GNG – pretty in pink?

Ok, so maybe I lied, but welcome to I’m sorry, the palm wine got stuck in Canadian customs.

I know, the site is quite pink isn’t it? I’m sure this will change. Any and all comments on the design or otherwise are more than welcome.

15 thoughts on “GNG – pretty in pink?

  1. Yayyy I'm first! omai days…i need to relish this moment…(tears flowing like them beauty queens)…okay i'll be back!

  2. Okay couldn't help posting another comment…just so that i can be first,second and third!!!…have i broken any record in blogville…yet?lol

  3. Jummy, luuuve it!!!

    How are you feeling?? Is your voice back?? You've got to stay in the competition, you are the only one I feel I know there, I can't do this alone!!

    YOU MUST GET BETTER (sorry for making this all about me) te-he

  4. I can't believe u, i saw the title and i thot u had gotten ur house. I was all excited. Yeye girl. Anyway, love the subtitle.

    How's the voice? Hope u got it back, if not i might have to think of some concoction for u to drink and trust me, u don't want to be drinking any of my concoctions.

  5. LOL, Happy new house! I better update my links eh?

    PS: You're Yoruba? Awesome! I have a Yoruba friend. I'm Igbo.


  6. @Nolimit – congratulations ma! I guess I'll have to find some prizes for you abi? Thanks for the kind words.

    @Abbie – thanks dearie! I'm feeling a lot better but I still sound a bit hoarse (I'll post an audio update). I believe I'll be better in time for BI!

    @sting – I'm sorry for the false alarm! I didn't mean to mislead…didn't even think about it being taken that way. I think the fear of your concoction will scare me into getting well. I'm much better though, thank you.

    @pinksatin – lol thanks…the voice is getting there.

    @Adaora – thanks for reminding me that I must beg everyone to please, please update their links.

  7. So Fresh and so clean clean.

    Congrats on the Online move

    Waiting for the real life move :)…and the Palm wine berra make an appearance.

  8. lol! @ messing up d yoruba language since 1979.

    Like your new home.

    Needs a lil touch up though.

  9. Hey girl…hmmmm me not sure about the colour of this ur decor…..

    keep trying till we hit the right note…hope ur voice is back..

  10. I like the pink. I'm a big fan of pink in general – though it isn't my favorite colour – on both men and women. I love it in every way. Me thinks you should keep it. And no problem for the reminder!

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