I’m making progress and asking you for two favours

Where are you going? I don’t blame you for running since I’m asking you to do work but give me 5 minutes, please.

First! I’ve made progress in achieving my 2014 goals. Having your goals right in your face is the best way to make sure you don’t forget them—print them out or write them down, and stick them to your mirror, bedside table, vehicle dashboard, wherever it needs to be to catch your eye on the regular.

To make it supereasy to follow along with my goals, I’ve created a page for each category of goal, and I’ll update each as I have new information:

You can also access these pages from the home page: just hover over “THE GIRL” on this site’s navigation menu and there it is!

screenshot to show THE GIRL

Secondly, I created a supershort survey that I’d really like your feedback on if you’re a blogger. I’m not kidding when I say it’s short: there are seven questions that just require you to make a selection (no writing needed!). Test me: set a timer for t-h-r-e-e minutes and start the survey. If you’re not finished by the time your alarm goes off then you can junk it.

Finally, I care so much about married people having strong relationships—the thought of a couple being worse off as a team than they are as individuals always makes me sad. Of course my perception of the relationship may be incorrect, so if the two people in the marriage are happy, then it’s none of my business. But when friends tell me they’re having marital issues, I try to help, and I’ll pray that God will show up in their marriage, both of which I have done in the past. I also suggest they go to a marriage counselor.

But not everyone feels comfortable going to a counselor, especially if they live somewhere where others may see them and start speculating about what could be going on. A friend of mine and her boyfriend were engaging in some relationship counseling as a preventative measure, so they’d be prepared for possible future issues, and they ran into a family member who was in the same area for another reason. My friend laughed it off and I don’t think it bothered her, but I can see how this could prevent someone else from ever seeking counseling again.


So what’s the solution? MarriageCounsel.ng (please note that I am not being compensated in any way for sharing this, but a dear friend is behind the initiative). For the affordable cost of F-R-E-E, you can talk to a counselor and receive professional advice. This service is completely confidential, and if you’re in doubt, you can create a new email address just for this purpose. The process to access this counseling is simple:

  1. Sign up on the website with your first name (or nickname) and a valid email address. (Remember: it’s confidential)
  2. Add your question to complete your sign up.
  3. Get assigned to the best marriage counselor for your particular issue.

Even if you don’t have a concern right now, you can contribute to the blog by sharing your insight as a married person.

That’s it! Thank you for reading and supporting me by filling out the survey (if you’re a blogger) and encouraging me to reach my goals. If you’re married or know someone who is, share MarriageCounsel.ng with them. Friends don’t always want to tell friends that they’re having problems in their marriage, so this resource may be just what they need.

14 thoughts on “I’m making progress and asking you for two favours

    • Thank you for doing the survey…I so appreciate it!

      hehehe…yes o..let’s let the married folks share the MarriageCounsel.ng site with their loved ones…I guess you and I can do that too if we learn of someone seeking such a resource. :)

    • LOL…I hope you were able to complete the survey in time rather than junk it oooo. Thanks for doing that and I say a big amen to your prayers!

      I also appreciate the new series on your blog…I’ll be reading it for sure!

  1. Just completed the survey. Good luck, and I’m waiting to see the results :P

    Tip: You know what motivates us sometimes? When we stand to lose something. Put something at stake while working towards your goal and you’ll be powered to win like an alien. Lol :D

    • Thank you for doing the survey m’dear! I appreciate it!

      lol…don’t mind me: that tactic doesn’t work with me, alas…only a threat to my family’s health moves me! Nope, I’ll just have to learn the habits of people who get things done! No more excuses!

  2. Filled the survey and off to check out the marriage website! I always find things like that fascinating so I’m all for it :). And well done with the goals, you writing down on paper (or in this case website) definitely makes you more accountable, so we’ll all be rooting for you!

    Very interested to see where you’re going with the survey questions so I’d be on the look out! I’m abit surprised you aren’t collecting email addresses though, especially if its more than just your readers that complete the survey?

    • Thank you, Tola, for filling out the survey and for your encouragement with the goals.

      I was torn on the email collection bit, but in this case I decided it was most important to get the feedback and ask as little as possible from respondents, than to collect emails—there are pros and cons to this though! I thought of making name and/or email optional fields but even seeing the fields asking for that information can turn people off because when they give their email they think they’re being added to some (dreaded) list. My hope is that when I act on the information from the survey, I’ll be able to reach most of the respondents again through the same channels I used to ask them to participate (and hopefully their participation in the survey means they have at least a small vested interest in the outcome!).

    • Hello! Thanks for reading and letting me know that you’re not receiving notifications of updates. I’m going to look into it this evening.

  3. I’m about to do the survey, I’m DEFINITELY going to check out the website and … thanks for your comments the other day. It’s nice to know I have someone offering their 2 cents and support. Really and truly. It means more to me than I can tell you. :)

    • Thank you for your kind words, Jennifer and I’m glad I was able to help, if only a bit! I’ll keep my eye on you…I want you to have the best year ever!

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