Hair tales: no big chop, no go-to style (yet)


A strand of my hair that perfectly shows the relaxed and unrelaxed parts

It’s been almost six weeks since my last hair-related post and I’ve been dreaming of the day when my hair will return to its former fullness and thickness (like when I was around 10 years old or around age 17). This is the problem: I want to get from point B to A quickly, forgetting the time it took to get from point A to B.

I fully understand the appeal of the “big chop” (cutting off all the relaxed hair, leaving only new growth): you don’t have to deal with two different hair textures, you get to avoid the constant breakage that occurs at the line of demarcation (where the two textures meet), and, depending on how short your hair is after the big chop, your hair takes a lot less time to style. But after spending more time than is reasonable going back and forth about to do or not to do: big chop, I’ve decided not to for now. I’m not sure the look would suit me and I like the option of pulling my hair into a bun when I need to look presentable in a hurry. I’ll do a gradual chop instead, cutting an inch or two off two months and I should be back to my roots in less than a year.

With that “dilemma” out of the way, the next is styling ze hair. YouTube is the only place to go if you want to learn how to style your hair but don’t let those videos fool you: styling your own hair is hard! Getting your hands and fingers to manoeuvre themselves in ways they’re not used to doing is a pain in the neck, literally! Practice will make perfect though…eventually. A few people on Instagram were shocked that I wore my hair out (as in to work) like this, but it’s easy, makes me look younger, and it’s just the beginning so it can only go up from here. Maybe if I lived elsewhere I would have been shamed into covering my head but the advantage of living in an area with a predominantly Caucasian population is those who’ve felt the need to comment on my hair have only said positive things. Aside from these plaits, I don’t yet have a go-to hairstyle; before my next hair update I will try a bantu knot out.

I’ve found a solution for my tangled, matted hair, thanks to Naptural85 who is pretty much natural hair royalty on YouTube. I tried her 25 Minute Co Wash + Detangle! and it has kind of changed my (hair’s) life—the end result was hair that I could actually run a comb through and the first time I tried the technique the only tears I had were tears of joy at all the hair I didn’t lose! From the little I’ve read and seen, it seems that for some, “wash day” can take hours, by the time they detangle their hair, wash it and condition it, but even I can slap coconut oil on my hair, follow it up with a (cheap) conditioner, leave it in for a while, then “wash” my scalp and hair with more conditioner (Naptural85 also adds aloe juice and a sealing oil but I haven’t yet obtained these ingredients). If you decide to try this technique you should know that it can get a bit messy due to the “drippiness” of the coconut oil (so don’t do it while wearing your wedding dress!).

From the hair blogs and YouTube videos I’ve come across, it seems like making your own hair products is a part of the natural hair journey and since I like DIY I’ll be making hair gel, shea butter cream, and hair and body oil before my next update. I need to start photographing this journey so that I can see how far I’ve come.

So for those who can’t believe I just wrote all this about hair, let me break it down for you:

I want to know: what is your go-to hairstyle?

10 thoughts on “Hair tales: no big chop, no go-to style (yet)

  1. Jummy you had so MUCH hair! I’ve always had fine curly hair and wished for hair like yours…maybe God will answer my prayers one day, or at least give me children with thicker hair. lol!

    In other news, well done for slowly finding your way around the hair issue…before you know it, you’ll have done the big chop and will be making your own youtube videos.

    Have a lovely week my friend!

    P.s. You sound almost like a new convert! Lol

    • Lol right? I weep for those days when I had plenty of hair but didn’t really appreciate it or recognize how great it was. It also gives me hope that I can have plenty of hair again instead of wispy ends and ragged edges. Your fine curls fit your petite frame well in my opinion.

      Thanks for the encouragement—wouldn’t it be funny if by next month I’ve chopped off all my hair? Part of me is tempted, if only to shake up my life a little!

      Hehe, I am a new convert, but I know what you mean because I thought the same thing.

      Wishing you a fantastic week too! xo

  2. I suppose wigs and extensions aren’t an option for you? The black fashion/beauty bloggers I know or know of often do this. One day, they have long, long straight hair that looks similar to mine (but fuller) and the next day it looks “natural.”

    • Hi Cynthia! Wigs are technically an option but I’m more interested in learning to love the hair I was born with. My hair’s curl pattern is a lot tighter than Whitney’s (naptural85) but isn’t her hair gorgeous?

  3. DANG GIRL!!! You had plenty hair!!!!!!!! Whoa, I would have gone back to natural waaaaay earlier if I had been you. As far as not wanting to do the big chop, I get it. I felt like I looked like a South African secondary school boy when I got my mistaken big chop.

    Also, I’ve never actively followed Naptural85. I’ve been aware of her for a while, but knowing that her curl pattern isn’t the same as mine, made me watch from afar. No need being jealous and getting annoyed if my hair doesn’t do what hers does.

    • I’m hoping it’s not too late to get back to my roots! Haha “South African secondary school boy”: I bet you still looked feminine with your short hair. Because I’m fat, I think hair that short would emphasize my rotundity!

      You bring up a good point: Whitney’s curl pattern is nothing like mine or most Nigerians I know, so I follow her knowing that we’ll never be mistaken for hair twins. However I was so happy to find that (so far) the conditioner/coconut oil combo she uses to detangle works for my hair.

  4. Honestly ehn, this hair thing is a struggle. I’m still at the point where I am wondering what exactly I’m doing. Am I going natural or just being stingy about going for a retouch? So, this post resonates with me. I’m waiting to see if one can really go natural without the big chop or breakage. So, I’m watching this space closely. We need pictures!!!! Lol! All the best with your journey!

    • Lol I can so relate to this: “…I am wondering what exactly I’m doing. Am I going natural or just being stingy about going for a retouch?” because that was how I felt until I made the decision that yup, I’m transitioning.

      I will start taking pictures to document the process and I’ll share them.

    • Best wishes, Josephine (and thanks for commenting!). If you have a good reason for making the move that can serve to motivate you.

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