Happy, thankful Thursday

I woke up this morning and was so happy to see the sun. The sun has a way of making any day seem great, even before it’s begun. The trick now is to find a way to feel like this on rainy days or those upcoming snowy/ slushy/freezing days.

It’s been a little while since I did a thankful post. I’m thankful:

  • that I was able to help throw a moderately successful Nigerian independence day event, even though it was planned in a short timeline and I was very angry with my fellow Board members for much of last week. God still blessed our efforts (and prevented me from killing anyone!). Bonus: I met happybbbAlice and Lohi_O, albeit briefly! They are lovely girls (and too cool for GNG).
  • discretionary income. Of course it’s a good idea to save money but I am grateful that once in a while I can indulge in a new shirt, grande peppermint white chocolate mocha (no whip, no foam), or lunch. This is a privilege and I appreciate it.
  • that not all dreams come true. I’ve had some bad dreams in the past month that have scared me but I’m thanking God in advance for not making them a reality.
  • for other people’s patience with me. I’m a terrible multitasker so when I’ve got a lot going on I can’t seem to keep blogging. As well there are people who are waiting for email replies from me and I’m thankful for their patience and the grace with which I know they’ll accept my delayed response.
  • good advice. I receive so much of it…and I feel blessed.


Aloted babe tagged me and challenged me to blow my trumpet and come up with 10 positive things about myself.

  1. I’m helpful and generally willing to help out with anything.
  2. I’m very resourceful and can think well on the spot, especially when it’s related to decorating.
  3. I don’t hate anybody…life’s too short for that.
  4. I care about people and am interested in their lives. I’m blessed with the ability to connect with people. I attract people, even though…I guess I can’t say it because it wouldn’t be positive!
  5. I’m sensitive and can be moved to tears easily. I see this as a strength as it means I am not afraid to be vulnerable.
  6. I have superb attention to detail.
  7. I genuinely like my personality, every silly aspect of it. My sister imitates a speech I gave her once about this very point and it always cracks me up.
  8. I have difficulty staying angry.
  9. My ears are so cute.
  10. I am a good baker.

It wasn’t easy to come up with the list because this isn’t an exercise that we regularly do but we should! It reminds me of a YouTube video about a young girl in the mirror who was filmed doing her daily affirmation:

Imagine how positive your every day would be if you started it off like that!

2 thoughts on “Happy, thankful Thursday

  1. Aww thanks for doing the tag and for removing all the "buts" well done. You are one of the few bloggers I look forward to meeting in flesh because your kindness and good nature radiates to me through the web!

    Oh mine days!!! i love jessica!!! geez i should learn from her and maybe start teaching princess to do likewise.. i mean after all that affirmation you can take over the world!

    Love your thankful post :)

  2. Such nice things to be thankful for. And I’m really glad you didn’t kill anyone from your Naija group. Lol… Working with our people is something you’ll get accustomed to…. :) What kind of things do you bake?

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