I’m baaaaack!

All I can do is thank God that we went and came back home safely! Lots of gist to come. I had a wonderful time and let’s just say I’m already saving for a trip to Nigeria in 2011 if not sooner. And this time I will spend more than one day in Lagos!

I appreciate the comments received from those of you who were wondering what on earth had happened to me. Now that I’m back this blog will get back to its regular posting schedule.

I’m happy to report too that I survived without the internet for 25 days! I didn’t think it was possible!

What have you been up to?

21 thoughts on “I’m baaaaack!

  1. hiya

    welcome back

    and checked out your blog yesterday cuz i estimated that you'd be back

    glad you're back safely.. .hope you took lots of pictures…

    looking forward to reading about the details of your trip

  2. welcome back dearie…

    looking forward to hear your Naija gist…

    this one that u are already planning another trip..ehm hem…oya come and gist us quick quick

    @Rethots..how did u not know GNG travelled…that means u didnt check her blog cuz most of her posts prior to the trip was about the trip…lol

  3. Welcome back! Blogville missed you o. I'm glad to hear you had so much fun that you want to go again!

    Looking forward to gist, expert analysis and photos

  4. Welcome back girl… I kept wondering when the month would be over. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Did you bring back my udara/agbalumo? :)

  5. Welcome back! Now, I hope you dont call this a blog entry. I know you are tired and still unpacking so I give you 2 more days to get urself together and start posting!

  6. Wow! Welcome back! Me sef wey dey naija dey wonder how you survived 25days without the internet. But of course you should have been able to get some connection somehow.

    Well, when you decide to come, I could be your tour guide.

  7. hey!!!

    welcome back, glad u had a safe trip.

    so come on, tell us alllllllllllllllllllll about it!

    what didi u end up giving ur folks, were they as rude… erm… blunt, as u expected?

  8. Okay, you've had three days to rest up and get acclimated to the time zone.

    Get to blogging! As a nigerian raised in the U.S. and limited exposure, I need to live vicariously through you. :)

    Glad you came back safely.

  9. post cards are probably extinct in Nigeria, sorry about that.

    did you try lekki market for your souvenirs? anyway. nice to know you had fun

  10. hey welcome back.. u prob dont remember me at all.. heck u probably dont know me.. but i've followed your blogring all the way from xanga days, to ooof.ca and i'd checked for updates over the past 2 or so weeks, was even getting a wee bit worried, when voila! i see a post directing me to yet another site which i (promise to) start visitng frequently! Ok i am a blogger at heart, its just that i usually lose all my power when i'encounter the pc. ok ok more rambling.. Welcome back..

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