive boyfriend or husband, who aren’t able to walk to get around, or who are unemployed to give you perspective. I’m not saying you shouldn’t want certain things for yourself, or that you can’t be sad about what you feel you (or your life) lack, just don’t be fixated on what you don’t have all the time that you forget what you have been so richly blessed with. I’m probably wrong, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with spending a moment or two complaining or feeling blue about something you want, as long as you don’t let it control your life.

And it is my prayer and hope that your blessings will increase, and you will not lose any of what you have.

37 thoughts on “Give thanks with a grateful heart

  1. hey!!!!! Amen on that 'preaching'. today a friend gave me a journal for a gift. The cover says, " Lord, teach us to recognize that if we dont have it, we dont need it."

    missing you o!!! Take care!!!

  2. thk God for that subtle preaching n d message therein…it's amazing u know, I have a gratitude post in the pipeline n u'll be surprised how similar the contents r 2 urs…hope I won't be accused of plagiarising u when it comes out…lol…

    thk God ur cold is GONE! n ur move was successful…hope u enjoy d new place…cheers

  3. Congratulations on the move! How has it been? Moving is so stressful I think..You feel like you're moving your whole life around.

    That's a beautiful story about the preaching woman. I agree with u on everything said. Thank you.

  4. i'm glad your cold is gone. In any situation we find ourselve, we should give thanks to God…

  5. Well said GNG!!! I have a gratitude book that i use for gratitude as well as my own prayer book…and I always realise i have many things to be grateful for in my life!!!

  6. You’re so right darling! We should thank God for what we have….afterall there’s always a blessing in our hands. We only need to look very well to see it!
    I’m thankful that your move went well..
    Dang! Shona, how did you beat me to it!

  7. Thank you, we need such reminders to get us through every day. Knowig that we may just a little better off is something to be thankful to God for. Just finished saying thanks to Him. Bless


  8. â–ºJabez

    Wow…those are profound words. I'm not sure that I can accept that if I don't have it, I don't need it. I pray I get to that level one day.

    It's been ages since we talked! I hope you're ok.


    That's a great idea to keep a pen and paper book to record those little things that you're thankful for.


    Thank you. And yes…I didn't see that message coming but God knew I needed to hear it I guess.


    Slow poke!

    Thank you…I am glad the move went well too. When are you going to come and visit? :)


    lol I'll keep an eye out for this plagiarized post ;)

    And yes…thank God that the cold is GONE! I think I will enjoy the new place too, though there will be some adjustments to make.


    (that's a fun name!)

    Thanks for visiting and I'm glad that you have a grateful and thankful heart. Have a great rest of the week!


    Well it's a huge change and I'm not sure yet how I feel about it to be honest. But it will be well. And yes: moving is stressful! I had forgotten what it's like since it had been a good 10 years but wow, the wahala is too much!


    Thank you, thank you. I hope you are doing well too!


    Thanks very much. Once I get set up I'd love to share more about the new place and my thoughts regarding it.


    Let me know when you can make it…is May too soon for the house warming? :)

    And we thank God that the cold is gone!


    Thanks my dia! When are you coming to visit?


    What's up with the 101 girl?

    Thanks and you're right. Even when it's hard to fathom being thankful under certain circumstances, we should still do it!


    Thanks sista! You've spoken the truth o.


    Thanks, friend! And yes, I am glad to have the internet once again.

  9. That was almost a whole week without a post. Thankg God you have internet again :)
    Great post!

  10. Amen!
    Good to know you’re better now.

    Sometimes I have this overwhelming temptation to grouch and complain about stuff I don’t have. As a matter of fact, this past week, I let myself sink a little but I’m coming out of it though.

    I just wish I could learn to stay afloat ALL the time!

  11. ile atura o! (amin)

    so glad ur move was smooth and ur cold is banished!

    take care,

    re: post, that post is a very emotional one.

  12. Glad to know you doing fine now!
    yup!that Caribbean lady is right.If u think you are in a bad situation , just look around you and you’ll that they are many people in worse situations

  13. â–ºO’Dee
    Thank you! How is the mummy to be doing? I hope you’re good.

    The new place is fine, though it’s very quiet and there is much to do to get it looking spiffy.

    Thanks my dear!

    Kudos to you for coming through your “funk”. It is SO EASY to get stuck in that negative mindset. I don’t think it’s possible to stay afloat all the time, though it would be a great ability to have.

    I have missed so many of your latest blog entries (after nagging you to come back). I did see that your blog has closed…I’ll have to visit you at one of your other online “homes”.

    Thank you for the blessings.

    Thanks, sweetie. I hope you’re fine too?

  14. Ah, internet….it is when one lives alone that you get to understand the importance of TV and internet.
    Doctors…..thats why most naija men stay away from doctor’s office. this mindset of them going for one thing and hearing worse news
    ahhh, the carribean lady, God bless her soul. we just gotta be grateful in life

  15. "Just don’t be fixated on what you don’t have all the time that you forget what you have been so richly blessed with"

    Your not wrong on these at all, its a mantra one has to keep but as human beings we just seem to never feel completely satisfied.

    Nice read

  16. Ever thankful GNG
    Congrats on the move to your own place, praying that the place will be rehoboth for you….I guess the move will come with mixed feelings, change they say is the only constant thing ……….but with time, you ‘d adjust.
    Maybe we should plan an e-house warming, then we can have a virtual tour………..and virtual entertainment of guest s….:-)

    and I am trying not to complain and be thankful for where I am ( I am not finding it easy though)
    I like the part of …….”but there is always the Great Physician to turn to”.
    Thanks for the post

  17. With each passing post, I get more and more blessed and inspired by your posts. Thank you and have a lovely weekend ahead.

  18. GNG, I really, really, REALLY like you. Been thinking about you lately. I don't know why. So I'm thankful for you.

    Now that I have confessed my feelings, I hope you don't start doing shakara. U know how women do when they know you like them. LOL.

  19. Congratulations on moving! That is always such a stressful process…good thing you had friends willing to help.

    PS: If any blogger exemplifies the attitude of gratitude, it is definately you.

  20. ah naija girl, ese pupo (thanks much)…here i am feeling down and u just lifted my spirits with this post. I am glad the move went well for you. enjoy!

  21. Not been here in a whiles a think.. Good to be grateful for the little things…. The carribean lady makes a good point…. We have been blessed more than someone else in at least one regard…

  22. â–ºdisguised feelings
    Thank you for visiting and I am glad you are enjoying the blog. Have a great week ahead.

    Amin. You take care too ok? I’m still waiting for a proper blog entry from your side.

    Even before I lived alone, the importance of internet was well established but me who doesn’t normally watch tv has found herself turning on the tv when I’m in the house.

    You know, it’s not just Naija men but men in general who fear the doctors. They are also huge babies when they get sick.

    Awww, thank you for this comment…it literally brought a smile to my face. Giving thanks in all things is not easy, that’s for sure.

    Yes o, we thank God.

    You’re so kind…I am busy being inspired by you and you’re saying I’m inspiring you? What an honour!

    Thank you for the good wishes for the weekend…I hope yours was pleasant too!

  23. Gal congrats on the move…may you experience loads of joy and happiness in the new place…glad you’re thankful despite the fact that you’re feeling grouchy…way to go gal!!!

  24. Nice Post!

    Let me officially congratulate you on your becoming the 2009 Nigerian Blogger. You are valued. Keep it up dear…I want to know you in person o…

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