GNG cooks: Broiled dodo

So many of my favourite Nigerian treats are deep-fried: chin chin, puff puff, and dodo. I’ve wanted to try broiling dodo instead of frying it for a long time so I finally decided to do it last night.

I started with two plantains (shocking!).

I washed them (my mom always washes plantains before peeling them).

I peeled them. Before you think I’m a poor plantain peeler (try saying that three times fast!), this batch of plantain that I bought had this weird “bark” (like tree bark) thing on it so it didn’t peel nicely. Has anyone ever had that happen to them before?

I added some olive oil to a bowl…

…added the sliced plantain to the oil, sprinkled them with a tiny bit of salt, and tossed them to coat the plantains with oil.

Then I broiled them.

I set the oven to 400°F at first and broiled them for 7 minutes. They didn’t really brown. I flipped them and increased the oven temperature to 450°F. After 7 minutes they were browning a bit more. I flipped them again and browned the first side for a couple minutes longer.

The final product:

My verdict? They’re pretty tasty, but they ended up a bit mushy. They also stuck to the foil so I think I have to spray the foil with that non-stick spray next time. I prefer the fried version though! I’m thinking as long as you don’t let the plantains get too mushy before frying them, the oil probably doesn’t get into the plantains so maybe the fried version isn’t too bad for you. That being said, I will try the broiled version again, with a few tweaks (firmer plantains, non-stick cooking spray, and 425°F-450°F to start).

15 thoughts on “GNG cooks: Broiled dodo

  1. Oh plantain <3 I really love the fried one but I will try your version as well!
    btw: maybe it's just me, but non-stick cooking spray sounds so… chemical! so I will anoint the foil with extra olive oil.

  2. GNG try boiling them in a coconut milk next time but you need to use the real ripe ones. It’s a great and healthier alternative to frying

  3. Many of the plantains here are like that too, makes it so much more difficult to peel. I love plantains but dodo is more of a reward when I think I’ve been a good girl. Most times, I boil it and eat with sauce or stew it into a porridge.

    I hear that when you have the oil at very high heat before you put in the plantains, it seals it up and prevents it from soaking up to much. You have to remember to turn down the heat once the plantains are in.

  4. hey chic… I think I will try your version… Reynolds has a non stick foil… you may want to try using that as well… it’s my go-to foil whenever I’m baking. Also, a lot of us think we have to fry our plantain in a heavy pan of oil… but really it only takes a small amount to fry… try putting a small amount that just covers the base of your frying pan… and fry your plantains and you’ll see that they don’t come out any differently than if they’d been fried in a pan FULL of oil…

    • Well that's a good question. With my oven I can either broil or bake and with broiling the heat comes from the top. I'm thinking maybe grilling has to do with the surface you put the food on…I feel like you have to grill on something that allows the liquid to drain out…what do you think?

      • hmm for some reason i thot with grilling (in the oven) the heating comes from the top! hahaha but now that you have mentioned it, when u grill beef in the case of BBQs the heating comes from below.

        GNG, wo, I have no clue! lol

  5. Love your blog! These days my favorite Nigerian dishes have been taking on a makeover. Like, my mom broils chicken, bakes jollof rice and fried rice when its half done on the stove (lol), bakes eggs instead of frying them e.t.c. I've come to love 'em but I haven't tried broiled plantains yet. It looks good though (or is it the camera :) ) haha

  6. Nice work! i believe the plantains that are stuck to the back are those that are force ripened…they are yellow on the cover but not yet as ripe on the inside….usually worsens when refrigerated – so i guess all the cold contributes to that as well.
    thanks for the recipe…never tried broiled plantain!

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