GNG’s pet peeves + Why March 17 is important for Nigerians

Just to prove that I do have thoughts that aren’t what you might expect from a so-called good Naija girl, I have the following list of blog-related things that people do that drive me nuts:

  • Ask me if I’ve read a blog entry of theirs. In the majority of cases if I’ve read an entry, I’ll leave a comment. There is a chance that I read a blog entry but didn’t leave a comment but I’d prefer people to make the assumption that if I haven’t commented I either haven’t read the blog or have nothing to say.
  • Tell me they have something to tell me, then ask me to read their blog entry to find out what they have to say instead of just telling me! If I’m your friend and something is going on, you should tell me rather than hoping I’ll have read your entry in time and found out. Also annoying is the friends who get annoyed because they think I must have read the entry but not called or emailed them to discuss a problem! What kind of friend would I be if that were the case?
  • Post a piece of writing or picture on their blog that they are not responsible for without crediting the person the work belongs to. Plagiarism = not cool. I have a lot of respect for the people who say they don’t know who the credit belongs to but acknowledge it isn’t them.
  • Regular blog entries about how a blogger is going to close their blog. Sometimes it seems it’s just said to get a bunch of comments saying “No, please don’t go! Blogsville won’t be the same without you!”

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I wanted to mention St. Patrick’s Day which is celebrated on March 17 every year in certain parts of the world. I’m sure it’s not celebrated at all in Nigeria as its purpose is to celebrate all things Irish but I’d like to suggest that Nigerians embrace St. Patty’s Day.

Why? Certainly not for the reason it’s so widely embraced in my corner of the world (as an excuse for people to get completely intoxicated and claim Irish roots where none exist), but because wearing the colour green is a big part of the holiday! So put on your green clothing or makeup and if anyone asks you, tell them you’re actually celebrating your Nigerian roots (Note: GNG is not responsible for any dirty looks you receive, or any drinks you have thrown in your face)!

One last thing: I updated the All My Single Ladies blog with an entry on meeting via facebook. Have you tried it? Would you recommend it?

33 thoughts on “GNG’s pet peeves + Why March 17 is important for Nigerians

  1. Baaaaaaahahahha! Awesome and awesome. Why not have a Nigerian Leprechaun? Same colours…well, except the skin part. Love you Good Naija girl. :D

  2. Like the nuts driving list. Bloggers and blogville……

    Am I guillty of any of these? *thinking*

    But really i hate the one about blogger saying they want to close their blog. I won't beg anybody. lol

  3. Down to the wire..preach it sis! how you doin ? been awhile..and btw..hope i get some warm hug from my people here …was born on st patricks…See you around soon..Miss this sphere…

  4. It's a good thing I don't have a lot of people who read my blog and know who I am. I don't like being put on voicemail for 'gist'. Lol. It's their way to increasing their blog traffic I guess.

  5. Im cosigning on the last point you made

    I mean if you want to close down the blog do it already …nobody is going to fall sick and die just because you are not blogging anymore haba

    I ´ll check out your single ladies blog

  6. Ohhhh I could practically see the steam coming out of your ears LOL!!! IF you wear green in London on St Patrick's Day and say it is because you are from Naija you will be very liable to have a pint of Guiness thrown on you :)

    PS I didn't know you had another blogsite, I will go and check it out.

  7. oooohhhh… I love "kiss me i'm Irish day"

    Btw- blogs are not replacements of cell phones or facebook updates…lol.

    what happened to getting a cup of coffee or if the problem is bad, a vodka redbull.

    Call your friends and tell em your issue, don';t blog about it and hope they read and call you. shio. which kain friendship is that?

  8. Being forced by a friend to read the said friend's blog is not the way to go. You can take it that the friend desperately needs your views on a topic and try not to get offended (although I agree that he/she can still tell you the issue in person). It's just like sending emails instead of meeting face-to-face, lol. Pele.

    About plagiarism, it is simply against the law not to give credit to whom credit is due.

  9. I've actually been musing about bloggers closing their blogs lately. I have to honestly say that I miss some bloggers…I mean, only those who stimulated my brain cells. It's like a sort of brain drain (I hardly ever like reading personal rants, I'm more of a "tell me your views on a topic" reader). I'm guilty of trying to beg one blogger to keep writing…he was a really good writer in my opinion…

    Ok, bye.

  10. GNG, U crack me up. I live in Boston and my FB status update on sunday, after coming from a Saint Paddy's day parade was: "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" but like they say, we are all Irish on Saint Paddy's day…… well, at least in Boston. The drinking helps! :)

    So, have you read my blog lately? I have something to tell you, you should go check out my blog and find out what it is, although I think i may be closing my blog soon. ;)

    Happy Saint P's day. Have a pint!

  11. If all my friends(virtual and real life) expect me to do all that you've mentioned…then meeenn they've jonesed o!

    Cos I'm guilty of reading posts and not commenting…not because I don't want to…but it is just a long thing doing that via my mobile…and by the time I'm any where near a pc, the moment is kinda gone…

    Anyhues…I haven't been accused of being a bad friend yet so I guess all is well and dandy!

    Facebook meeting…hmmm a friend of mine is getting married this year o…and guess where bobo met her? yes you got it right! FB! everyman to his own jare…

  12. Wow! Love the Badnaijagirl post…

    SO yeah at first I used to beg people, but now i am like whatever, close your blog and there'll be others to fill your place. Meanwhile, my petpeeves are "first, fest, furrrrst" AND the person now syaing they will go back and read the entry. Ridiculous. I also hate when people go private or whatever without warning us…ughhhh.

