Guilty television pleasures

I don’t watch a lot of tv, but when I do, it tends to be the sort of tv that most people look down their noses at. You see, I have a weakness for those matchmaking reality shows. I’d like to think that I am selective (after all I never watched Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire or something silly like that. Oh no, I watch The Bachelor and its half sister The Bachelorette.

There really isn’t much I hate about the show. I don’t mind that 25 people are competing for the heart (or nether regions) of one person or what this might say about the 25 people. I don’t mind the cattiness and drama that happens in the house mansion. I like the little surprises that are put into the show to keep people guessing, and I like the excessive drama in Chris Harrison’s voice when he says “Who will remain, and who will be sent home…next on…The Bachelor(ette).” I like trying to figure out who is genuine and who’s just on tv to further their career (hi Shayne!). I loved Matt Grant’s charming accent. I loved Meredith, the second Bachelorette.

But let’s talk about last night’s grand, grand (3 hour!) finale of The Bachelorette:

What a difficult position to be in, falling in love with two people! I can’t even imagine knowing who you love more, yet having to pretend through the finale of the show to be equally smitten with both in order to keep the viewers guessing. And kissing all those different guys! I do like that she never told either man that she was in love with him (maybe it’s the rules sha), so as not to get his hope up too high.

I think DeAnna Pappas (the Bachelorette) was one of the best bachelorettes because she was so honest with the men, and you can tell that when she was with each, she really put her heart into getting to know them. I loved that she was so emotional at times and didn’t hesitate to let the guys know what she thought of the way they were treating her. I think being rejected herself before really affected how she treated/handled the men, and I admire her willingness to say the hard things and give explanations to anyone who needed one (poor Jeremy!). I really hope she’s found true love because she really could not have been more real with the guys if she tried.

Her chemistry with Jesse was undeniable, though it did happen later in the show—she was always touching him!—while with Jason, he was often the one who had to initiate things. I think Jesse was sweet because he was so vulnerable and always so nervous and seemed like he was fully aware of the enormity of what he was about to do (propose). I think because Jason had been married before, he came across as if the whole “dealing with the in-laws” thing was a piece of cake and maybe that worked against him in the end. I think he’s a great guy too but I also think that despite DeAnna saying she wants to settle down and be a young mom, she might want to have a few more years of a carefree, no responsibilities, able to get up one morning and decide to fly to Greece sort of life. Jason cannot give her that because he’s a single father.

Back to Jesse—wow, they’ve set a wedding date for less than a year after meeting: May 9, 2009. They seem to be so in love though; I hope they are both right in their feelings and they have a long and happy forever type of marriage.

My vote for the next Bachelor was Jeremy (someone that bloody perfect and lonely—I totally ate up the whole “he’s an orphan” thing—deserves to find a great woman)! However, I now feel for Jason and would love for him to have a chance to find love…it would be interesting to see the sort of women that are selected for him and how the fact that he’s a single dad factors into all this.

Anyway, I’ve written far too much, especially if none of you even watch the show sef. I’ll be back later with something more interesting…perhaps. I can’t be the only one with guilty television pleasures though: Don’t be shy: tell me what show you should be embarrassed to admit you watch/watched but you don’t care if anyone knows!

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6 thoughts on “Guilty television pleasures

  1. I'm not a big TV watcher too. It's so bad, I didn't buy a TV in college until my sister moved in with me then I didn't even subscribe to cable. But when I do watch, I gravitate towards reality shows, regardless of how silly they are. My favorites then were the Mtv reality shows (Realworld). Now on DSTV I like "whose wedding is it anyway?" I also like watching Aircraft investigations on national geographic.

  2. I love watching gossip girl, csi, 24, prison break n brothers & sisters.

    Am not a big fan of reality tv shows. but i watch idols.

  3. LOL I love Matt Grant, he had the sweetest accent. I liked when he shaved his head, I thought it was an ideal look for him.

    I also liked Andy Baldwin. Doctor, every other career you can imagine, and not bad looking either.

    I totally missed the whole season of Ms. B. I saw the preview's before it began, but I totally…it flew over my head maybe. Damn. I totally didn't know it was over.

    I'm obessed with AMERICAN GLADIATOR. It's a guilty pleasure. I'm also watching the search for the next ELLE WOODS for BROADWAY'S LEGALLY BLONDE. My absolutely favorite reality TV show is TLC'S LITTLE PEOLPE, BIG WORLD. I love the Roloff twins, I think they are absolutely fantastic and adorable. I like them because they're fraternal twins like my sister and I, and I love how they have such glaringly different personalities like my sister and I do, and non twins think twins are supposed to have the same personality. Hmmm, I think that's about it for me.

  4. I know what you mean about trashy junky American TV… I sometimes accidentally catch myself watching something too! I just watched a dull unmomentous unriveting episode of Moment of Truth… lots of drum rolls and no substantial revelations.. "Would you invite your father to your wedding?" "No" "That answer is…. TRUE" Would you invite your only sister to your wedding? "No" "That answer is… TRUE" LOL… ohhhh America!

  5. I love watching "The Apprentice"

    have all the seasons on dvd…

    i watched them so much that it had to grow on the fam…

    and for a guy, i love E!…

    pisses the other guys off…

    buts where i get all the celebrity info and news

    and can watch Dr.90210…lol

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