GNG plays semi matchmaker

When I moved this blog from its old location here, one of the things I was able to add to the site was a page that allows readers to contact me without leaving a comment on a specific blog post. Since I’ve had the contact page, I have been messaged by men and women hoping that I have some matchmaking powers. Little do they know that I was hoping the contact page would allow me to find my own match! Anyway sha, I’m happy to help. Earlier this year I received a message from a guy who gave me some details about himself and I was able to connect him with someone in his geographical location who might be able to help him out and he’s now met a girl and proposed to her! Ok, fine, that hasn’t happened yet, but it’s only a matter of time, right?

Back to my point: guys have contacted me with some of their stats/details, letting me know they are looking for good Nigerian girls to date and/or marry, and I guess they were hoping the owner of the site called good naija girl would be able to point them in the direction of good Nigerian women. I have decided to try my hand at…it’s not exactly matchmaking, but how about facilitating introductions?

Here’s how it’s going to work.

For the next week (until Friday November 21, 2009) I’m inviting males who are serious about meeting Nigerian women to send a message through the contact page or send an email directly to By “serious” I mean you are a man who is looking for a woman for a longterm relationship. You’re not obligated in any way to enter into a relationship with anyone you’re introduced to through this, but please don’t bother sending an email if you aren’t at all serious.

In your email I need only the following information:

  • Name or Nickname
  • Age
  • Geographical location

(You are welcome to add more information if you want. The most useful information to add is a few things that you’re looking for, so that the females will know which males are looking for women like them.)

Since we are all adults, this is just a way of getting people who wouldn’t ordinarily learn about each other in contact. Both parties have to do the work of discovering if their religions, lifestyles and dating styles actually match, and if they’re physically attracted to each other.

On Monday November 23, 2009, I will put up a post with these men’s profiles. Interested women will be asked to send an email to or fill out the contact form with the following information:

  • Name or Nickname
  • Age
  • Geographical location
  • which profile or profiles they are most interested in (limit of three)

From past experience, most women prefer it if the man takes the lead in contacting them. If you are a female who prefers to take the lead, forgive me this time around, but for this we’ll try it this way. I will pass the email addresses and descriptions to the lucky males who I expect will contact the women in a timely manner.

***Please note: you are welcome to use a pseudonym or nickname when sending in your emails as I’m not doing this to know the inside scoop on anybody. I’m very discreet and can be trusted not to divulge any information even if you use your given name, but you are welcome to use whatever name or email address you wish when contacting me. Just make sure it’s a valid one!***

I’ve never done this before, but one of the first bloggers I met on blogville, schic actually tried something similar last year though not a lot of people showed interest. I think this might have been because there’s still a little bit of a stigma in the Nigerian community, about looking online for a significant other. (I didn’t say among all Nigerians, nor did I say it’s only Nigerians who have reservations). When you think of how busy our lives are, if you don’t manage to meet someone in school or through work, you’re pretty much limited to meeting someone through chance encounters at parties or a setup by a friend. As friends get settled, the chances that they’ll be thinking of setting up their single friend goes WAY down, not because they don’t care but because it has been my experience that couples tend to hang out with other couples more and more, so they don’t see the single folks they could set you up with as often as they used to when they were single (maybe it’s just me sha).

I’m not telling you to take part in online dating if it doesn’t feel right to you, but if your reason for rejecting online dating is that you’re afraid what people will think, I’d encourage you to not focus on that. After all, if you end up meeting someone special, you probably won’t care that you first met online.

27 thoughts on “GNG plays semi matchmaker

  1. Good initiative! I dont know if i'd have applied if I was single but me thinks having the courage to go ahead is commendable and doing what you are doing is very courageous. All the best and may many fruitful relationships (whether leading to marriage or not) be formed via GNG!

  2. GNG, more grease to ya elbows, and I pray you meet the man of your dreams soon:)

    I think though that the title of this post should be full matchmaker o!:)

  3. @everyone

    You guys are too kind o…I haven't done anything yet! I'm hopeful that this will be a very positive and rewarding experience and I thank you for the votes of confidence.

    Thanks for reading!!

  4. I am impressed and appreciative of this move. To be honest, most of us are caught up with school and work, the other time we have is spent online. I see this move as a great one.

    And I hope participants take your concern with regards to be ready for long-term seriously,'

  5. This is a nice thot but remember that matchmaker sometimes face some flack. Are you ready for it?

    BTW, if the women don't post their own profiles how do the men know who to call?

  6. Someone is serious here in blogger about matchmaking….hmm. I wish everyone goodluck for real, hopefully something good for someone special in this entry. I can't wait for juicy gist.

  7. ok nah, let me prophesy!!!

    this is going to be very hot.

    good men are going to meet good women and have good relationships, thanks to good naija girl.

    is that pun?

  8. wow i enjoyed reading this post. I would love to know the turnout of this…You never know how Gods works! Society has played such a huge part in our lives today tht things tht aren't tht big a deal and there is nothing wrong with its like "omg" to everyone else … anyways good luck! … I matchmade of of my close girlfriends and 3 yrs later she is married to him:)

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