Nigerian music hookups

From being on Nigerian forums, I have increased my knowledge of Nigerian artists 1000 fold. One DJ in Chicago, Dee Money, would release some gbedus (mixes?) as he used to call them for us to download and they were really great (I originally typed “off the chain”, but I feel like such a fraud because I’d probably never say that in person).

The thing with mixes though is you don’t always recognize the artist who is playing. So, my solution is to try and get some exposure to as many Nigerian artists as I can, so that recognition of artists will be easier.

Artists that I am familiar with (meaning that at least 50% of the time I’d guess the artist correctly):

  • 2 Face
  • 9ice
  • Asa
  • D’banj
  • P Square
  • Styl Plus
  • Wande Coal

(I’m not including the classics that I grew up listening to: Obey, Sunny Ade, and Sunny Okosun, and though I haven’t heard any of their songs used in a gbedu yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear some of them sampled in future songs.)

Artists I’d recognize only if they play specific songs (indicated in brackets):

  • Marvelous Benjy (Just a Little)
  • Mad Melon and Mountain Black (Danfo Driver)
  • Olu Maintain (Yahooze)
  • Sunny Nneji (Oruka)
  • Tosin Martins (Olo mi)

Your turn: What Nigerian artists’ work do you admire? Is there new talent that the rest of us need to know about?

(If you want to listen to a bunch of music by Nigerian artists, the place to go is Dudu Radio (must open using Internet Explorer). It has an amazing collection of music by many artists (but look how many of them there are! This is why I turned to you.)

2014 Update: there are now a ton of different websites to learn about the latest music. A regular in past Nigerian Blog Awards nominations in the Best Music Blog category is Not Just Ok.

20 thoughts on “Nigerian music hookups

  1. There are a whole lot of Naija artists both hot and cold.

    Timaya, Nigga raw, J martins, Dare art alade, KC Presh, Rugged man, Mode 9, Styl Plus

    Itz endless dear, you can't name them all but they've all got tight tracks

  2. oh My Nigerian music is slowly monopolizing my music listening now. with my collection, i can be a dj myself. I have actually djed a couple. Anyway your list is cool…but i would suggest to listen to all their albums not necessarily only their hit songs. With me i think most of their other songs especially 9ice are better …not the songs that are not blasting the radio every other day "dance or party tracks'.

  3. Banky W is another artist to look out for…not only can he sing..he is cute as well ;-)

    Am sure his music is on youtube so u can check him out.

    I love NAIJA music

  4. lol,ive gt fav sngs as opposed to fav artists…so rite nw i'm rili into dare and outta town's song kilowade and u shud check out soty's malaria, they're both on youtube..:P

  5. Ah! I have to leave this to the pros.

    My knowledge og 9ja music and artists is really poor.

  6. My fav Nigerian artists are (and in no particular order):

    Asa, TY Bello, 2Face, 9ice, D'banj, Styl-Plus, Wande Coal, Banky W and Naeto-C.

    Im slowly getting into Ayo's music, and a song here and there from Dare Art Alade but not his entire CD.

    How r u babes? Have a flyyyy weekend!

  7. I have been introduced to modern "pop" Nigerian music last year… I knew about Fela, have seen Femi in concert etc… but knew nothing of the newer artists.

    But since then, I have been appreciating it more and more. I have a particular fondness for the way Yoruba sounds so anything in Yoruba will def catch my ears. My faves are Asa and Sunny King. There's one Sunny King song that I heard one someone's blog that I am desperately trying to find but can't find anywhere. An all-time greatest of Sunny King would be a lovely christmas gift…. (hmmmmm, that sounds really good :))

    But I listen to the more mainstream ones as well, 2Face, Olu Maintain, 9nice, DBanj, etc… etc…

    ps: 9nice will be in concert in Houston next week-end, so those of you around these parts can come down. :)

  8. Will you be coming anywhere near Ibadan? About accessing the internet: I don't know why it should be hard for you to log on. And if the worst comes to Worst, you can get a café…they shouldn't be too expensive…and you could do like 3hours a day. Oops!!! You'd have to do a lot of visitations and stuff.

  9. i came to mention about Banky W but i guess a few have already mentioned him eh! :) i love his songs! :)

    btw, i love ur blog + the layout!! tc

  10. Noone's talking bout M. I here, Naija's Kanye west with his own style. His music is really cool and kinda rocking the radiosright now, cant see his CD at the shops yet though. His rap lyrics are really intelligent and interesting. I got to see him at a show once and I must say, he's really good at performing, really natural and down to earth, no formings, thats the kinda person i think he is. He'll definitely go places.

  11. U need 2start listening 2artist like eldee,ducan mighty, dj zeez, 9ice,lord of ajasa & flavour.naija we are indeed takin ova music.

  12. Have you heard Nnena? The diva is off da chain.She sings like a nightingale.She's my favorite.Luv her music and style.Ready to take the world by storm from what I've seen.

  13. u really have a small database of artistes, well you need to check out these new artists M.I, Str8buttaz, 4th republic, desperate chicks, kel, ill bliss,

    freewindz, streetmonks, fivemics, m trill, drenco, y.q, dj zeez, deebee, saucekid, kelly handsome, waje, pype, slow dogg, fecko, nena, suspekt, riz, jiff, obyno segun

  14. Look for artistes like Nnena,Asa,Etcetra,Gt,Banky W and whoever else has the talent and depth they've got.Their music is mature and sensible.

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