Great is Thy faithfulness…

  1. The generosity of friends, new and old (you know, the donors to the contest?).
  2. Caring friends. I injured my back fairly seriously a few years back, and now it seems that it’s easy for my back to be put out of commission. I started to feel soreness in it a few weeks back but I ignored it. Now (for the past week) it has been quite painful. I can’t walk straight and sitting for a long period of time hurts (so does standing in one place). I’m not a big fan of medication so I haven’t used anything for it (though I think that will change). I have really appreciated the friends who know I’m in pain and who ask me if I’m ok or wince in sympathy when I wince. Sometimes you just want someone to feel your pain (not literally sha). It helps a lot.
  3. Bursts of creativity. I love being crafty, and my room looks like a supplies factory threw up all over it. However, with all the supplies and cool things I have, putting it together to make something beautiful takes ages. I am not one of those people who can look at a few random things and create something magical instantly — it takes me ages. That gets on my nerves but hey, it’s me, and I do eventually make pretty things so I can live with it.
  4. Answered (and unanswered) prayer. It’s very sad that when I pray for something earnestly, and make deals with God (along the lines of “If you answer just this one prayer, I promise to…”), and he does answer my prayer, I quickly forget the promises I made to Him. I know that God didn’t give positive answers to my prayers because of what I promised to do but I want to keep those promises more consistently. If I am really am grateful for the prayers He answers, what better way to show it than to keep my part of the bargain, right? And I know I should also be grateful for those prayers that go unanswered because He has His reasons and though I may never know those reasons, I am certain that things will happen in the future that will show me why His timing is best.

Ok, today is the last day for the contest and right now the odds are very good for those who have submitted an entry to win a piece of jewelry by Anne. The number of entries received for the other grand prizes are even better (I may need to recycle some prizes at this rate!) so I was considering extending the contest for those prizes. However, perhaps people are just too busy with school and life and don’t have time to write a (measly) 40 word email and send it to, and extending the contest wouldn’t make a difference. All of that to say that the odds are very good for some of the prizes so enter if you’re interested! Good luck!

9 thoughts on “Great is Thy faithfulness…

  1. its harder than i tot….my creative juices are running low : ( i still wanna win something so i guess i've got to get my ass in gear. I'm u say deadline is 11.59pm ur time… how many hours pls GMT is dat….ooohh i wanna win something!

    yes it is important to thank God for unanswered prayers as well, it is hard but we are to give thanks in all things!!

    I hope u back gets better soon :)

  2. Okay…I'm guilty…sue me…I didn't enter for the big prizes…@ the moment…even wriring/typing myname and address is a very loooooooooooonnnngggg thing talk more of FORTY deep words(I kid, I kid!!!)…

    Anyhues all I want is the marble magnet one!…GNG post it ASAP o…ahn ahn at least I'm not asking for too much…Afrobabe…like I said…if you win, we shall share and if I win…:-)

    hope you're feeling better asper your back…

  3. mmm…I think I'm on the 32nd word…hehe…Happy blogversary once again!!! And I'll say a word of prayer (just a word lol) for your back!!

    …I just said it. Ain't I awesome???!!!

  4. Mehn, Did I not enter this contest? Why not?

    Sorry about your back my dear, I really dint know it was that serious. Hope you feel better soon but you gotta stop using your laptop in bed cause that will just make it worse.

  5. WOW.. take the back thingy easy…… Guess I'm guilty.. full scale — inspite of all the reminders to that effect……These must be the hardest 4o words I've ever had to write!

  6. â–ºConfessions in scarlet

    I think you're 5 hours ahead so as long as you send something in before 5am on Friday morning, you should be ok!

    And yes, it is hard to remember to give thanks in ALL things.

    Thanks for the good wishes for the back!


    lol no problem with not entering for the big prizes. I know you have the magnets on your mind :)

    Thanks…the back is benefiting from some medication now.


    Thanks and fine! Be lazy! See if I care :(


    lol you're ok sha…awesome ke? That's a bit much :)


    I think you did for the smaller prizes, but not the bigger ones!

    â–ºDanny Bagucci

    Thanks for the good wishes for the back…and yes, this must be a hard 40 words for you to continue to slack off on the task at hand!

    (Just pulling your leg!)

    â–ºFavoured Girl

    It's not too late! You have just under 3 hours left at the time of this comment!

    I took some pain medication finally and I feel better. Thank God for medicine!

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