Home again!

Please help me thank God for the safe arrival of my father, one brother, and I in Nigeria! We’ve been here for about six hours and wow it’s just as hot as my mom and sister (who arrived before us) have been saying! My 24-year-old brother hasn’t been here for 19 years(!) so I’m looking forward to seeing Nigeria through his eyes.

My sister will be getting married in a few weeks so now that we’re all together we can continue the hard work my mom, sis, in-laws, and our family members have been doing. I’m excited! After talking to my future brother-in-law on Skype over the past year, it was great to meet him face-to-face. I can’t wait to see him and my sister together (she’s in our hometown while he’s still in Lagos) but I like what I see so far!

I should be in bed so I’ll stop now but I do want to mention that this was the most hassle-free airport experience we’ve had: sure the air conditioning was spotty at best and there were people jumping the queue (something I absolutely hate!) BUT we didn’t have to pay any bribes and going through immigration was a breeze. Our amazing friends who pick us up in Lagos make the experience so lovely—in fact I’ve told them I can’t consider coming home without them (yes, I’m a total wimp).

Good night and hope to be able to update more than I usually do during this trip.

11 thoughts on “Home again!

  1. Glad to know you arrived safely. Been following your posts about your sisters upcoming nuptials and move to Nigeria. Is the move permanent or does she plan to move back to Canada with her husband at some point? I just asked because of the huge culture shock she is going to experience in Nigeria visiting is one thing but adjusting to living there permanently for someone who was raised in North America is going to be tough. Culturally, socially, in laws, just the general population I hope she has been prepared psychologically to deal with this seeing that you guys who she is close to and can run to for physical comfort are going to be thousands of miles away. I pray her husband to be is kind supportive and can stand his ground when it comes to supporting her. Here's to a stress free wedding planning and an ever happier wedding day and most importantly an everlasting marriage with God as your rock sister to GNG!

  2. Welcome Back!

    Jumping the queue is commonplace in these parts, I can teach you a few elbowing techniques :P I wish you all the best with your sister's wedding planning! :)

  3. How refreshing reading your blog again! I've been gone from the blogging scene for a little bit myself, due to…. well, no reason really! Lol. I wish you all a safe and fun trip, and congrats to your sister. I believe that your sweetie is on the way too ;) God will perfect those things that concern you, in Jesus name.

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