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Oh, I could talk forever about my hair woes. I wear my hair relaxed and have done so for about 12 years and between finding a good person to do the hair nicely and trying to escape the hairdresser’s without having most of my scalp burned off, I’m getting sick of it.

I have a lot more to say but in the meantime, why don’t you answer the poll over there on the right?

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  1. My hair woes…you dont want to know!

    Worn it in braids for so long I forgot to relax for over a year.

    Yes, its that bad

  2. I think the biggest issue with taking care of ones hair is the lack of professional stlists. A survey conducted a year ago showed that women want two things from their stylist.

    1. To be able to tell their stylist what look they want and then sit back an wait for the results and the results will be fantastic.

    2. Walk in to the Salon sit down without talking and 2 hours later hey presto! I am looking fabulous.

  3. After it got too expensive and too damn painful for me to relax my hair, I started wearing braids, weaves and having my hair pressed. My hair is pretty much natural now, and I still wear it in all those ways.

  4. I decided I wasn't going to put chemicals in hair anymore so I started keeping it natural. It grew abt 8-10 inches b4 i chopped it off again. I used to wear braids but I can't sit 6-10hours while pple pull my head every which way and then end up with a headache that lasts a week.

    Braiding looks good and it's low maintenance so try that if ur scalp is not so sensitive.

    as for me, i'm loving my low cut for now. i even went completely bald in the past. if u're not so attached to ur hair, u might wanna try that for a change.

  5. Funny that as i'm reading this, i'm taking out my braids which i had for only 2weeks. I get really tired of anything on my hair. My own hair is cut in a nice short style, but lately it's been falling out badly, so i avoid wearing just my hair, but i also dread sitting down for anybody to do anything to my hair.

    My ultimate solution is to cut the hair, but my liver always fails me lately, i'm afraid of the wowority that will be me if i try it.

  6. As you be my blog sista, make I ask you a quick question? Please humor me. What is your hair goal? How long is your hair now and what does it feel like? There is a serious wealth of info on hair if you would like it. I can point you in the right direction. You are in Canada, shebi? No biggie, you can get your hair looking better, and longer. It will take some dedication from you. Nothing comes easy, but if you really are looking for a change and want your relaxed hair to flourish, let a sista know. And, no, I do not have some secret product that I am hawking. =) Just trying to look out for my sistas.



  7. i've not had a perm in 15months, did the big chop i think in january now the hair is all natural. Anyway I was just talking to my most recent hairdresser (i change them like underwear) i was telling her how feed up i am with my hair, and i'm considering perming it again because I'm fed up with it. In 3months plus i've spent more than $600 on it (4 sew-in) it was cheaper when i was perming it, i just don't understand my hair anymore.

    @Solomonsydelle, I'm intrigued by chance is this the cathy howse method? I may have to hit u up also once i take the current weave off.

  8. Oh, and to clarify, I don't do small braids. I can't sit down for more than 4 hours doing my hair so my braids are always a tad smaller than my one of my fingers.

    SSD abeg give us the secret oh. I refuse to cut my hair completely off again.

  9. Well madame sydelle did not disappoint. She gave me lots of tips that I had never heard of before, but she's using them too and they're working.

    So, I'm trying to convince her to do a guest post here or on her own blog and enlighten us all! Otherwise you can each pay me $5 to share the info with you ;)

  10. I have also had my share of hair woes..and i have decided no more i am going natural! God help me after about 12 years of relaxer..

    I currently have some form of braids on as i am transitioning to natural hair…

    Mummy sydelle..pls do a post on hair o..we beg thee.


    btw- first time here..and i GNG u have a wonderful voice :)

  11. @afrobabe I would have never imagined you wore braids 80% of the time. I just always pictured you as a chick with a long lush Beyonce type weave. …..just wanted to share that.

    Hey GNG!

  12. lmao…I am sure you also picture me in sexy dresses and stuff but half the time I am on corporate cloths or jeans and tee shirts!

  13. I know I'm late but I've got to say something. I have worn my hair natural since 2000 or about 8 years. I currently wear two 2-strand twists similar to french braids with the ends tucked inside. My hair is very thick but not very long. It is shoulderlength. I also wear wigs occasionally (short and curly is my favorite wig).

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