Here we go again

As you read this, I’m officially on my way to Nigeria, and I’m asking you to please say a word of prayer for God’s protection over those of us who are traveling and those who are staying behind. My family of six is very close-knit and it’s always hard for us to be separated. I’ll miss my daddy…and he started missing us about five days before we left (eh ya)!

I’m looking forward to seeing this woman:


my maternal grandma, who is arguably the cutest woman ever. She’s so adorable when she’s talking and trying to convince you of a point. This was the best picture I could find of her in mid-conversation. I’m looking forward to hearing her husky laugh, especially when I scream “Mama!” in my special way when I see her. I can’t wait!!

I also plan to see this lovely woman by God’s grace:


(my paternal grandmother). She’s such a delicate woman and such a lady! Even two years ago though she’s in her eighties (or is it nineties?), she was still wearing nail polish on her toes (you can see it in the picture if you click on it).

I hope to keep you updated of our movements, but last time I didn’t use a computer or have access to the internet for the entire three weeks I was gone. Can someone ask Seye Kuyinu to arrange for me to have internet access this time around?

Take care!

17 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Have a safe and fabulous trip! Just get MTN abi na Glo and you can access the internet. May God keep you and yours safe.

  2. safe trip! i'm sure you'll have lots of fun and our regards to ur two are indeed lucky to still have them both.

    MTN dos it and well too..that's what i use..i hear glo and starcomms are also good.

  3. Aww ahve a safe trip hun!!! pls bring me back indomie…:)

    seye you have heard…pls provide her with internet!

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