Good Naija Girl is back!

Welcome back to Good Naija Girl! I missed you (really), and I hope you missed me too (otherwise I need to get a new hobby!). How have you been? Hope your 2013 has been swell so far! Happy Valentine’s Day too…hope you feel the love today from everyone you come across.

If you’ve liked my Facebook page (and please, do!), then you’ll know that I’ve been having m-a-j-or issues with my web hosting. These issues started in June of last year when I switched from my host of six years (four years for this blog) to save some money: big mistake! First my site would go offline, with a message that the account had been suspended, then near the end of last year I lost five months of blog posts and your comments!!! Well that is behind me: I have a new reliable host and thanks to Google reader I was able to retrieve the lost blog posts. I’m still working on recovering your wonderful comments and I had been delaying the relaunch for that, but it’s February and 2013 is not waiting for anyone.

One of the things I was most proud of accomplishing last year was publishing my Love and Learn series. Using my first relationship as an example, I shared some of the lessons that I learned. The relationship didn’t work out but I hope the lessons will be helpful to someone else. If you have some time, please check the entries out (unfortunately, you won’t get to benefit from the comments of those who read the entry several months back):

  1. Love and Learn – Introduction
  2. Love and Learn – God-given roles in the relationship
  3. Love and Learn – Don’t ignore signs in a relationship
  4. Love and Learn – Don’t compromise on how you want to be treated
  5. Love and Learn – Define the relationship! (Part 1)
  6. Love and Learn – Define the relationship! (Part 2)
  7. Love and Learn – Put God first (always!)
  8. Love and Learn – Conclusion

The other great thing happening is my sister is getting married! I first announced it in a Thankful Thursday post and now the year when it all goes down is upon us! Planning a wedding from a distance is not an easy thing. Even harder is moving your life across the world, and my baby sister will be doing just that! It hasn’t really sunk in yet but oh my goodness it won’t be easy for our family to be separated by that distance!

Finally, I want to apologize to the people who signed up to receive a Christmas card from me last year. I was so stressed (I know, I’m a big baby) over the lost blog entries and comments that I didn’t get my act together to get those cards sent in time. Unlike 2011, I cannot blame NiPost for anyone who was expecting a card but didn’t receive one! I’m sorry. I hope the would-be recipients will forgive me.

So tell me, what is new with you?

16 thoughts on “Good Naija Girl is back!

  1. Waow! Welcome back! That was a LONG wait but I'm glad you are back. Congratulations on your sisters upcoming wedding! Olorun a mojo ro, Oluwa a se won lore ara won!

    God bless

  2. Aww welcome back. No problems as per the xmas card. My fear is that you sent and it got lost and I never said thank you, but I also got lost in the hustle and bustle of planning for Haiti. Congrats to your sis.

  3. Aww welcome back GNG! Wedding planning from afar is not fun at all! I would advise you get a wedding planner. and make sure it is a company that comes highly recommended so you can trust them with your vision! Hope everything turns out well!

    • Thanks Lohi (love your new site btw!). It's this issue of trust that's probably not going to allow us to go with the wedding planner idea. We're pretty simple folk so I'm hoping that we'll be able to bring a simple but tasteful event together quickly without too much wahala.

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