  13. GNG, St Patricks day actually goes back a long way. I think it is a trite bit patronising and or naive to say that it is an excuse for whomever to get intoxicated. No matter how one feels about anothers behaviour, celebratory or otherwise, it is not cool to turn ones nose up at it.

    At least there are people that want to claim Irish ancestry, and how I wish that the same would one day want to claim 9ja ancestry as well….far fetched…hmmm maybe but noy impossible.

  14. Lol…..

    If you start thinking all the things that fray your nerves on blogsville, you might even be tempted to say you wanna close yours down. :)

  15. saint pattys day in naija? lol! u r funny!

    like they dnt drink enough already…i mean green and white…yeah yeah, but still…too many accident might happen on dt day.


    btw, long time! Hope u r good?

  16. â–ºruthie

    I'd like to see a Nigerian Leprechaun!


    lol I have been guilty of begging people in the past, despite saying that I don't like it!


    Yes, it has been a long time! I hope you're doing well. Happy Birthday to you as well! All the best this year and beyond.


    I'm fine dear…hope you are too?


    Hmm, good point about blog traffic…it's possible!

    And yeah, I wonder if I'd tell my friends about my blog if I were to do it again…


    Thanks jare, and thanks for checking out AMSL.


    hehe, and they are just my pet peeves. I'm sure I do things that are on a lot of other people's pet peeves list.


    hehehe…you imp!

    â–ºCaramel Delight

    It's funny actually: I had started this entry in draft form a while back so when I actually finished it up and posted it, I wasn't angry…anymore! ;)

    lol I guess having a pint thrown on you is a good way to get free alcohol!


    Ooh, I think I like your name for St. Patty's Day better than ours!

    I agree with you regarding friendships and people who have blogs.


    lol thanks o! I mean thank God that these are the kinds of things that get under my skin right?

    Plaigiarism irks me.

    I entered blogsville "late" in the game so I don't know most of the really great writers that some older bloggers talk about but I have no doubt that they were great and I bet that most of them who decided to close down their blogs simply told people they were bowing out and left, rather than flip flopping on the issue every few months. I could be wrong though…


    Look who's talking about cracking someone up!

    You're right that we're all Irish on March 17. I've never been to a parade though; maybe one day!

    hehehe…very cute.


    I'm not vexed dear…lol this blog wasn't targeted toward any one person, I promise!


    Good explanation re: reading blog entries and not commenting. That makes perfectly good sense and it's something people can consider when they wonder why so-and-so didn't comment on their blog entry.

    Congrats to your friend!


    lol badnaijagirl…that's what one of my brothers calls me!

    Oh, I've blogged about being annoyed by the "first" thing before too…very annoying!


    hehe, you're welcome. Are you sure you really are thankful that I shared it?


    Glad you did! Hope you are having a good March 17!


    In my entry I said I'm sure it's not celebrated at all in Nigeria as its purpose is to celebrate all things Irish. The part about drinking is how people in my part of the world choose to commemorate the day…you don't hear much else other than how drunk people are planning to get. In one of the surveys in our local paper, when asked how they'd spend the day, "getting drunk" was in about four of the five responses.

    I'm proud to claim Nigerian ancestry. Even though I don't sound Nigerian and many say my ways are oyinbo, and even though I have lived among the oyinbo for all but three years of my life, when people ask me where I'm from, I don't name the country I was born or the country that has been home for over 20 years, it's Nigeria I name.

    I do feel that I'm allowed to share my opinion on how I see the day celebrated, just as others could do the same if I were to behave in a way that they find unseemly. That's the beauty of a blog.


    You are cheeky! :)


    YOu do? I never noticed! But now that I know…I'll be paying attention to you! And YES we are still freinds xo!


    It's been a long while indeed. Se ko si? I hope you're doing well!

    I guess some will embrace any reason to drink yeah? Alcohol isn't my thing I guess…if it was candy, that would be another matter entirely…

  17. LWKMD…i like this your rant post o…

    but what if i just posted a long gist on my blog and i dont want to repeat the whole story and say go and check my blog? or maybe i shld just copy and paste it in an email for u…hehehehe

    but i feel you sha.

  18. â–ºaloted

    Well you have to tell me gist before posting it on your blog o! I just want to be in your elite group of friends sha…

  19. Meeting online is not my style…

    However I am not against it as I believe it works for some. I have actually tried it although i must confess that the said individual and I met sometime in the past albeit once…

  20. find it interesting.. the part about closing the blog down…. another blogger some time ago wrote about not liking when bloggers just stop blogging w/o any hint that they're stopping…

    people meet in all kinds of ways… so why not Facebook… times are evolving! :-)

  21. â–ºLovePaprika

    I feel you…what works for one doesn't always work for another; that's for sure.

    â–ºDiAmOnD hawk

    Hey you! Hope you've been well.

    My real pet peeve are the folks who keep saying they'll close. I do think it's nice to let your readers know you're leaving, it's just the flip-flopping that gets to me.

    I agree with you on the potential of different ways of meeting.

    â–ºFemme Lounge

    Well that's one way to look at it for sure!


    I know what you mean…a good bye is nice; blogging about closing the blog every few months is a bit much for me :)

    Hope ze bebe is coming along nicely.

  22. Hmm, very interesting. I like your peeves, and will take note so I don't cheese off my friends (not that I'm guilty of any, but just in case) As for closing blogs, I think it's better to say one is taking a hiatus, and then come back when ready, but then, each to his own.

  23. lol @ ur pet peeves…I do understand u though…

    I hope I'm not guilty of plagiarism with respect to pictures…though I try to use "free" pictures, or acknowledge those that aren't…

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