Eight ways to bring more readers to your blog

  1. Write good content. Good content gets read and linked to.
  2. Leave great (but genuine) comments on the blogs you like.
  3. Link to entries of other bloggers as an effort to share good writing/information on blogville. If someone is doing something great that others can learn from, share this information. The favour will be returned, not necessarily from the person you linked to.
  4. Use twitter to announce new entries. I don’t do this often but others do and it seems to be very successful. The best part is that twitter’s 140 character limit means you have to think of a short but catchy headline to advertise the entry. If you are a prolific blogger you may want to be more choosy about which entries you use twitter to announce or people may start ignoring your frequent tweets advertising new entries.
  5. If you’re not so anonymous, you can use facebook to announce blog entries. Some of us have a facebook account for our blog personalities but most of your friends on that facebook account already read your blog so if you’re trying to reach out, you may need to decide if you want anyone on your main facebook account to read your entries.
  6. If you’re a new blogger, get involved in collaborative blog activities in an effort to carve a space for yourself in the midst of all these great bloggers. I’m not sure if Blogville Gist is still looking for writers but that’s one idea. If you’re more serious-minded, how about getting involved with Nigerians Talk, Nneoma‘s other baby? Or, you could always start your own version of Bella Naija, 9jagal or Nigerian Curiosity.
  7. Write consistently. If you want even people who don’t use feed readers to be checking for when your next entry will drop (lol), try to blog a little consistently. I know someone out there has probably done studies on how often one should blog but I’d say that’s up to you. Vera tries to blog every three days and that works fabulously for her. Readers know when to expect an entry from her and they are ready to comment when she posts.
  8. I notice this more among oyinbo bloggers but if they are going to be away from their blog for a while, they will arrange to have guest bloggers write entries on their blog, just so the blog doesn’t sit there with nothing new to engage visitors. Most of these bloggers are quite organized: they will ask for guest posts a month or so before they leave, then schedule these posts to appear while they are away. I’ve never been a guest blogger nor have I sought guest bloggers so I can’t say much else on this approach.

I seem to have a lot to say about blogging lately! This particular post came as a result of a question I received on how to increase visitors to one’s blog. Do you have any suggestions to add to this list, or any questions you’d like me to tackle? Let me know! If you want to read more on what I’ve said in the past on other aspects of blogging, check out the following:

20 thoughts on “Eight ways to bring more readers to your blog

  1. Yep Yep u definitely talkin a lot about blogging.

    but t's good sha, it helps ppl answer questions they've been scared to ask.

  2. I hate twitter, my twitter account just sits there. I love that you are reminding us of the real reason to increase visitors on our blogs. Great tips and sure helps. Hope your week goes great . Remain blessed.

  3. I liked that post "Commenting on Blogs" and now this one…this is great. Thanks a lot. Please continue giving us the tips for blogging….

  4. Yup! me too! I just don't know what to do with twitter. maybe it's something I'm doing wrong?

    Consistent blogging is something I thought I could handle well…turns out I was wrong *Sigh*

  5. GNG, We have to officially nominate you for the post of Blog Advisor…lol. Good tips though. I don't even do the twitter one. My other friends are there. Don't want to invite too many of them into blogville. But I agree with GENUINE comments on others blogs. That's why I restrict my reading..I don't want to JUST leave a comment for the heck of it!…


  6. great advice and thanks for mentioning Nigerian Curiosity. All I will add is that blogging is not easy, but consistency is key and even when you feel you are about to quit, take a breath and work through the brain farts. Ultimately, it pays off if you want it to.

    I have a question for you, btw. Will DM you on Twitter.

  7. â–ºAzazel

    Are you a blogger by any chance?


    I started announcing posts every now and then after I saw another blogger doing the same.

    â–ºMyne Whitman

    Twitter is a time waster, and you strike me as someone who's pretty efficient – maybe that's why you're not keen on it?


    I think if I had a cell phone plan with good text messaging options, I'd use twitter more often.

    You have a good week too!


    Wow, thanks for the invitation! What would I write about…hmm, must think!


    Hello! I hope you've been well. You're a great blogger so you don't need any tips from me but I will continue to share topics that I think might be helpful.


    Nah, it's not you (re: twitter). I think in order for you to be a super twitterer, you need a phone that has a good plan for sending text messages. I really only twitter via computer and I find that it's easier to forget to login and twitter as a result.

    Awww, it's hard to achieve consistency but if you want to, just keep trying.


    Well in that case I don't blame you for not advertising your blog entries via twitter.

    I've always enjoyed your comments because it's apparent that you've read the entry and are leaving something meaningful. Genuine is definitely the way to go.


    Oh, it's a pleasure! You work so hard on the site and it shows (though as you probably guessed I don't read it so often due to the subject matter).

    "Ultimately, it pays off if you want it to" — well said. If you really want to keep blogging, you'll work through the brain farts, just as you said.

    Thanks! I'll check my email…


    I have been well my dia…hope you can say the same?

  8. Great tips, dont like twitter. Sometimes too busy to write consistently. I am more of a reader/commenter. Some people are meant to write, while some are meant to read.

  9. Interesting topic…i find visiting people's blogs definitely does work. There was a time i could visit 50 blogs in a day but life is just sooo busy now! And other things take up that space…*sighs*

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