I’m in round 2!

Thank you so much for voting for me guys—I made it to round two of Blogville Idol 08!

No pressure but the next song has to be a Naija one and I’ve been accused of sounding anything but Yoruba when I speak the language so this should be interesting!

I received 14 votes. I figured out why a such a modest number of people voted for me: It wasn’t because they were more blown away by the voices of Charizard, Tears, Brown Sugar or Abbie, it’s because they know I don’t have a lot of money they didn’t want me to bankrupt myself trying to pay them all off! I appreciate your consideration o…you guys are the best!

(Just so you know sha, I took out a bank loan so I can bankroll this bribery business so please vote on Thursday, and vote generously!)

6 thoughts on “I’m in round 2!

  1. u are still in the race for blogville idol 08!pls head over to the page to see who has been eliminated and PLS send me your 9ja song ASAP!!!it goes up tommorow morning (THURSDAY) that means you only have today to send it to me!!!I wont be available for many hours today so if u have to change a previous song u sent to me pls do so and leave me a message so i can know which one you really want to use!!any if u have any question leave it on the blog mizz opeke may be able to help you!


  2. yaaaaay, I'm squeeing for both us, us and brownsugar, and dammy (my new fav) we made it to round two. The nigerian song made me nervous, I don't have the soft nigerian rythm I hear in most nigerian songs. You know what else I'm nervous about, the bloggers choice songs, I cannot sing reggae to save my life.

    *keeping fingers crossed*

  3. You owe me oh…cos I voted twice with 2 different computers…but you sounded good, try to be more audible this time…

  4. Yayyyyy! we made it!!

    @ Abbie:


    Wow! , U cant sing reggae to save ur life! I HAAAAATE REGGAE!!!! But wetin man go do?

    U guys are reaaaaaaaaaally gooooooooood. Yes o! I started feeling Dammy too when he sang d same song as me.

    This show is sooooo much fun!!! Let's hook up on facebook people!

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